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The crowd roared with excitement, as the 3 motorcyclists and their crews walked onto the road and onto their bikes. The crowd had come to see a race between their favorites, and it was a race that had been highly anticipated. Bets pooled in and odds were constantly changing. They had been waiting for a race for about 30 minutes.

They were short one more person, if they wanted to race there needed to be one more.

"Umm... I'm sorry, b-but you will have to wait. Unless there is a 4th biker here in 20 minutes, we cannot start the race…"

"Dammit! Nd I was gettin' all pumped up for this race."

The angry biker quickly ripped off his helmet and showed his face was flushed red from anger and matched his hair. Another opened the screen of his helmet, showing off a 69 tattoo.

"Yea! What's the big deal huh?! It's not like we can't race with three!"

"I'm s-sorry. I-I was j-jjust ff-following orders…I'm sorry…"

"Well, screw the orders! I wanna race!"

"Now, now… you're scaring poor Hanatarou-san. Just wait a little longer Abarai-san, Hisagi-san. You'll get to race soon. Relax."

"Hah... Relax? Relax?! I'm totally relaxed! How about you relax?!"

"I am, and it is quite comfortable, thank you."

This came from a man wearing a big floppy hat and a pink overcoat. He was lying down on a bean-bag that had been brought and was truly at ease. A long-white-haired man stood next to him, on the phone having quite a conversation…

"Come on… just one race? We need one more…"

The three current riders were wearing their customary clothing. The two males who were currently whining were both wearing jackets. The one with red hair wore a brown and red one with a white headband while the dark haired one wore a plain black racing jacket. On the back of Hisagi's jacket was a number 69 written in white. On the back of Abarai Renji's was a picture of a striking cobra, and the name of his bike, ZABIMARU, in red.

Hisagi and Renji turned away and started complaining to each other and to their crews.

"Will you two shut up? We don't need anymore of your whining."

"Why in hell should …" Hisagi trailed off because at that moment the third rider had taken off her helmet.

All the men around the vicinity turned to look at her. She had long golden hair that looked as if the setting dawn had stopped upon it. Her eyes were corn silk-blue and held laughter and youth in them. Her face was beautiful and didn't look a day over 20 when she was 24. However this wasn't all that held the men's attention; No. In fact, what held their attention the most was her chest. Yes, Matsumoto Rangiku looked like a goddess from their dreams.

Matsumoto Rangiku was also wearing a racing jacket, one that was black and pink. On the back was the word HAINEKO, also the name of her bike, in pink. Under that was the picture of what looked like a combination between a lioness and a jaguar.

"Thank you for stopping them in their bickering," said a raven haired girl.

"Yea, I didn't think they would ever shut up!" said another girl.

"I must admit as well. The incessant whining was quite annoying."This girl wore glasses and her eyes had a calculating look to them. She held a clipboard and was adjusting Matsumoto's bike.

"Okay, you're all set Rangiku. Just remember not to beat up the bike so much."

"Now, would I ever do that Nanao?"

Their sponsor, a Unohana Retsu, paid the funds and received a cut of the money. However, when they had made the deal, she had said it wasn't for the money that she had been doing this but to make sure that the new generation of bikers had safe equipment that got them into fewer accidents.

Nanao Ise, Rukia Kuchiki, Nemu Kurosutchi, Hinamori Momo, and Isane and Kiyone were Matusmoto's crew. They fixed, designed, and remodeled her Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14. Matsumoto had no choice that time when Nanao and Rukia had decided to redecorate her whole bike purple, which she had wanted pink, with a picture of something that looked like a jaguar on the side. With the combined threat of nanao taking off her glasses and Rukia's pictures, no one could stand up to them.

There was silence now, and it was deafening. 10 minutes had passed and if there was no 4th rider in the next 10 minutes they would be forced to leave. The crowd waited quietly for a 4th rider in anticipation and even Renji and Hisagi had shut up.

There was a small sigh and every one turned around to where Shunsui Kyouraku and Ukitake Juushiro stood. Supposedly those too had been calling one of their associates to try to get them to come. The sigh had come from the small phone in Ukitake's hand, and they all three bikers strained to hear what was being said. Ukitake put it on speaker just as the caller responded…

"It's just one race, and the winner gets the pooled money…" Ukitake almost pleaded into the phone, for he himself was very eager for this race.

"Just one right? That's it, and then I don't owe you anything. Got it?" The caller had a masculine voice.

Kyouraku quickly snatched the phone away from his friend

"Corner of Stravers street. You have about 10 minutes. See you here, Chibi."

Another sigh came from the phone before Kyouraku hanged up.

True to his word, the mysterious rider arrived in less than 5 minutes. At the sight of him, the crowd went crazy. Not only because they would finally get their race; No, this rider was a legend among the streets. He was known to be one of the best, though no one actually knew his name or face. He was just known as the rider with the black-blue Vemar VSR Motorcycle Helmet and rider jacket that matched his Yamaha G.E.N.I.C.H. that was dark blue and had an etched ice dragon on its side. The crowd went crazy, knowing that they were in for a great race.

"All right! Let's get this race going!" Renji was red from excitement; the adrenaline was rushing back to him. He quickly put on his red helmet and adjusted himself on his bike.

"Hells yea! Now THIS is what I'm talking about!" Hisagi closed the screen of his green helmet.

"Aw man. I guess the race started. You boys owe me a round if I win." Matsumoto said as she winked and put on her helmet, which matched her bike.

The three riders were ready, and adrenaline was coursing through their bodies…

The Fourth rider had arrived.