A/N: First ever St Trinian's fic. I would call this an attempt to create a bridge between the original St Trinian's movies (which are actually pretty hilarious and I recommend them to anyone who likes the 2007 film) and the 2007 film via the character of Flash Harry. And Miss Fritton as well. The character history given in here is mostly pretty fictional; as I am fairly sure the original Flash was never married. But for the purposes of this fic, we're going to have to pretend he was. So, I hope that's okay with you all and please review telling me what you think of the fic; as I have a few other 'character' pieces in mind and would like to know how I do writing in the St Trinian's 'fandom' before I write them

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Miss Fritton often wondered why it came so easily; for a spiv and St Trinian's to go hand in hand like a pair of well tailored gloves. But then again, perhaps it came so naturally as for the most part it had always been this way. She looked out of her window, watching as the sixth form girls approached their Flash Harry, for he wasn't the first to bear the name, and she doubted he would be the last.

She had many memories of the original Flash Harry, he had been the 'spiv' when she had went through her schooling here, with her dear Auntie Millicent at the helm. He had been charming enough; polite to the school mistresses, and had acted as a substitute father for them: drawing a firm line in his 'relationship' with the students - especially a few of the then sixth formers who seemed to have hopes of something more. And beside which, Harry was married to the nice lady who lived in the nearby village who had the tendency to send sweet cakes and fizzy lemonade to the school. Camilla had always thought that Harry, who was really her Harry, to be a proper gentlemen. And she had always been fond of his wife, who happened to be an old St Trinian's head girl, as well as the sweet cakes she sent.

The had one child together. Harry's son, who had been named James for his mother's father, but had the middle name of Harry, was the same age as Camilla, and had often visited the school with his father, learning the subtle difference between being a spiv, and being what was now referred to as a gang leader. She couldn't quite remember if they had been called that back then, or if they were simply a whole different 'other.' James never quite had the aptitude to follow in his father's footsteps, much preferring to fool around with the girls, who were delighted at the attention he showed them, and it didn't hurt that he was rather handsome, His desire was to live the life he wanted to live, and not to live the life his father hoped he would. He had attended Oxford with her, choosing to study business, and had been the first person she turned to when Geoffrey Thwaites had broken her heart. James had been a dear friend to her, and when his father suffered from a stroke, she had join James at his side, waiting on any news.

Of course, Harry couldn't return to the school after his stroke, and James cared too much for his father to see the old man's heart broken about not being able to help the students and the school which he had become so fond of. He had taken up the position as spiv of St Trinian's with an enthusiasm that Camilla was certain was as fake as some of the products he sold to the older girls. Though he was handsome enough, and like his father before him, had attracted the eye of many a girl before too long. However, unlike his father, James did not see the harm in entertaining some of the girl's fantasies - his ego had always been a problem with him.

He had been especially taken by one exceptionally pretty girl, who had the unusual - for the time - name of Sarah - Louise. With a shade of brown in her hair that was to be envied, James seemed to follow her with a sense of being a lost puppy, trying to find it's owner again. Sarah - Louise, for her part, seemed almost oblivious to the attentions of James, which only seemed to spur him on. When she finally noticed his attentions, she was Head Girl at the school, and refused to act at she had to be some sort of role model for the younger girls. But James had persisted, and she had agreed to a date. Which turned into two, and then three … Eventually, one thing lead to another, and then lead to the current Harry.

Though he wasn't really a Harry, no, Flash fitted him much better than his given name. He oozed the charm that his grandfather had, and although he had the tendency to flirt with some of the girls, it never went any further. Compared to Harry and James though, Flash was only a child himself, only five years older than the oldest of the sixth form girls (Andrea, who had only recently turned 18), though he looked older than what he was. All the males in his family always looked older than what they were, though he had been the younger than his father had when he got into the family business, at only 18 years of age. She couldn't help but wonder if she should worry more with Flash than compared with James. It was true that he did not actively return any of the girls' feelings, and made sure never to cross that line that was there for his safety as much as theirs, but he was so much nearer their age, with the added bonus of the maturity that the boys at the local comprehensive school lacked.

And, of course, there was the complicated of the head girl. He seemed to have fallen, hook, line and sinker, and, although of course she would never show it, Camilla, as well as many of the girls if the jealous whispers of the Posh Totty trio were anything to go by (and when it came to school gossip they were often the most accurate sources), couldn't help but believe that said feelings were reciprocated. The flirting between always seemed that tiniest bit more intimate that it did with any of the other girls, and though she would often remind Flash that while they were in school they were off limits, she was well aware that she could not convince the girls of the same matter. It was a matter of concern, but it had never manifested itself into an actual problem. Flash was a man of his word, and he had given his word to never 'mess around wiv any of the girls.' Still didn't stop Kelly and himself trading glances and special smiles. Perhaps history would repeat itself, perhaps not.

Camilla Fritton often wondered why it was that a spiv and St Trinian's went hand in hand, but with this wonder came a newer thought: maybe she should begin to wonder why it was that the spiv and the Head Girl went hand in hand.