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Jasper's pov:

I honestly didn't know how long it had been, it could have been three seconds, or three minutes. I reluctantly pulled away from Edward, at first, too shocked to even look at anyone. I buried my face into his shirt, and heard his smooth voice in my ear.

"I will see you after class." He smiled, walking away.

'Don't walk away! Please, I need you here. You can't just kiss me and expect everyone to accept it!" I screamed my thoughts in my mind. He turned around and looked back at me.

"I don't care what they think, and neither should you." And with that, Edward was on his way. I was incredibly dumbfounded. How could he do this to me?
"Hey, fag." Mike Newton smirked as he came towards me. That was when the emotions took over me. I felt hate, confusion, and from some, support. It was so overwhelming to feel them all at once, and I had never experienced anything like it. Mike Newton's sweaty palms pressed on my chest, lightly pushing me towards the door of the classroom.

"Dude, I'm talking to you!" I heard him say. I fought the urge to growl. Mike was being too cocky for his own good. I sustained myself, making sure to keep calm so there wouldn't be any... accident. I didn't want to hurt Mike, well deep down I wanted to punish him, but I knew it wasn't right. Besides, his reaction was typical, what did I expect from someone who came from a family like his? Even so, it didn't mean his reaction was right.

"What!" I shouted back. He didn't seem intimidated.

"So, your Edward's new girlfriend, aren't you?" He pushed me once more, his foul breath escaping from his annoying chuckle.

"I'm not a girl." I said quietly.

"Well then why did you just kiss a guy?" A few people in the crowd chuckled, the rest were silent.

"Mike, how about you just back off?" Angela asked, more brave than I had ever seen her. At least not all of Forks high was like Mike.

"Yeah Mike... I'm with Ang..." Eric said, walking up to Mike, trying to lead him away from me. I felt weak, just standing there while other's defended me, but I didn't want to lose control with him. I didn't want the others to think I was more of a freak than they already did.

"Why should I?" He asked. He was about to push me again, when our teacher, Mr. Greene walked out.

"Hey, what's going on out here?" He asked.

"Nothing!" Eric said, quickly grabbing Mike's t-shirt and pulling him off of me.

For the duration of the class, I couldn't help but wonder why Edward just left me there to deal with the classmates. I got dirty looks from Mike, Tyler, Jessica, and a newer girl, Alex the entire time. I wanted to sink into the floor. The period was... awkward, to say the least. Still my mind wouldn't stray from Edward. I would have liked to think that he had this all planned out, and that leaving me was just part of the plan, but it still made no sense!

Mr. Greene had let us out five minutes early, and, as always, Edward was waiting for me outside.

"Hello Edward." I said.

'We need to talk." I added silently. He nodded, even though I already knew he had heard. We walked to lunch together, and I heard Mike muttering to a few boys on the basketball team not to come near me. Why he kept on, I didn't know.

"Edward..." We walked towards our lunch table. Emmett was smiling as always, like nothing happened.

"Yes, Jasper?" He asked nonchalantly. I was growing tired of his games today. We were supposed to stick together on this.

'Why did you leave me there, just split and make me deal with the humans myself?'

"I already told you, Jasper, we shouldn't care about what they think." He said out loud.

'I don't care about what they think, Edward, but I don't want to be harassed either! I still can't get over the wave of emotions they all sent me!'

"Fine. I give up. Honestly, I left because I saw something, or, someone else. Jasper, I'm really sorry about leaving you, but I had no choice." He sighed, looking troubled. I wished I could read his mind for once.

'What do you mean you had no choice?' He had me curious now.

"I saw Alice pull up. I didn't want her to do anything rash, make the situation worse for you, so I tried to talk to her." He sat down, not even bothering to pretend to eat.

"Alice?" I said softly, looking around for my, I mean, my old companion. I saw her, walking towards an empty lunch table. My un beating heart sank when I realized that she wouldn't even sit at the same lunch table with me.

"Thank you, Edward, I think I understand..." My words were colder than I intended.

"Guys, what's going on?" Emmett asked, worried.

"Nothing." I said, still looking towards Alice.

"Ah, I see..." Emmett replied knowingly, seeing Alice as well.

"Edward I thought you said you spoke to her." I took my eyes off Alice.

"No Jasper, I said I tried to speak to her."

"Well did you at least find out where she went?" I asked. Edward just shook his head.

Edward's pov:

The day was getting slower and slower as it went on. I had tried and failed, miserably, to speak to Alice. I wondered why she even came to school. It was then when Bella's scent wafted into the cafeteria. Bella looked better than when I had last talked to her, but she still looked a mess. She stepped up to the salad bar, got a few pieces of fruit, and took a seat next to Alice. Was this a cruel joke? Were they doing this just to get back at us? The way they looked at each other, and Jasper and I didn't sit right with me. Something was wrong.

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