Pairing: Nnoitra x Ichigo

Summary: Idea based off of the second bleach movie, although the plot is in no way similar. Nnoitra doesn't die, but is instead reborn in Soul Society, having been 'purified.' Ichigo's physical body gets killed and therefore he has to go to Soul Society. Nnoitra and Ichigo meet at the Shinigami Academy and become friends/rivals. They grow on each other despite the extreme differences of their personalities.

Notes: This is after the war with Aizen, assuming that the Shinigami have won. The reason Nnoitra is shorter and younger is because his reiatsu shrank with the loss of his Arrancar status. He's still just as powerful though.

Resurrection: Chapter 1

Nnoitra felt a jagged pain cutting through his body. Is this what it was like to be dead? But the pain was receding and disappearing.


A voice whispered to him in the darkness.

/Get up. Fight. We're not done yet./

Santa Teresa? Nnoitra questioned in the black, feeling out the presence of his Zanpakuto.

/We have finished healing. We are ready to fight./

Nnoitra opened his eyes and blinked. A blue sky stared down at him, with fluffy white clouds that wouldn't be caught dead in Hueco Mundo. Not the hollow world…but not the human world either. He sat up, slightly disoriented. His eye sight was weird though, not what he was expecting. It was like he could see /more/. His hand reached up to where his hollow hole was and found…a completely intact eye. He blinked and removed his hand.

What the fuck was going on?

He sat up abruptly and examined himself. He was wearing the shredded remains of his arrancar outfit, which for some reason were too big on him. Standing up slowly, his eyes widened as he realized he was actually shorter! Still tall, but not as tall. Fuck, at least he wasn't some child like that bitch Neliel turned into.

Shit. He looked around for his zanpakuto and found a long blade with a black handle lying on the ground next to him. He picked it up and examined it. It wasn't in the same form, but the pleasant hum of power that shot up his arm definitely belonged to Santa Teresa.

Well fuck. Nnoitra rubbed at his chest slightly, wondering if he was ever going to get used to this /whole/ feeling he had. Something he hadn't felt in a long time. He couldn't remember the last time he wasn't hollow. And with the full sensation, came the emotions. They swarmed his mind, overpowering his senses. It would take some getting used to. Nnoitra scanned his surroundings, his eyes resting on a clump of small buildings. With a smirk, he started walking.

It turned out that the village was actually an encampment of loud, boisterous men. With unrestrained glee, Nnoitra killed every single one of them. It was embarrassingly easy and didn't help mark his current fighting skill much. But whatever. Nnoitra shifted through their belongings, finally finding some suitable clothing that would fit him. He pulled on a loose pair of black hakama and kimono. Not like the Shinigami, but close. With that he put a belt around his hips to hang his sheath from and continued walking, completely disregarding the blood bath that he had left behind.

Nnoitra had always wanted to be the best. The strongest. The fastest. If he couldn't do that in Hueco Mundo, he would have to do it in Soul Society. He would go through the lower level souls that resided outside of Seireitei before making his way in. After that he would become an official Shinigami. Kill one of the captains and take their place. Maybe that one that killed him…what was his name? Kenpachi. Of the 11th division.

This will be fun.





In the human world, Ichigo stepped into a convenience store, scratching the back of his head as he looked around for the milk. With an aggravated sigh he walked down an aisle, not noticing the hooded man slinking in the store, twitching and rubbing at his nose while he waited for the person in front of him to leave the store. Just as Ichigo approached the counter to pay for the man whipped out a gun and pointed it at the clerk.

"Give me all the money!"


Ichigo's eyes widened and he dropped the milk he had been carrying. The jumpy man whipped around and shot the gun without thinking. Ichigo's body jolted and pain flared in his chest. He looked down and saw red rapidly spreading across his chest. He dropped to his knees, falling to his side as his vision darkened. This wasn't happening. His vision shifted and now he was staring down at his own bloody body. He wasn't dead. He had survived the war against Aizen, he couldn't be dead! But he could already see that the spirit chan linking him to his body was broken and he was in his Shinigami form.

He was dead.

He was vaguely aware of watching the ambulance and police come, his body being put into a coroner's bag when it was evident he was dead. His mind seemed to be slipping into a haze as he walked to Urahara's. It was the only place he could think of to go. Urahara greeted him joyfully, pausing as he caught sight of Ichigo's face.

"I'm dead." I explained. I think maybe I'm in shock or something.

"You're dead?" Urahara asked, obviously confused.

"My soul chain broke." It was only then that I finally allowed myself to cry.





Ichigo stepped into Seireitei with a heavy heart. He knew he would have to die someday, but he never expected it to be so soon. He was lucky that he already knew about the spiritual world and there wasn't this confusion about what was going on. It had been arranged for him to attend the Soul Reaper Academy in one of the top classes. Despite his knowledge of fight, he had no clue about the hierarchy of Soul Society, or any of its traditions. Not to mention kido.

He was not looking forward to wearing those ridiculous outfits either. What a drag. With a sigh Ichigo slipped out of his familiar Shinigami shihakusho and glared at the white kimono and blue hakama they expected him to wear. He would be finding out who his room mate was. He hoped it wouldn't be anyone irritating. He just wanted to finish the damn classes and get it over with.

With a sigh, he walked through the halls of the school, his sandaled feet making soft sweeping noises as he walked. Now where the hell was the dormitory… Ichigo exhaled loudly and scratched the back of his head, stupid school. The other students blushed and stammered as they caught sight of him, leaping out of his way with wide eyes. They had probably heard storied about the famous Ryoka, and Ichigo was easily recognizable by his orange hair and large sword.

He stepped outside with some relief. The presence of the other students was a bit stifling. He walked along the path, hoping that it was the correct way to the dormitory. Somebody had given him directions, but they were so busy stammering and gawking they weren't too clear. Ichigo paused mid step as he heard someone behind him that sounded very familiar.

"Hey, Shinigami."

Turning slowly around, he saw a man maybe in his early twenties grinning at him. The last time Ichigo had seen him, he was being hacked to pieces by Zaraki Kenpachi.

"N-Nnoitra?" Ichigo asked incredulously. The arrancar who was supposed to be dead eyes walked over to Ichigo confidently with a smirk. He was clad in similar clothing to Ichigo's own, blue hakama and white kimono. He had changed. Not only did he have two eyes now, but he had gotten shorter, or rather less freakishly tall. His hair was shorter too, just past his ears, but still that dark obsidian color.

"What are you doing here Shinigami? Shouldn't you be alive in the real world?" Nnoitra drawled, leaning up against the wall where they were standing.

"Shouldn't you be dead?" Ichigo asked, still not quite getting what he was seeing.

"I was purified and resurrected here." Nnoitra explained, his eyes narrow slits as he studied Ichigo.

"Well I was killed."

"Heh, too bad." Nnoitra said, not looking the least bit sympathetic.

"Whatever." Ichigo muttered, and then eyed Nnoitra. "Do /you/ know where the dorms are?"

"Yep." Nnoitra didn't move, and continued to study him.

"Can you please show me?" Ichigo asked through gritted teeth.

"What's in it for me?" Nnoitra asked, stepping away from the wall and closer to Ichigo.

"I won't kill you." Ichigo said bluntly.

"Hah! As if you could." The dark haired man sneered at Ichigo. "But I suppose it wouldn't hurt to show you. If you promise to spar me later, these idiots around here are all weaklings."

"Tell me about it." Ichigo muttered under his breath but nodded. "Deal."

"Well come on then, Shinigami." Nnoitra strode past Ichigo not looking back. Ichigo huffed in irritation and jogged to catch up.

"Aren't you a Shinigami now too?" Ichigo asked curiously, still not knowing what to make of him.

"Yeah, I guess." Nnoitra stretched and relaxed his hands behind his ears. "They didn't want to let me in, but since I had been 'purified' they couldn't do anything about it."

"You seem the same to me." Ichigo commented. "Except that you aren't trying to kill me. Right now, anyways."

"Hah! Got that right. I'm still the same; I just have a different agenda at the moment."

"Is that so?" Ichigo furrowed his eyebrows and eyed the other Soul Reaper suspiciously.

"Nothing I'm going to tell you." Nnoitra paused outside of a building. "This is it. I guess I'll see you around Shinigami."

"Yeah. Thanks." Ichigo nodded and stared at the building. Nnoitra's eyes narrowed at the words, but shrugged it off and continued on his walk.

Well that was weird.


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