Underlying Personalities.

A Get Backers Fan Fiction

By: Cauryn Terenkey.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Get Backers characters.


Natsumi looked up from her position on the floor. She had been like that for the past several hours, and had no idea why she felt like crap. Akabane knelt down next to her and brushed some hair out of her face.

"Yuki is stopping by very soon. Is there anything else you need?" He asked. Natsumi shook her head.

"Nope. I should be okay until she gets here. Thank you."

"I can stay if you need me to, you know I work only to occupy myself."

"So go and occupy yourself. I'll be okay." Natsumi smiled again, patting his shoulder. Akabane gave her a look before standing and placing his hat on his head.

"If you say so."

"I wont be all alone. Go have some fun." Natsumi said, making Akabane smirk. Lately, his number of victims had gone down, and it was all due to this small female. He was just about to grab the door handle when the door flew open, and Yuki burst in. He thanked his reflexes, because if he had been a normal human, he would have been flat out on the floor at that point.

"Oh. My. Gosh. I am SO sorry. Are you okay?" Yuki asked, realizing what she had almost done. Akabane chuckled.

"I am quite alright. Natsumi isn't feeling any better though, I'm afraid. I offered to stay, but she insists I go."

"Right! We need to have some serious girl talk! You go, she'll be fine in my hands!" Yuki shooed a thoroughly confused Akabane out of the apartment. It took a moment, but he began to chuckle. He had just been forced out of his own home, by his wives best friend. How odd could it get?


Yuki looked at the thermometer. "Well, you aren't sick, that's for sure."

"Then why do I feel like craaaaaaaaaaaaap?" Natsumi moaned, hugging her pillow. She buried her face in it so she could smell Akabane.

"There is only one other possibility." Yuki said, digging into her shopping bag. "And that is….." She pulled out a box with a flourish. Natsumi took one look at it and then proceeded to hide her face again.

"I'm not taking it!" She cried, the sound muffled. Yuki groaned.

"Come on, morning sickness is the only other explanation! You want me to text Akabane?" Yuki asked sternly, Natsumi glared at Yuki before snatching up the box from her friends hand.

"Fine…I'll take it. Just shoo. I don't need you leaning over my shoulder trying to see."

"I would never!" Yuki exclaimed in mock offense. She left giggling though, waiting for Natsumi to finish. Several moments after the toilet flushed, Yuki peeked in, seeing Natsumi on the floor again. She sighed.

"No good then?" she asked. Natsumi held out the test. It took a matter of a second for the result to spark a grin on Yuki's face. She squealed, dancing on the spot. "Oh gosh, when are you gonna tell him?"

"I have no idea. I just don't know how I even got pregnant. I've been on the pill…"

"Have you taken it regularly?" Yuki asked. Natsumi blanched, remembering she had missed several days the month before. "See? That's your problem right there!" Yuki smiled. "Don't worry! This'll be a walk in the park. Besides, you said Akabane was a doctor before, if worse came to worse, he could deliver the baby if he needed to."

"I really don't think he ever did deliveries." Natsumi groaned, sitting up. "I think I might be able to eat a little something."

"Good. Here's some plain crackers." Yuki smiled again, handing a few to Natsumi.

"I hate these things." She mumbled. "They have no taste!"

"Live with it." Yuki grinned. "besides, you'll be up and at 'em in no time. Morning sickness only lasts for a little while."

"Yeah, well, it sucks when it's here." Natsumi mumbled through a mouthful of cracker. Yuki giggled and stood.

"I'm going to get a snack, okay? I'll get you a cup too, I bought some ginger ale."

"Thanks a bunch, Yuki." Natsumi smiled.

"What are friends for?"

Around lunch time, Natsumi was able to move like normal, and eat what she wanted. She and Yuki were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking pop and eating snack sandwiches.

"Ugh, I still feel bloated. This is not cool." Natsumi mumbled. "It just doesn't feel like I'm pregnant."

"It probably wont." Yuki said. "I've been looking things up online, and a lot of the sites said that most women don't feel like their pregnant just yet, that usually sets in in the 4th month."

"How long have you been researching?" Natsumi asked, glaring at Yuki. Yuki sweat dropped.

"S-since the day you told me you were married." Natsumi groaned at this.

"Why is my friend the one most exited about this?" She muttered, laying out on the table. Yuki giggled.

"You'll get exited, don't worry. Oh! That reminds me, how long is Akabane gone?"

"About two days. I told him to go all the way through on this job, sometimes he comes home early, says I'm more amusing than the job." Natsumi smirked. Yuki blushed and threw a towel at Natsumi.

"I do NOT want to see that!"

"Well to bad, you just did." Natsumi grinned. "Anyway, what did you want to do?"

"Well, you can brainstorm a way to tell Akabane your pregnant." Yuki said, Natsumi froze, making Yuki groan. "You already forgot? Wow that's bad."

"Shut up! This is new and unexpected! Give me some slack!" Natsumi cried, throwing the towel back at Yuki who dodged. "I know, I've got two days… how hard can it be?"

"I have no idea, but it's time to go shopping!" Yuki exclaimed excitedly. Natsumi smiled and stood slowly.

"Okay, but no baby things. I'll save that for me and Akabane, okay?"

"Sure thing!" Yuki laughed as she grabbed her bag. "Lets go!"

"But what are we going to get?" Natsumi asked as she locked the door and they headed for the elevator.

"Well, we should set up an appointment with your doctor, make sure it's after Akabane gets home so you can both go."

"Okay, but on the way there, what do we do? That's halfway across the city." Natsumi asked.

"hmmmm, well, we can always get educational tapes." Yuki suggested. Natsumi burst out laughing at this, just as several other residents of the building got into the elevator. Yuki apologized before trying to get Natsumi to calm down.

"I can just see it! Oh gosh, that image is hilarious!" She giggled. "He's still a doctor at heart, he'll be to engrossed in learning the process to really pay attention to what the narrator is saying about what we should do." Yuki hummed as she tried to bring this image up, but shrugged.

"You know, I have no idea. I can't see it, sorry."

"That's okay, I just know him better." Natsumi giggled. "Okay, lets head out, I really need to figure out how to let him know."


Akabane looked up from his phone, frowning. It would be surprising for someone to learn how he could tell something was up, just by looking at how Natsumi texted. Wondering what on earth it could be, he looked up at the building again, holding his hat the same way he had for years. Giving his phone a glare for some unknown reason, he entered the building he lived in, still wrapped up in his own thoughts. He had become rather irritated with an interception service, and had ended up killing them when they had still attacked him, even though they were down for the count. The young man he and Takashi had been partners with that time had stayed as far away from Akabane as possible after that, even after the killer had heard Takashi telling the young man not to worry.

The tall man opened the door, pausing his thoughts long enough to look for his wife, expecting the hug he usually received. When Natsumi wasn't anywhere to be found, he shed his hat and coat, laying them on the couch like normal before entering the kitchen where Natsumi sat giggling with Yuki. He smirked, sneaked up behind her, and snaked his arms around her middle while blowing on her ear. Natsumi jumped though the roof, and if Akabane hadn't been holding her, she would have fallen to the floor as she tipped over her chair.

"Kurodou Akabane!" Natsumi snapped, trying to free herself from her husbands grip. "Let go!"

"Very well." Akabane smiled, but before he obliged, he gave her a quick kiss, then righted her seat. "I'm quite pleased to see you are doing better."

"Yup, 100% better." Natsumi said. She and Yuki exchanged glances, then broke out into giggles again, Natsumi sporting a deep blush. Just what had been going on here for the past two days? The three sat and chatted, Natsumi seeming to try to steer the conversation towards something, but never quite getting it right. Akabane smirked inwardly, she was the most awkward person when trying to be subtle sometimes. Deciding to figure this out once and for all, Akabane leaned over the table, a hand under his chin.

"My dear, whatever is on your mind?" He smiled. Natsumi giggled, and, forgetting the plan she and Yuki had come up with (that had taken hours and one sleepless night mind you), She blurted out:

"You're gonna be a Daddy!"

There was a moment of dead silence, where Akabane shadowed his eyes, Yuki slammed her head on the table, and Natsumi gasped and covered her mouth with a small "oops!"

"Are you quite sure?" Akabane asked, his head still tilted.

"W-well, the test I took said positive…"

"Do you still have it?"

"Oh, no, I threw it out. Why?"

"Take another, I would like to see for myself." Akabane smiled, looking up finally. "No use getting exited over a mistake." Natsumi squealed and shot off for their room. Akabane followed with a chuckle, and Yuki swore there was a bounce to his step that hadn't been there before.

lol, who can actually see Akabane being a proud father? lol.

ah, this family is gonna be weird XD