For the writing challenge "How did Tony join NCIS?"


Gibbs locked the door behind him and faced the street. A cute little bird twittered and hopped about on the lawn. The early morning sun lit everything up from a beautiful angle and he started to jog out onto the pavement.

As he reached the end of the street, he didn't turn the corner that he always did. He looked across the road and spied the bird from before, maybe it was a different one, either way, he followed it. It flew above him, over the trees, and toward the isolated park, where Kelly had loved to play.

DiNozzo, in a blue tee and jeans, like Clark Kent from Smallville, reached the kidnapper and threw all his weight onto him, sending them both skidding across the pebbly walkway in the park.

"Where is she!?" Tony screamed, clutching at this shirt, jerking the scumbag to face him. "HUH WHERE!"

But the guy pulled out a knife slashed at DiNozzo's body, it caught him once, ripped through the shirt, in the exact same spot where his gunshot wound was and he grunted frustration, this perp was being so difficult.

Gibbs instantly recognised the glinting object as a handgun, those commonly used by cops. He scanned the area, seeing no one, but hearing shouts from the trees. He picked the gun up with his towel. It was jammed. He ran toward the direction of the commotion and saw blood on the trail.

Some kid was on top of a guy and was pummelling the life out of him.

Tony reached for the knife that had fallen out of his opponent's hand when he was punched in the windpipe. He pushed the sharp end to the guy's throat.

"Freeze! Federal Agent, drop your weapon." Gibbs had his own gun trained at the boy with the knife. He didn't want to shoot. This boy looked like he had a lot of potential. How'd he end up like this? Gibbs realised something was different when the he didn't even glance his way. He made his way towards the pair.

Tony heard the words, but didn't falter, didn't move an inch, and the knife stayed where it was. The kidnapper thought he could escape, but seeing DiNozzo's eyes, and the knife now pierced his skin... "Okay, okay, she's in my basement..." Tony twisted the guy over and handcuffed him. He stood up and turned to Gibbs. "Can I see your badge, please."

"Special Agent Gibbs. NCIS"

"Now let me see yours, kid."

Tony flipped his out & said "I'm not a kid. You mind taking him to Baltimore Station? I need to get the girl. Thanks."

"Hey, you're hurt." Gibbs reached out for him, but he fled away.

Gibbs delivered the perp to the station and took off to the house where the girl was held. The ambulance was in the driveway, a girl was being loaded into the back of the van.

"Officer DiNozzo," Gibbs ran over to him, as Tony fell onto his knees. "Hey, we need help."

The paramedics crouched beside him and wrapped up his wounds and gave him painkillers. The ambulance officer said they could ride in van back to the hospital, Tony need surgery. The girl was fine, but dazed out.

In the van.

Tony & Gibbs sat side by side. "Did you get him locked up?"
They told me this wasnt your case."
"I couldn't sleep, you know, when they couldn't find the girl, or the kidnapper."
"I understand...Good work Officer DiNozzo."
"Thanks." Tony started to nod off.
"And DiNozzo? At the park, when I had my gun-"
"Don't worry about it," Tony smiled, "There was no way you could've known."
But I had known, Gibbs thought, I just doubted my gut feelings about you. He turned to speak, but the young officer had fallen asleep, perhaps he would like to be a Federal Agent. He reminded himself to offer him a place at NCIS.

Tony woke up in a hospital bed. The Special Agent was sleeping on a chair by the window. Outside, there was a nest in the branches of the tree which provided shade from the noon sun, and a little bird fluttered down next to its brothers and sisters.