Probably the ominous sound coming from any kind of Communications Device that exists in all of the Atmos, especially Radios and Long-Range Transmitters.

It was an annoying sound, so obvious and so piercing, especially in the secluded darkness of a the sub-urban streets of Atmosia. But the darkness was comforting, it provided stealth, independence from everyone and time for contemplation, all of which faired well for the small, dark grey, hooded figure lurking in the shadows of the Southern Sub Streets.

This dark grey hooded figure, a quiet and seclusion loving creature in nature was no less that 3 feet tall. And what glimpses of this figure you would see inside the Shadows, were deep green eyes, eyes with a look of solemn seriousness.

The ringing stopped, the figure raised the Lorrad to her ear, and began her explanation into what may be a most devastating topic. A topic that would embroil the life and sole of one Furian, a blue furred, long eared Furian.

'Talk' A gruff voice spoke.

'They've found him' she said.

A faint rustle on the other end of the line could only be interpreted as a despairing sigh.

'How long have they known and how long do we have?' the voice continued.

'3 Hours ago someone slipped them info on Project : FireStorm, whoever told them also helped them find out the location of…' She couldn't finish under the fear she was experiencing.

'The location of who!?' a now anxiety filled voice yelled.

She tightened her grip on the Lorrad.

'R' she said quietly.

Usually the silence was comforting to her, but this particular descent into quietness was harrowing and deadly.

'Where is he now?' the voice said.

'Onboard the Condor, asleep I'd assume. I don't think that he'd be awake at 02:14mt in the morning'

'Do we have time to get to him?'

'We could hijack a Blade Skimmer, we'd never get there in time.'

More silence.

'So what are we going to do, Eva?'


Her name, short but sweet in all manners yet a word she loathed to the core. Eva was not her name. E.V.A. was her name.

'There's nothing we can do, we can only hope that R still knows how to defend himself, and if he does that he escapes. Then we'll find him'

'You really think he'll want to here what happened to him?'

Eva considered it for a moment. If she didn't then she knew that no one else would.

'No, he won't' She said.

'But he's got no choice'