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Different Identities

Chapter One: Our Secret

Bella's Perspective

We all have our secrets.

Apparently, mine is that I'm not quite human.

I am a Changer. I look like human, but I actually can do things no other human could do, what with my extraordinary strength, speed, eyesight, hearing, and smelling. I drink animal blood-disgusting to others all except vampires and my kind, but it keeps us alive.

What we do? Well, we kill the Hearts, creatures that make it their very objective to hurt supernatural beings like werewolves, vampires, witches, et cetera. Including myself.

Even though others have extra strength too, like the vampires, they couldn't defeat the Hearts near as well as we do. We are, after all, Changers.

We may sound simular to vamps, but we aren't, really. We can shift our shapes into any kind of animal, which, the last time I checked, vampires couldn't do.

Werewolves...Well, let's not start.

I smiled and turned towards my daughter. I was actually older than anyone thought I was; I was one-hundred fifteen. I was immortal, and stopped growing at seventeen or eighteen. That's the usual age. I stopped at seventeen.

Which meant that me having a daughter was perfectly normal. When you see a "seventeen-year old" carrying a baby on her hip, you disapprove. But I was old enough, that was for sure, so if you see me around with Annabelle, don't go making judgements.

"Are you ready, baby?" I asked. Annabelle was four years old in Kindergarten but she was very advanced. Together, we rode to school. We both went to the Fork's school-there was only one. Since our schools, both Elementary and High School were connected, we rode together. My friends thought that she was my cousin and that her parents had died and she was just living with me, but they were dead-wrong.

"Yes, Mommy," she replied, returning a breathtaking smile back.

We set off to school in my old '63 rusty red Chevrolet. Though I had plenty enough money to buy a more modern and fashionable car, I preferred to keep some of my past with me.

There appeared to be some new students here, I noticed as I pulled in. They seemed to be early birds-I was always the one to arrive first, but they seemed to beat me. Strange.

"I love you, Anny," I said lovingly, kissing her forehead and wrapping her in a tight hug.

"I love you too, Mommy," she said, and I quickly, trying to appear at a human pace, opened the door for her and helped her out, handing her her backpack with it.

"I'll see you later," she waved, and I smiled before closing the door and getting my own backpack too, stealing a glance towards the new silver Volvo across the lot.

Grinning, I waited on the bench outside of school, going over last night's homework from Trigonometry.

As if I needed to.

Edward's Perspective

I sighed. We had moved again, which we had to do, time after time. It was to be expected; after all, vampires didn't have the right to stay in one place for very long. Eventually, as not to arouse suspicion, we left without a trace.

It wasn't so bad here, though. Esme had found a very old, Victorian home that was white and had a certain charm about it, with a beautiful view outside my glass window. Carlisle had gotten a job at the local hospital of Forks, and he was already a big hit.

Also, my family and I-including Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie-had enrolled in High School-again. How many times would this be?

We had been through so many schools-Esme had even created a reminder of that (as if we needed it) by hanging up framed gradution caps along the walls in our new home. Each time we moved, the more the frame expanded. More hats, of every tint of blue or brown.

It made sense as to why we moved here, all in all. It was a constant attraction to rain, rarely any sun.

And in the sun...Well, in the sun, we would sparkle. Which wouldn't be a very good start in a new place, as far as I'm concerned.

"Everyone," Carlisle suddenly said, calling our attention. It was six-fourteen. School started at seven. Carlisle noticed my glance at the clock and nodded. It won't take too long.

"Alright," he continued, clapping his hands. "We have a problem."

"What problem?" Rosalie snapped angrily. Carlisle had interrupted Rosalie while she was still fixing her hair, which wasn't a good way to go.

"It's different," Carlisle warned us calmly, unaffected by Rosalie's outburst. "The thing is, something supernatural is in town. We aren't the only ones that aren't humans here."

"You mean in La Push?" Emmett inquired, puzzled. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Did he seriously think Carlisle was that dumb? Everyone knew that there were werewolves here in Washington, all except clueless Emmett.

But I leaned forward anyway. What could it really mean?

"No, it is not the wolves," Carlisle announced, confirming my unspoken question and...Well, Emmett's spoken one. "We aren't really sure what it is. But be careful when you go to school. Keep on the look-out."

"Do you suppose that it's our kind?" Alice asked.

"It may be," Carlisle stated. "I'm not for sure, I just know that something's there."

We nodded. "Alright," I replied. "Well. We best be getting a move on."