Left 4 Dead: Real Life

Plot: OMFG Anime Club wakes up one day to find almost everyone they know as zombies! It is now up to them to save the world. But how is an unruly group of teens supposed to save the world?!

(A/N: massive x-over; credit goes to Vanlain, who said it would be cool if everyone except anime club became zombies, while we were playing "Left 4 Dead." Fast zombies come from there, Anime club is anime club, and I own nothing except for the plot and the anime club characters (kind of). Enjoy!)

(A/N 2: Sorry for the wait, I updated the story. Here is the rest. If you have any ideas for me, leave a review. Nothing bad, please.)


November 14th, 2008. The day Vanlain, Lee, and I played "Left 4 Dead," this cool zombie game that just came out; the last sane day or our lives.

Before I get ahead of myself, my name is Kira Maundrell, age 17. On November 14th, 2008, we made the mistake of playing the demo for "Left 4 Dead." We passed it, but we unleashed a terrible curse, which we had to stop. But back to November…

We had fun, its true. We kicked butt in "Rock Band 2" just as I had to leave, so I left my adrenaline pumping. This helped me in the end, but back to what I was saying.

Because my parents are no longer living, I and my older brother lived alone in our grandparent's old dojo. Though our parents never lived in it, they had it refurbished for humans to live in. It also came with its own swords and weapons.

But anyway, I and my brother lived together and, seeing as I can't legally drive just yet, he had to pick me up. My brother is the infamous Rose Maundrell, known for stealing girl's hearts through his fabulous paintings.

We made it home ok and went to our respective rooms. I changed and went to bed, seeing as I had school the next day. That was when everything changed.

* of Prologue.-*