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Anoushka Srbova was royalty, on her mother's side, and didn't she just know it? Her every step was calculated, and every poise that came from her was to best show over her natural beauty. Technically speaking, they were disposed Russian royalty, but every girl at the school had long since learned to never bring that up in her presence - it was safer for one's health. Her father was a Russian diplomat, and she often spent her summers in the homes of the aristocracy - she had first met Celia this way, though she didn't think much of the Trustafarian, besides thinking that her hair looked as though it needed delousing, and then possibly burning.

Anoushka's arrival at St Trinian's had been a quiet and hurried affair. Her parents were important figures in the political world, and it was feared that she was at risk from being kidnapped, so they had searched for a school in the middle of nowhere to leave her. It turned out not only was St Trinian's isolated, but the students were feared by the majority of the criminal world, so she was sure to be safe there.

She was the oldest in her year group, having been held back due to her difficulties with the English language. She didn't let this trivial matter bother her however, as there were advantages to being the oldest in the year group. For one, she developed earlier than the other girls, meaning that she could enjoy the privilege of being the prettiest in the year. This was particularly helpful in her second to last year at the school, when she discovered it was expected for the top two years to help the local spiv - a Flash Harry - with his dealings.

She would be lying if she said she didn't find him attractive.

It wasn't hard for her to catch his eye, considering that he refused to look at other girls due to the fact that they were not of 'legal' age, and he had made a promise to Miss Fritton about that. She rather enjoyed his flirtations with her, and was sure that he enjoyed them being reciporacted. At that time, it looked as though she was definitely going to become Head Girl, so the only thing she had to concern herself with was keeping his attention - again, something she considered to be too very easy.

It was in the sixth form that everything fell apart.

She returned from her summer holiday to discover that too-confident-for-her-own-good Kelly Jones had been awarded the position of Head Girl above her. This move angered her greatly, but she refused to let it show; showing emotions were a weakness that she would not allow to mar her looks. And anyway, she still had her usual flirtation sessions with Flash to look forward to.

She wondered if the way events unfolded were a rather cruel way of teaching her that nothing is to be taken for granted.

Flash's affections had changed from her, and without her noticing, to the same girl who took her position. Kelly didn't even give him a single crumb of hope! Well ... not that Anoushka noticed anyway. And when it suited her, there was a lot she didn't notice.