Like I said, I'm making one now where the Eds return from Japan, in the most unlikely of places. Those of you that are familiar with Soul Eater, I apologize but honestly I'm a bit new to it myself, so forgive me if any explanation is off. Save for an OC here and there, I do not own EEnE, or Soul Eater.

ED Eater

Prologue 1

"You know I still haven't forgiven you."

"Come now Eddy! How am I at fault?"
"For having so many weird relatives! First there was that girl Chihiro, I dunno what was up with her but after leaving I've been having bad dreams about getting eaten by a no-faced ghost, then the one with the talking cats, and the one where she had that funky supernatural portal in her basement that took us to that place with that girl who was raised by a giant talking wolf, and then the one with that moving castle, and the-"

"And somehow I am responsible for all that?"
"Yes. You are like a trouble-magnet. Anything weird happens only when you're around."

"Well sorry Eddy, is that better?"


"Well what will make it better then?"

"I'm thinking."
Edd's trip to Japan had been, less than savory for Eds. While many would have considered it a grand adventure, which Ed and Edd did, Eddy found it all more like a chore, mainly because he came many times lose to striking it rich only to have it vanish before him. By the time they were boarding the flight back to America, Eddy was totally sulky, and seeing that every situation where he went from rags to riches and back, was somehow tied to one of Edd's relatives, he blamed Edd for all his troubles.

"This is Captain Lourd speaking…" the pilot's voice boomed in the intercom. "Due to adverse weather conditions, we are being forced to land before our set destination, in Nevada. We apologize for the inconvenience, and are offering complementary tickets good for a year to anywhere you choose to all passengers. Thank you for flying PATH-E-Tech Airlines."

A wave of groans was heard through the cabin. PATH-E-Tech had a tendency to have very delicate planes and even the slightest turbulence could ground them. But then again, they were the cheapest. Eddy glared at Edd. "Somehow, this is also your fault."

Edd, stung by the accusation, returned the glare to Eddy. "And how do you propose I did that?"

"Your 'bad-luck' waves, have struck again, this time they used their 'bad-stuff magnetic' powers to put this storm onto the plane! I know it I just know it."

"Well it could be wor-"

"Don't say anything, or you'll jinx it!"

The plane during this time had made a surprisingly soft landing and was already pulling up to the terminal. "Welcome to Death City everyone, enjoy your time here. You know this is weird but, I never even knew Death City had an airport. The things life throws at you huh?" The captain said.

Edd turned pale. "I didn't do anything Eddy! I swear it! I did nothing! That was not my fault, I could not have, in anyway influenced the plane to land in a city with that sort of name. Please Eddy, don't do anything rash!" he cringed slightly, as Eddy, when properly angry, could throw a mean punch.

Eddy however was sitting in his seat, staring forward, not moving at all. Ed, finally making his first appearance in this story, moved over and waved his hands in front of Eddy's eyes. Then snapped his fingers. Then slapped Eddy's cheeks. Then punched Eddy in the jaw. Nothing. "I think you broke him Double D." He said solemnly looking up.

Edd stammered. "That's not my doing! None of this is!"

A steward came up to them. "Sirs, everyone has already left, and we would appreciate it if you did as well, as we have to clean the plane now."

"Look at them, that resonance. That one is perfect or me now." He said.

"He seems a bit…pre-occupied." His companion replied.

"I'm sure he is just basking in his awesomeness."

"In that tall one's armpit, staring at the floor?"
"Basking silently now."

"I'm sure." She replied.

"Shall we then? I'm so psyched!"

"Not yet. Gotta wait for a proper introduction ya know. Otherwise it screws the whole thing up."

"What screws what up now?"

"Just shut up and come with me. Just like we rehearsed."

And the two figures melted even further into the crowd.

"Eddy? Can you unfreeze now? My shoulder hurts." Ed complained. The three were at baggage claim, having claimed their complementary tickets.

"Are you kidding me? Why can't I trade these in?! We need to get back to Peach Creek now!" Edd exclaimed.

"Sorry sir but PATH-E-Tech Airlines is the only airlines available in Death City, and all flights are currently grounded. The next flight won't be for a week after the storm subsides at least."

"My father will hear of this!" Edd fumed and stormed back to baggage claim. Pulling out his cell phone, he dialed home, thanking his stars that his bad luck didn't land them in a dead zone. Wait, bad luck? He didn't have any, which was just Eddy talking again.

"What about him? He's crazy enough now." He said.

"So many to choose from. This storm brings them all out like snails during a rain."


"No…one that is actually developing. He's crazy, but not that kind of crazy."

"Well what kind of crazy are we looking for that doesn't involve someone putting a basket on their head and yelling 'I'm a hamster! I'm a hamster!' now?

"Someone putting a basket on their head and yelling 'I'm a hamster! I'm a hamster!' while swinging a kitchen knife around and stabbing people."

"Ah, good point."

Edd's father was indeed angry. He made sure that PATH-E-Tech would regret its decision. The only upside to this day was that he was allowed free reign of his father's bank account, within limit of course. Eddy would be pleased to hear that. "Alright Ed, let us be off."

Ed blinked. "Off where Double D?" Ed then started squishing Eddy's mouth together into a form of speech. "Yeah, what now Sock-head, more of you bad jinxes and evil toenail clippings?" Ed said, matching the words he was forming with Eddy's mouth.

Edd scowled at the still catatonic Eddy. "No, as a matter of fact-wait why am I talking to you?" and his glare switched to Ed. "We are boarding a shuttle, where hopefully will find us a bed and breakfast." Edd grabbed his baggage, two suitcases of equal size and shape, held the exact same distance from each other on both sides of his arm. "Let's go!"

He turned his heel around and made a stride for the exit. Not even opening his eyes and smashing directly into a woman. "Oi, watch where you're going ya jerk!"

Edd sat upright, and cleared his head of the venomous thoughts he had. Yes it was a bad day for him, but getting angry at a stranger wasn't going to make it any better. "Pardon me miss, my fault, I wasn't paying attention to where I was…I was…I." the words died in his mouth as he gaped at the girl he ran into.

A red head that looked no older than him, a black tank top clinging tightly to her well endowed chest, which coincidentally Edd had fixated his stare on. She looked through the beanie obscuring most of her head, and gave Edd a glare. "What's the matter? You ain't seen a girl before?" she sneered.

"Err no, its jus that I err…uh." Edd looked away blushing a bit.

The girl shrugged and got back on her feet. Brushing a few scraps off her ripped jeans. "Forget it then. Wierdo." And trotted off.

Ed looked on, barely able to hold his luggage, Eddy, and Eddy's luggage. Shrugging, he threw it all down and rushed over to Edd, who was still in a daze, his blush still covering his face. "Hey Double D, wakey wakey!"

Eddy's fear frozen face smashed into his. "Yeah sock head, get movin!"

"So, what do you think now?"

"Yeah, he'll do."

"So can we show ourselves yet?"

"Not quite, still gotta wrap up a few loose ends."

"We don't got no loose ends now. Stop babbling."

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are now. All we need is…"

"Well, yeah that's sorta true."

"So what are you waiting for now? We don't make a scene now, we blow it."


"Eddy? Eddy?" Eddy has still yet to come out of his trance and Ed had just about given up hope of him ever recovering, when Edd came back. "Where were you Double D?"

Edd smiled. "Around. Look what I found. Smelling salts."

"Why smell salt when you can but it on gravy?"
"No, no. You take this and. Oh, never mind I'll show you, just bring Eddy here."

Ed obeyed without question and pulled Eddy off the bench and plopped him in front of Edd. Edd cracked open the smelling salts and it wafted into Eddy's nose. "Herg! Old dumpster! I hate that" Eddy exclaimed.

"Eddy, you're fixed." Ed cheered happily and grabbed Eddy in a bear hug. At least he would have if Eddy didn't duck. "Not this time, I had plenty of those when we were in Japan." He turned to Edd. "So where the heck am I now?"

Edd waved his arms around. "Sill in Death City, but this time we have access to my father's credit. So we can live relatively comfortably for the week. So does that make things alright now Eddy?"

Eddy was still quite peeved at Edd, but the thought of having near unlimited spending was too much for him. He grasped Edd in his arms. "Thanks for pullin through for us! I love you man!" Eddy said through tear-filled eyes. Edd wheezed in Eddy's surprisingly tight grip. Tears of joy turned to tears of pain as Ed caught them both in his massive bear hug. "Group hug you guys…" he giggled.

"Ed! Let! Go! Or! I'll! Rip! Your! Spine! Out!" Eddy managed to gasp.

"Okay" Ed complied, dropping them immediately

Brushing himself off, Eddy looked around, and noticed for the first time, that they were the only three outside waiting for a shuttle save for a man sitting on the edge of the bench muttering to himself. "But she made four. Or was it five? I can't remember which one she was. Maybe I have her mixed with the fat one. Yes probably. But wait, he was number three. Oh I hate odd numbers."

"Yeesh, I think we should go back inside till the bus gets here. I'm starting to get the creeps.", Eddy looked up. "And is it just me or has the moon always had a face?"

Ed and Edd looked up and were shocked at what they saw. Clearly through the storm filled sky was a crescent moon. Weird enough since it was supposed to be a full moon that night, it was even weirder due to the fact that it had a face. Even weirder was that it was smiling, and possibly giggling.

"I'm suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. I think I'll join you inside Eddy."

"Awww, look at him" Ed cooed. "The cute dickens is laughing."

"Don't bother goin in, you won't be any safer in there." The bald man on the bench suddenly said.

As one, all three Eds turned on the old bald man.

"But then again you no safer out here." He smiled. Faster than they could react, he leaped up and swung Edd and Ed aside, grabbing Eddy by the throat. "My kill tally so far is only eight. Won't you boys help me make that ten? I just like even numbers like that." And his grip began to tighten around Eddy's neck. Ed recovered first, making a lunge for the old man, but the man was surprisingly agile, seeping aside, and getting Ed in a chokehold with his free hand. All the while Eddy was pounding away on his assailant's wrist.

"Are you almost done yet?" asked someone.

Exiting the building was man that was almost completely identical, the only difference being was that he had hair.

"Yeah." The bald one replied. "I saved you one over there." He motioned to Edd, who had only just gotten back onto his feet.

The haired one swooped in as quickly as his bald counterpart, and smiled. "Now you'll make eleven. I like odd numbers you know."
"Always a bad habit." The bald one giggled.

"Now." Someone said. Eddy couldn't tell who, but it momentarily distracted the would be killers.

A flash of metal. A scream. The Eds blacked out.

The first thing Edd saw when he opened his eyes was the giggling moon. Strange now, there was what looked like blood leaking out the side of its mouth, but it still continued to smile. He propped himself up and noticed now that there were two people sitting on the shuttle bench. One was a pale man who was probably in his early twenties despite his white, mussed up hair, sporting a sleeveless red sweater, and ripped black jeans. In his hands were two glowing red orbs. Currently he was arguing with the companion next to him, who Edd recognized immediately as that red haired girl!

"Oh come on now! That was all me! You didn't do nothing now!"

"I got the bald one!"

"No, you distracted him and then I got him. I landed the final blow on both and thus so, I should get both now!"

Eddy slowly got up. "Okay guys, back away slowly, don't let em even notice us."

However, as if they had super hearing, the two turned on the Eds. The man grimaced. "Oooh, ouch, not the best way to greet your saviors now."

The girl nodded. "Yeah, we just saved your butts the least you can do is have some gratitude."

That caught them by surprise and Eddy tripped in shock, but quickly recovered. "How do we know you are?" He asked cautiously.

The man looked at him like he just said the dumbest question. Holding up the glowing orbs, he replied "Uh duh?"

"And those are supposed to be?"
"Why their souls of course." The girl replied impatiently.

"Souls?!" Eddy stammered.

"Wait, now, how do we know they're souls?" Edd asked, slightly braver now that it seemed these two weren't interested in killing them.

"How do you know they ain't?" he replied.

"He's got you licked there Double D." Ed chirped.

"They are human souls, albeit kinda corrupted from consuming the souls of the innocent." The man said, staring deep into one of the 'souls'. "I swear these things are better than lava lamps now."

"But then-"

"Your shuttles coming, it'd be easier to explain while we go." The girl said, staring directly at Edd. Edd felt it immediately and began to color.

The shuttle stopped directly in front of the man, who got up to leave. "Well, come one then now. Oh by the way now. The name's Wukong."

"Cutter" the girl said, without even turning back.

Edd stood dazed for only a second, before retrieving his two suitcases and proceeding into the bus.

Eddy slapped Ed on the head, and pointed to his luggage, a piled of travel bags that formed a small mound, which was right next to Ed's which was only a small, worn, grimy looking duffel bag. Ed instantly understood and retrieved scooped it all up, and crammed it all at once into the shuttle, and managed to beat it all in, after some crunching and crackling sounds of something expensive sounding breaking. Eddy slapped his head and groaned before going in himself.

With the shuttle fully on its way, Wukong muttered something to the driver, who nodded solemnly and pushed his cap down. Wukong let go of the railing he was pulling on for support, and took a seat right adjacent to the Eds. "Now.", Edd began. "Explain."

"One moment now." Wukong said, and pulled out one of the red 'souls'. In one swift movement, he flicked it in the air, caught it in his mouth, and swallowed it whole.

The Eds jumped in their seats while Cutter shook her head. "I hate it when he does that."

"What? I was hungry now."

The shuttle had dropped them off in front of a large structure that looked both imposing, and ridiculous at the same time. From the bottom of the stairs Edd got a good view of it. Giant fake candles on either side that burned constantly, and further in were three skulls. Two had a permanent scowl set into them, but the middle one had spikes jutting through the eyes and nose sockets. Behind that were four towers that were very much like the castles in England, two matching each other adjacently on a symmetrical line. And above even that were three balls that Edd could still make out even in the dark. It was strange since it seemed nothing was holding them up. When including that in to the building's structure, the balls formed what seemed like a skull. Eddy and Edd were currently at the foot of the castle like structure, talking with Wukong and Cutter, and Ed…was being Ed, matching the Moon's giggling with his own stupid laughter.

"So that was a human soul corrupted by killing other humans, that if left alone will develop into a demon god called a kishin, and thus are called Kishin eggs? And you eat those?" Edd asked.

"Yup." Wukong replied.

"And somehow, you two are weapons in human form, and you are looking for partners that match your 'soul wavelength' and Eddy matches yours."

"Yup." Wukong smiled. "And yours matches Cutter's."

"Hmph…" was all she said.

"And if we didn't?"

"We wouldn't have bothered finding you now."

"Which means that out there…"

"Never would have known you were out there." Wukong smiled.

Edd shivered. Eddy coughed. "And you expect us to by that fat load?"

Wukong nodded.

"Right.", Eddy continued. "Why should we?"

Wukong handed the other soul to Cutter, and then held out his hand. "Grab my hand."

Eddy looked at it cautiously. "Is this some kinda 'pull my finger' joke?"

"Just grab it now." He sighed.

Eddy did. And with in an instant, Wukong disappeared. In Eddy's hand was a chain whip with a long handle that looked like it was carved out of bone. The whip itself however was relatively small, a length of a bladed chain and attached to the end was a jagged edged blade like the tip of a harpoon. "Cool!' exclaimed Ed.

Edd looked at him. "You think the fact that madman gave Eddy a weapon and flashed out of here is cool?!"

"Yup." Ed agreed.

"He's got the right idea." Wukong said.

Eddy looked around, dazed enough that he was that Wukong disappeared. Now he was hearing voices.

"I'm in your hand now. Look down." And Eddy saw that in the harpoon's reflection was Wukong's reflection smiling back at him. "Like it or not you're my partner now, and your going to have to learn to get used to me now."

`"What?! But I'm here by accident! Edd's accident!" he pointed an accusing finger at Edd.

"Don't drag me into this!"

"Well it is your fault!"

"Your bad luck made this storm that grounded our plane!"

"I thought you were over it!"

"Well I'm back on it!"

"Will you shut up…" Wukong sighed, the harpoon forming the upper half of his body and cuffing Eddy on the head. "And you too now." He pointed to Edd.

"Why didn't you hit him?" Eddy grumbled.

"I can't reach him now. Cutter?"

Cutter looked up from a comic she was holding, reached over and cuffed Edd on the head. "Ow! What was that for?"

Cutter shrugged and went back to her comic.

"Anyway…try me out. Give me a swing now."

Eddy shrugged, and began to twirl the whip, building some momentum, and then lashed out. Like magic, the chain extended, as more seemed to grow out of the handle, and the jagged end of the whip went flying right into a streetlamp three blocks away. Eddy gaped, surprised not only at the whip's abilities but his own strength. "Wow, I can get used to this." He said with a smile. "Oh, I'm gonna give Kevin the beat down of a lifetime with this."

"And who might that be?" Wukong asked.

"Some jerk back in Peach Creek."
"Well I hate to burst your bubble, but that ain't a-happenin now."

Eddy eyed the weapon. "And why's that?"
Wukong suddenly reformed into his human self and leaned on Eddy's head like it was a counter. "Cause now that you're my meister, your good as registered for Shibusen. That means, you ain't allowed to use your weapon for something like revenge. Well you aren't allowed normally anyway, but double so now" He smiled.

"And why should we go to this school now? And get off me!" Eddy growled, pushing Wukong off his head. Wukong shrugged.

"Well cause you'll be a prime target now for witches and demonized humans now."

"Can't you choose someone else though?" Edd asked.

"We did. They're dead." Cutter replied.

"D-dead?!" Eddy and Edd said simultaneously.

"Yep, dead now. Tried to take on a witch and." Wukong made a throat-slitting gesture. "Nasty work too, completely obliterated their souls." He grimaced. "Pity, I really liked him too now."

"ANYWAY! That's all behind me now."

"Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute, your telling us to just up and transfer to a school where I learn how to use a weapon that will put myself into countless life-threatening situations all for the sake of turning you two into 'death scythes'?"


No. For one, I like my soul where it is." He pointed to his heart, then looked down. "Wherever it's supposed to be in here."

"Well don't matter now. You get killed by say an evil human like this one." He pulled out the other red 'soul'. "And he/she will eat your soul anyway. At least now, you have a chance of defending yourself that's more than you can say of this Kevin fella now."

"We're already going to Peach Creek Junior High. Our parents will worry. We don't even have all our stuff!"

"Notice of Transfer has already been sent out. Parents are being contacted, and you will be given a chance to go back home to get what you need now."

"And what's to stop us from staying home once we get there?"

"U. And that." And Wukong pointed to a giant, dark figure that slowly hopped towards the three Eds.

The dark figure moved close to the Eds. "This is it we're gonna die" Eddy said. Edd whimpered, while Ed actually stepped forward in wonder.

Then it bounced into the light, revealing a strange skull mask, which bore three holes to represent the eyes and nose hole. "WELCOME TO SHIBUSEN!" it said in the most ridiculous voice Eddy had ever heard.

After Edd stopped his screech of horror, Wukong spread out his hands. "Boys, the Grim Reaper, Shinigami now. Shinigami, Eds. Make with the getting aquatinted now."