All Isn't Fair In Love and War

By: Mangamania

Summary: Princess Serena is running away from both her kingdom and her fiancé, Seiya. On her way, she runs into a teenager named Darien, can he help her find her freedom or will she find more trouble than she bargained for? My 1st fanfic be nice please.

All Isn't Fair In Love and War

Chapter 1: Prologue

Serenity entered the throne room and looked toward her parents, the King and Queen of Diaspar.

King Alexander and Queen Helen were sitting on their thrones awaiting their daughter's arrival.

"Mother, father, you called for me?" asked Serenity. 'Every time I've been called before them, it has never been anything good. I wonder what I'm going to be forced to do this time,' thought Serenity bitterly.

"We have very good news for you," answered Helen practically jumping up and down in her seat.

'Oh goodie,' thought Serenity as she plastered a fake smile on her face and rolled her eyes. "Really, and what might that be?" asked Serenity in the most excited voice she could muster through her clinched teeth, but it still came out a little cold, which went unnoticed by her parents. 'I hope it's not mandatory,' Serenity thought as she sighed.

"Well darling we want you to meet someone, well you already know him, but that does not matter at the moment," Helen practically squealed in excitement.

"Margret you can show him in now," Alexander called to the young maid.

Turning around Serenity saw an unmistakable young man standing in the doorway. Her jaw clinched as she spun back to her parents with her mouth in a straight line.

When she finally spoke, it came out in a yell, "No, no, no, no, no way…I'll marry anyone, anyone, but him!"

"Well sorry sweetheart, you're stuck with me," came an annoyingly disturbing voice behind her, as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

She winced feeling his arms around her. Serenity looked at her mother pouting and giving puppy dog eyes. Helen turned her eyes to her overprotective husband.

Helen didn't always agree with her husband's choices, like this one for instance. She did all she could to make it seem she was happy with the arrangement, even though she beyond angry and frightened of the things Seiya would do to her. She could see how Serenity reacted to him and she hated to see him within 6 feet of her daughter.

She knew Serenity wouldn't be the least bit happy about this arrangement; in fact, she tried to change Alexander's mind, but he was stubborn in his ways and would not budge. She knew he wasn't who he said he was, but couldn't persuade her husband to see his faults, in fact he trusted Seiya with his life, which was a grave mistake.

Serenity turned her attention toward her father. "Daddy do you really want to hurt me, because I know for a fact marrying Seiya will cause me great sickness and an early death," she said giving an uncontrollably cute, yet tormented look. She even spoke in a grave voice.

"Serenity, I will no longer discuss this matter, it has been decided. You will marry Prince Seiya in a month." Alexander said in a serious and commanding voice that sent shivers up and down Serenity's whole body.

"A month! You've got to be kidding me!" she said as her eyes widened and her jaw dropped, but before anyone noticed, she closed her mouth gazing fiercely at her father. She winced again when Seiya tried to move even closer as so he could feel Serenity's breasts. Serenity merely pinched Seiya's hand. As he let go of her to nurse his wound Serenity slipped out of his reach and excused herself from the room.

The only thing she heard was her father's voice telling her to apologize to Seiya, as she quickly walked into her room.

In her room, Serenity thought of many different methods to prevent the marriage or alter her father's plans. 'But then there is another way to stop the wedding,' Serenity thought, 'I could run away.'

"Ok so now I know what I want to do but how?" Serenity thought long and hard until an idea finally hit home.

Serenity gathered up all of the money she owned into a coin purse and found a big tan bag that could easily fit over her shoulder. She packed various things into it. She quietly snuck into the kitchen and took two loafs of bread and some cheese, then she crept quickly, but silently into her father's study where she knew he kept some money, then into the treasury take some more gold coins. Serenity had soon collected everything she needed for survival as well as safety outside of the castle. She also called her personal maid to ask for some various medicines, before she actually planed her escape. When her maid, Violet went to get the medicines she had known that her princess and best friend was going to escape. When Violet came back, she kissed Serenity on each cheek.

"Will I ever see you again?" she asked quietly.

"Dear Violet, I don't know if I'm ever coming back," Serenity explained as she held her friend's hands.

"I understand. I wish I could come with you, but they will be certain that you ran away if I went missing," Violet replied as she helped Serenity tie the sheets together making sure that the knots will hold and making sure that they would hold Serenity's weight.

After they successfully tied it to the balcony, the two girls said their goodbyes.

"I will miss you most greatly," Serenity said.

"As will I, please be safe and don't look back," replied Violet with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you for everything Violet. I'll never forget you as long as I live," promised Serenity.

After Serenity changed into a more casual dress and wrapped herself in a hooded cape, she started to climb down the knotted bed sheets like climbing down a rope. When she reached the ground, she waved a last goodbye to her friend and started running into the forest. She knew that everyone in the castle would soon find out she was missing.

Meanwhile King Alexander, Queen Helen, and Seiya were walking down the halls of the palace moving toward Princess Serenity's room. They walked into her first door, which she usually used as a study, and walked toward her bedroom door.

After knocking several times, each receiving no reply Helen headed into the room asking Alexander and Seiya to wait while she talked to her, figuring she was angry and wouldn't answer the door. But as soon as she opened the door, she saw miscellaneous things scattered around her floor, the bed sheets missing, and the balcony door open. When she walked out onto the balcony, she saw, to her astonishment, the bed sheets were tied around one of the thin poles of the balcony. She then knew Serenity was missing.

She walked quickly back to her husband and told him her daughter was not in her room and opened the door so he could look at the mess that lay before him. Taking immediate reaction, he asked all of the maids and anyone else he could find to search the entire palace until she was found.

After a couple of hours of standing Seiya took a seat next to the King Alexander as he paced back and forth, while the rest of the palace was still searching for the missing princess. Soon Seiya was asked to leave the room while Helen talked to her overbearing husband.

"Where could she be, she's never been out of the palace walls?" asked the king as he took a seat with his head in his hands.

"This is what you get for keeping her locked up in this god forsaking palace for all of her life. If you had listened to me for the past couple of years, this would never have happened, but no, you always had to have your way. Saying I'm King, I know what is best for my daughter and my kingdom. Let me tell you something, no kingdom can be run efficiently without the help of the Queen. And Lord knows I have supported you for most of my life, but for these past couple of years I and I alone have held the best interest for our daughter."

"What are you talking about I love and care for our daughter," said Alexander looking accusingly at his queen.

She scoffed, "She is not, I repeat not a trophy you hand to whom you declare is fitting for the future king only based on someone who has your opinions and interests and is just like you to hand her off to. I have taken many things I have not agreed to, but this is where I draw the line!" threatened Helen.

He merely looked at his wife in shock.

"Either you listen now, or you will no longer find yourself king when I tell the entire court all of the barbaric things you have done to our people."


"You think I don't know anything, but let me tell you this castle has echoes you don't know about, the maids gossip, and I know every little secret of yours. You punish the guards and whip the maids to make sure every little demand is done perfectly, you make horribly priced taxes on people who have no chance of paying in full price, then steal their most cherished possessions, and you neglect most if not all of the people's desires after promising them it will be done, you have fought against countries that had no chance of winning, and much more than that. You talk in your sleep," Helen sad with her mouth in a straight line and her chest raised, her eyes turning cold.

"Now where was I? Oh yes, I remember now… I told many months ago, your daughter wanted to see the village and towns surrounding the palace, she wanted to be courted by the men you denied as soon as they asked for your permission; she wanted your attention and praise. Everything she wanted you pushed aside, you pushed her aside. I tolerated as much as I could, giving her the comfort, attention, and the love she wanted. Do NOT say you cared for her, you wanted a son, and you treated her like someone not worth your time," she nearly growled at him. "You deserved this; I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier. She did everything you wanted her to and only I could see the hurt in her eyes," Helen said on the verge of tears, but forced them away.

"Didn't you always say she was precious, a jewel, someone worth dying for? You also said that anyone that dared to hurt her would suffer a thousand pains until they begged to die. Did you ever really mean it? I sure as hell didn't see it. Oh also you should know a little something about that Seiya. He sees her as a prize worth taking. Seiya isn't who he said he is. He wants her body and your crown and will do anything to get it. He has tried to rape her; I have seen it in her eyes. I am frightened for her safety. I want her brought back. I will kill anyone that gets in the way of her happiness, even if I have to betray the crown to do it. That is a promise," she ended with a deadly glare, staring straight into his soul.

After taking a minute for all of this to sink in Alexander began to talk. "I didn't realize how everything turned out, how I turned out. Was I really that power hungry, and selfish? Did I really do all of that? All I wanted was her happiness, I guess I got so wrapped up in what I wanted and what I thought would protect her, that I didn't realize she was unhappy," the King said sitting with his head between his hands again as tears ran down his face.

Helen walked over to him and bent down taking his hand in one hand and his cheek in the other smiling. "At least now you know and can start over," she said gazing into his brown eyes.

"Well," he said getting up with her by his side, "we must do something about that Seiya. I will get break the engagement and ask Andrew to go and bring her home. And send Seiya back to whence he came from. Margret would you go get Seiya and bring him to me, please?" he asked showing his kind smile, a smile the young maid hadn't seen in years.

"It will be my pleasure Your Majesty," said as she rushed to fetch him. She returned minutes later out of breathe. "Your Majesty, Seiya's gone and he left a note," she said as she handed it to him.

"What does it say, darling," noticing her husband's expression.

"It says "I will bring her back and I will marry her one way or another," he said in a calm, yet grave voice.

"It gets worse You Majesty, Andrew saw him before he left; he was angry and shall I say deadly serious. He swore that when he finds her, he will do something most terrible to her, not only rape her, but worse, much worse, I don't know what he has planned, only that it will be disturbingly ruthless. Andrew raced after him, but lost him at a crossroad, but I do know Violet saw her last and she left through the forest," she said breathlessly. "God knows what he will have in store for her when he finds her."

"What are to do Alexander?" Helen said through sobs.

"All we can, have Andrew search long and hard, send the guards to capture Seiya, and pray that God will keep her safe," Alexander said as he cradled his wife to his chest. "God help us all."

Hey to all re-readers and new readers thank for reading. and if i forget to mention this is now taking place in the 1900s.