Creeping or walking slowly into the Bridge was a relatively easy task considering that Radarr no longer required a cover of stealth or secrecy. But just because his cover had been 'Blown' didn't mean that making noise was an option, the Storm Hawks were still asleep and personally Radarr didn't want to wake up a grumpy and probably moody Finn from his 'Beauty Sleep'.

Yet with all the silence and darkness Radarr wanted to breach the unwanted solitude that he found himself in, 'A stroll on the outside of the Bridge?' he thought. Radarr turned his head behind him.

No one, there was no one there. Just darkness.

'Well one stroll can't hurt.' he thought. Carefully Radarr tip toed across the bridge towards the exterior door, it seemed obvious that it would be left open. Most Merbs enjoy fresh air, as long as it didn't contain any Nerve Toxins, Radiation or Mutagenic Substances. Radarr smiled as he remembered how Stork sometimes dressed up inside his overdone S-119A MCRBP Suit just to measure the presence of harmful material outside the Condor's bridge, the others would simply walk out and breath the fresh air in, much to Stork's Dismay and frustration.

Walking out onto the Exterior deck Radarr was immediately confronted by a gust of the cool night air, he shivered and wrapped his arms around his half-naked fur body stepping further out to reach the full night sky.

Sharp moonlight covered the sky painting the Condor a comforting white colour, this combined with the soft gaze of the stars created a soothing scene for the young creature that was now walking himself on the deck.

Radarr looked up into the sky a small smile forming on his face at the sight of the beautiful colours it portrayed, it was these kind of Nights that Radarr enjoyed. They offered quiet, soothing times and where often opposed to the usual Storm's and Heavy Thunder Charges that accumulated over many of the Terras.

He walked over and leant on the rail of the Deck letting his arms prop his head up as he gazed on. He thought for a second, not about the past day, but about the future. Radarr was not a thoughtful creature but every so often he had his moments of mind. 'What's out there? Who's out there? Why are they out there?', three of the most common question's that Radarr asked himself. He couldn't answer them, he couldn't answer any of his questions. But it mattered little, Radarr knew that eventually he would find the answers.

The wind buffeted his face and his ears flew into his face smacking his cheek softly, he sniggered and brushed them away.

As he moved his head, something sparkled out in the sky, caught by his eye.

Puzzled Radarr stared at the area that housed the sparkle, he couldn't quite make out the exact position, everything was the same, deep night sky. He shrugged it off and cuddled himself again as another wave of cool air buffeted his body, turning to leave he took one last view of the night sky.

'That's him' The deep voice said. 'The one walking back into the ship'

'You sure?' another voice said.

The deep brown haired man turned to face the other, a deep snarl across his face.


The other nodded and immediately grabbed his radio.

'War Ghost 2, this is Little Bird Alpha, Target sighted aboard Hostile Craft.'

A sparky voice immediately retorted back through the headset.

'Copy that Little Bird Alpha, await orders'

The voices…

They were not friendly, if anything there were entirely hostile, if hostile is a good word to describe the heavily armed and armoured soldiers sitting aboard the 3 Blade Skimmers, and these Skimmers, red and black by any standards housed an insignia on there hull's.

But not just any Insignia.

The infamous Red Phoenix that struck fear into all those who saw it.


Yet for this kind of operation, Talons proved useless almost to the very core. Instead the brawn but not necessarily the brains of Cyclonia had been commissioned for such a task. The brawn : The Cyclonian Thunder Corps, the top commander's Heavy War Soldiers.

And now they had a mission, and now they had there orders, and whether people or Talons liked them or not they were going to be fulfilled, murderous or not.

Unbeknownst to the Condor and its occupants, these Heavy War Soldiers, armed to the teeth and armoured in the most ludicrously unobvious ways where sitting aboard three Cyclonian Blade Skimmers and where heading straight towards them. And it wasn't to ask for directions.