Heh, so I was reading somebody's rant on writers and they pointed out how irritating it was when some writer's use 'koi' (shortening of koibito) when koi by itself means 'come.' So I thought it would be funny if Nnoitra says 'koi' during sex, meaning the more affectionate 'my love' abbreviation as well as telling Ichigo to come :D

Resurrection: Chapter 19

"Due to Nnoitra's Jiruga gaining bankai and passing the necessary tests, he will now be instated as the 9th division's new captain." Captain Yamamoto's gravelly old voice boomed over the captains, a few of them grimacing in distaste but held their tongues. Nnoitra stood smugly at the end of the line of captains, grinning broadly as the old man continued his speech. "The 13th division's lieutenant Kurosaki Ichigo was requested as lieutenant and has accepted the position. Hisagi Shuhei will step down to the third seat."

Nnoitra's grin lifted even higher at the sound of Ichigo's name, unable to contain his glee that his strawberry was now officially 'serving under him.' Although if he were to say that out loud to said strawberry, he would probably be cock-blocked for a month. Therefore, he kept his mouth shut.

However, Ichigo picked up on Nnoitra's obvious pleasure of having his uke as his lieutenant when he repeatedly told Ichigo: "Fuck! I love having you beneath me, my lieutenant," when he was pounding his Strawberry in the ass. After Ichigo could walk again he forced Nnoitra to sleep on the couch. It didn't work so well when he got lonely in the middle of the night and crawled onto it with him.

But apparently dating a captain had its perks. Nnoitra convinced the old man that Ichigo would be okay visiting his family in the real world for a short period of time. After that, obviously, Ichigo gave Nnoitra the most mind-blowing sex he'd ever had. The things Ichigo did with his tongue…it gave Nnoitra shivers just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, Nnoitra couldn't accompany Ichigo into the real world, but Rukia could- much to the captain's grumbling. But he was calmed with the knowledge that Renji wouldn't be, and impatiently waited for his mate's return.

When Ichigo first stepped out of the gate, he was a little shocked on how little it changed. He had been gone…three years now, and everything looked the same. When he was greeted by his friends (Orohime nearly knocked the wind out of him with a hug) he was also surprised with how much more mature they looked as well. Their attitudes hadn't changed though, although Ichigo saw something that looked suspiciously like a tear come out of Chad's eye.

But it was his family that really freaked him out. Two seconds into the house and goat-face was trying to kick the shit out of him while an older Yuzu and Karin told him off. He had missed them so much…the first thing he did was sweep the twins into a big hug, burying his face into their shoulders as they held on just as tightly. He didn't even comment when a pair of large, hairy arms enveloped all three of them and large wet tears got his shihakusho wet.

Saying good bye didn't feel as final as before. Just seeing his family again was comforting. He would be able to come back and visit, and some day they would be joining him in Seireitei. And he had Nnoitra. Nnoitra helped a lot. If Ichigo didn't have him, he didn't know what he did.

The second he returned to Seireitei, he flash stepped to his lover's office, grabbing him by the hair and yanking their mouths together. Nnoitra gave a deep purr of pleasure and yanked his lieutenant into his lap. Ichigo's hands snuck under Nnoitra's kimono and stroked the flesh, wiggling to get closer as his captain returned the favor. Standing up, he set Ichigo down onto his desk and started yanking off clothes, bending his head to suck at the creamy flesh as it was revealed.

"Ngh, Nnoitra, just do me already!"

Nnoitra turned his eyes up to Ichigo and chuckled around the soft skin he was nibbling on that just so happened to be Ichigo's stomach. "We don't have any lube or lotion, and I know ya have doing it with just saliva."

"Fuck!" Ichigo cursed as Nnoitra palmed his erection and rubbed a thumb over the leaking slit. "Please, I just need it. Don't stretch me!"

"Tch, are ya sure?" Nnoitra leaned over Ichigo's stretched body with an evil grin. "Don't say I didn't ask."

He didn't finger Ichigo first, like he asked, but simply spat into his hand and rubbed the meager fluid over his erection. "Slow and sweet or hard and fast?" Nnoitra questioned, rubbing the head of his cock over the puckered entrance of Ichigo's rectum.

"Shit, give it to me fast already!" Ichigo hissed, glaring up at Nnoitra for taking so long.

"Hah! Good thing we got some salve at home."

Ichigo's body seemed to tingle all over when Nnoitra called their place 'home.' Yes, it was their home. His thoughts were interrupted, however, by Nnoitra thrusting harshly into his body. Ichigo threw his head back and cried out, latching his legs around Nnoitra's waist and shoving his hips up to meet him. It hurt a lot, but that was nothing compared to the feeling of being joined with his dark-haired lover. He needed this. Needed it so bad…

He gave another loud cry as Nnoitra pistoned in and out of him, the desk creaking dangerously with the rough penetration. "Harder!" Ichigo pleaded, even as his insides screamed in protest at the brutality.

"Ya like that?" Nnoitra sneered, not giving his Strawberry a chance to answer before clamping his mouth over Ichigo's and stealing his breath away, quite literally. But who cares about breathing when you've got a solid, hard piece of cock jammed so far into you that you're probably going to bleed for days. Ichigo didn't, he welcomed the faint dizziness that accompanied the lack of oxygen.

"Koi…" Nnoitra pulled away long enough to say huskily, hissing in satisfaction as Ichigo convulsed around him and milked his own climax out of him.

As the larger of the two collapsed on the smaller, getting an irritated huff as a reaction, Nnoitra grinned at the thought of the many Shinigami that had probably heard them. They knew not to come in when they heard screams coming from Nnoitra's office.

Nnoitra stood up and pulled out of his now unconscious mate, righting his shihakusho and then getting to work cleaning up Ichigo. There was a little blood from the rough play, but nothing that the salve wouldn't help. Dressing his lover, he lifted him into his arms and flash stepped all the way to their house. He set Ichigo- who was starting to wake up- down onto their bed and then undressed him, which was very slow progress when Nnoitra wanted to pet and kiss the skin that was revealed.

His actions made Ichigo squirming and make gasping noises, nuzzling against Nnoitra's hand by his head. It was one of the rare times where the actions weren't fueled by desire for sex, but simply for enjoying touching each other. Nnoitra gave one last quick kiss to Ichigo's lips and stood up, walking to the bathroom to grab the healing salve. When he came back, Ichigo was lying on his stomach with his arms curled around a pillow and his legs slightly spread. In Nnoitra's opinion, just begging to be fucked. But he could be patient and wait for Ichigo to heal a little bit first.

Smoothing one hand over Ichigo's spine, Nnoitra gently found his entrance and spread the salve around it, wiggling his fingers inside. Ichigo squirmed slightly in discomfort, but was to worn out to make much of a protest.

"So did ya have a nice visit with yur family?" Nnoitra asked as he laid back down next to Ichigo.

"Hmm, yeah. It was good seeing them, but I prefer staying here with you." Ichigo mumbled, not bothering to even open his eyes.

"Good, cuz I wasn't going to let ya leave." Ichigo smiled in response making soft noises of pleasure as Nnoitra carded his fingers through his hair. "They'll be here before ya know it."

"Yeah…" He snuggled a little closer. "Do you ever think about family?"

"Eh? Well I got ya, what else do I need?"

"I mean kids and stuff like that." Ichigo flushed a little in embarrassment at his words.

"Hm, ya mean we get one of the little ones for our own?"


"Well…not now. But maybe later. You can stay home and take care of him while I'm at work, little wife." Nnoitra grinned and caught the fist aimed at his face.

"I was being serious." Ichigo said sourly and abruptly turned onto his side, facing away from Nnoitra irritably.

"Heh, what makes you think I wasn't?" Nnoitra curled an arm around Ichigo and spooned his back. "Maybe we can adopt someday, but for now yur enough for me."

"Hmm, me too. I was just wondering." Ichigo yawned and threaded their fingers together. "We'd have to make sure you liked the kid enough not to kill him either."

"Tch, duh."


For those that missed the author's note at the top (I often skip over those myself), it includes on explanation on the 'koi' reference.

Sorry it took so long to get out, but I worked really hard on it so I hoped you enjoyed it!