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Chapter Eleven: The Act Of Remembrance Isn't too Pretty

Alice's Perspective (Starts out where I left off)

As soon as Bella had left the house, Edward was after her.

Of course, we followed. We couldn't let Edward go alone.

We tracked her by her scent, and judging by the smell, she was a ways ahead of us. We chased after her aside that fact, and what we found shocked us deeply.

Bella was fighting. She appeared to be sliding down a tree, inching closer and closer towards the lip of her shoe. My brow furrowed, and dimly I heard Edward growl. Instead, I watched Bella's movements...And especially the man who's grimy hands were at her throat.

What shocked me was the color of his skin and his eyes, not to mention his scent. His flesh was a sickly grey color, his eyes a vibrant orange. He smelled like rotten eggs and stinky socks.

I recognized him-the leader-immediately.

A Heart.


Bella was battling a heart.

As I registered this fact, Bella had taken the next move-she stomped on the Heart's foot, and then whipped out a dagger from her shoe. Next, she stood back and flung it...

It landed in the center of his chest. Bull's eye. Target. Whatever you wanted to call it.

I was gaping. Definitely. What was up with her? How in the world could she have done that? I was truly impressed-especially when I saw the six or so men around her. Had she done that?

That was when a glazed look came across her eyes, and she seemed to be reliving a memory. Then her eyes welled up with tears...And they fell. Tear after tear, drop after drop. It was such a sad sight, I wanted to start crying with her. She then sank to her knees, and stayed there for a few minutes.

That was, until she stood up from her place and ran.

Edward's Perspective

As Bella sank to her knees, somewhat defeated, something happened that had never happened before.

I am such a monster...How could I be this way? What made me this way? I kill people for a LIVING! And I'm famous for that very reason! How could I become this? How could I become this disgrace, this murderer?

And what about the boy that you loved? What about him? Do it for HIM! Remember?

Flashback: (Still...What you think it is!)

I had only known the boy a little while, but we already were a close pair. He actually seemed to be the only person that would really talk to me...Be my friend. Ever since I had discovered my being a Changer, no one had bothered to befriend me.

And it pained me to think that I would only have a short amount of time with him.

The reason was so awful, so painful, that it pierced my heart when I thought about it. He was dying, and he only had a short while to live. His mother was well on her way, seeming even worse than he, himself, was.

Since he was the only person that I could really relate to, I had told him my secret. What I am.

He took it well, to that I am amazed at. He'd ask me questions that I would answer without a second thought-with no hesitation.

"Bella?" he asked. He seemed reluctant this time...But that had never happened. When he would ask a question, he would ask it without difficulty. He was a great person, in so many ways. That was why I loved him.


"Well...I was just wondering," he stuttered. My brow furrowed. "If...If you've ever thought of yourself as a murderer?" The question took me by surprise, but that didn't stop me from answering. Honestly, as usual.

"Yes," I replied sadly, truthfully, taking his hand in mine. It felt surprisingly warm. "I do. I think of myself as a murderer every single day."

End Flashback

For him, Isabella. For him.

The thoughts abruptly cut off, and I gasped. Bella had disappeared while I was in my shocked state. But who could blame me? If what I think had happened...If it was what I thought it was...

"Was Bella battling all of those men?" Emmett gasped. His voice was tinged with excitement, shock, and some disappointment. He had wanted to kill the men themselves, that much was true. But I was stunned into silence as my family voiced their thoughts. Soon after, they noticed my lack of participation in the conversation.

"What's the matter, Edward?" Alice asked. I guess even she hadn't seen what I did.

"I...h-heard Bella's...t-thoughts," I stuttered. My family's jaws opened with a loud pop.

"That's good!" Alice rejoiced, grinning. "It's what you've been wanting all of this time, right?" When I didn't say anything, her brow furrowed in confusion. Before she could ask why, Carlisle spoke.

"Why now, do you think? You couldn't hear her before...What's so different about now?" He appeared deep in thought.

"What's the matter?" Jasper asked me. I had to give it to him; he understood me more than anyone else in this moment.

"She's so...self-loathing. It's unbelievable."

"Then I guess you have something in common," Emmett muttered before Esme spoke up, having been silent through the current exchange.

"Edward, dear, there's more to it," she said, eyeing me up and down. "What's wrong?" It seemed that her motherly instincts were kicking in...And when she gave me those eyes, I just couldn't resist. After all, she had lost a child before...I had to at least let her act as my mother, although I was years older...

I forced myself to shut up and answer.

"Well, she...She was...I don't know. It was hazy, her memory, and I couldn't really see clearly...Although I heard the conversation that took place..." I trailed off. It seemed so familiar, and yet...How could it be? (Aw man...Edward's confuzzled! I wish I had a video camera...Oh yeah...I guess I can't read minds, that would be impossi-Oh, right. I'll shut up.)

I searched through her memory again, sifting through its contents. What was so important about it?

Oh. Right. Somehow, the thought saddened me. Bella was in love. Or had been. But still...

Another man had stolen her heart once before...How could that, such a simple thing, make me feel the way I was? Couldn't someone just tell me the answer?

Hmm...As for the conversation...I had learned something that at least explained why she was battling a Heart. She was a Changer. Or that was what her thoughts said...

And she was Isabella. It hit me then; why she was so self-loathing. She was the best Changer in the world, and known for it. She was none other than Isabella Swan. How could I not recognize the name earlier? I should've known. Great...Ignoring the half of me that admired, actually liked Bella, I made my self think rationally. You put your whole family in danger! How could you? She was ISABELLA SWAN, for goodness sake! She could have killed your whole family, you twit!

I sighed. It was all too complicated.

Jasper looked at me in confusion, something that did not go unnoticed by my observant family.

"We know that you aren't telling us the whole truth, Edward," Rosalie snapped impatiently. "Just spill it already." I knew that her menacing tone was just to cover up her fear; she knew that if Bella could kill a Heart, then she could definitely kill a vampire. She also knew that she'd have to stay on her good side...

But I nodded mechanically, not really able to do anything else. I was frozen into shock.

Instead of telling them what I had planned to, such as 'I found out that Bella is a Changer,' something totally unexpected slipped out.

"She...She used to be in love." OK, just...What in the world...I mentally slapped myself. Why, why, why did I say that? Not only was that certain person dead, I wouldn't ever be able to live it down, and it shouldn't matter anyhow, but I mean come on! I was...What was it? It was foreign to me...

"Mmm, jealous much?" Jasper helped me out. Not that I was all that thankful.

I glared at him and turned back to my family.

I was grateful that they didn't press that matter further, though.

"And...She's a Changer...I think," I said uncomfortably. Strangely, I didn't feel like I should be saying it out loud. Like it wasn't my secret to tell.

They all gasped, their thoughts following along the same route, and then it all turned into understanding. To a certain level, that is.

"No wonder she knew..." Rosalie trailed off.

I just nodded.

And then, the irrational part of me suddenly uncovered and decided to show itself. My voice taking on a certain urgency, I said, "Now, I think we should at least try to find Bella."

That is, if she wanted to be found.

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