This is rated T because of violence and swearing in later chapters; the first few chapters will probably be relatively clean (save the occasional swear, as mentioned earlier.)

If someone had eyes that could see outside the range of normal human sight…

If someone had those eyes…

They might have taken slightly more notice of the black notebook with the words 'Death Note' written on it as it fell from the sky.

They might have noticed that it was surrounded by a black glow so deep that it was somehow blacker than black.

They might have noticed that, after it hit the ground, the glow extended many finger-like tendrils that were of the same color and material. They extended, touching the grass, exploring their surroundings up to a certain radius, then sliding back into the glow that possessed the notebook.

They might have noticed, later that day, a handsome 17-year-old boy with slicked-down, honey-colored hair approach the notebook. As he bent down to pick it up, the glow darkened and began to flow around the notebook, as though excited by the presence of a human so close to it.

They might have noticed, possibly with terror or revulsion, that the moment the boy's fingers touched the cover of the notebook, the tendrils re-emerged with lightning speed and began to wind themselves up the boy's hand. As they grew longer, the glow around the notebook dimmed, until the blackness that had surrounded the notebook was climbing up the boy's body, toward the base of his skull. There, it inserted itself into the back of his mind.

And waited.

If someone had eyes that could see outside the range of normal human sight, they might have seen all this.

But humans can see only those colors produced by white light.

There are no exceptions.

And so, no human could have seen that glow around the notebook, which was the ultraviolet equivalent of black that no human has or will ever see, seclude itself in the back of Light Yagami's mind.

And because of this basic failure of human sight, thousands of criminals were doomed to death by heart attack.

A/N:: This idea has been floating around my head for a while now… so, basically, what has always struck me as odd is how quickly Light's mindset changed in the first episode. Originally, he's freaking out over killing Kurou Otoharada and Takuo Shibuimaru, but almost immediately after the initial panic attack he gets in the alley after killing Takuo, he suddenly starts thinking, 'This world is rotten! And those who are making it rot deserve to die!'

What I've wondered is; how the hell did he get into the 'criminals must die' mindset that quickly, especially after having a panic attack over killing two criminals who quite clearly deserved what they got? (Yeah, I know that sounds like Kira, but I'm kind of in favor of that eye-for-an-eye stuff that L spouts in episode 18 during the fight between him and Light. Kurou Otoharada had killed people, and Takuo was just about to rape a woman with his gang. They probably would have succeeded if Light hadn't been there with the Death Note to save the day.)

Back on topic; just what is the reason for Light's freakishly sudden and quick change of heart about killing? I've often been drawn to the idea of Light and Kira being split personalities, and out came this idea. (You'll find out what the black glow is and why it's there in later chapters. It actually has a pretty interesting back-story.)