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A girlish shriek was heard throughout the brownstone.

"Neil it's your turn..."

"I don't wanna!"



"THAT'S IT!" Atlanta bolted out of bed at the huge crash from the kitchen and the sounds of screaming. She sprinted downstairs.

"Whats being killed?" she asked Theresa who was also watching as Athena wrestled Neil to the floor.

"It looks like Athena is attempting to get Neil to clean." They exchanged a knowing glance.

"Hey Atlanta?"


"You know how we were going to go shopping today?"


"Well I was thinking we could operate plan 33NL0 today instead!"

"Oooo, always knew you were the smart one!" Atlanta nodded approvingly.

"HEY!" screamed a voice from upstairs.



"Good point," she muttered. Meanwhile Athena successfully duck taped the vacuum cleaner to Neils hand.

"Go on try and rip it off it will ruin your nails!" she threatened with a evil grin.

"Your evil! Worse than Cronus. At least Cronus only threatens the existence of human life! You are low! My nails!" Athena muttered angrily beneath her breath before flicking the vacuum cleaner on.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Neil as the Vacuum cleaner dragged him thorough the house.

Up in Theresa's room

"Do you have anymore black socks?"

No sorry, I have this knee high striped one!"

"I guess it will have to do..." Atlanta sighed cutting eye holes in the weird sock.

"DON'T CUT !" Theresa screamed at her.

"How am I supposed to see then?" yelled Atlanta

"YOUR NOT!" Theresa jammed the sock over Atlanta's hair and pushed her down the stairs.

"So subtle," groaned Atlanta from the bottom ", I think I broke something..."

"Put a band-aid on it and come on!"

Back To Neil

"Stupid Athena and her stupid duck tape." he muttered vacuuming under the sofa. "EWWWWW!" he shrieked as he came across a mountain of Herry's toenail clippings. He swept them up and ran upstairs dragging the vacuum cleaner and dumped the clippings in Jay's bed.

Meanwhile Atlanta was bouncing gleefully on the sofa and Theresa shredding cushions. "Ha Ha Ha you shall suffer Neil," she cackled sinisterly.

"Ya, you gonna clean forever!" cried Atlanta crashing into walls as she bounced blindly around the living room.

"We shall wait till your sanity cracks and your body sags from exhaustion then I will swoop in and feast on your shattered ego," Theresa made slurping noises.

"Ummm Theresa?..." Atlanta looking worried.

"Oooo out loud... right."

"WHAT ARE YOU DID TO MY CUSHIONS!" screamed Athena and chased them around the room. Atlanta crashed into a wall and was being dragged away by Athena.

"GO ON WITH OUT ME!" she cried dramatically. The effect was somehow ruined by the stripped toe sock over her head.

"Gladly!" said Theresa and sprinted away from the rampaging goddess.

"NO THAT'S WHEN YOU SAY NEVER! DON'T LEAVE ME-" she was cut off by her own screaming as Athena tickled her.

"No-no STOP! Please IT WAS THERESA'S EVIL PLAN!" she shrieked. At that moment Neil came down.

"What did you do!"

"Ummm" said Atlanta and Athena.

"We operated a secret plan?" Atlanta said.

"No that sock it totally clashes with your hair! Take it off!"

"Oh" Atlanta ripped the sock off her face.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE ROOM!" he screamed noticing.

"Doesn't matter your still cleaning it. All it proves is their strategy training is paying off. So what if it was a sinester plot to destroy a young mans ego... it was strategy!"

"All's well that ends well I guess," sighed Atlanta watching the peaceful view of Thersa chasing cars down the street.

"AHHHH WHATS IN MY BED!" screamed Jay