Melinda said good-bye to everybody and Rick Payne she talk to longer
Melinda:You're going to Rockland again and you'll never leave.
Rick:that depends on how much you care about me?
Melinda:don't be an idiot.
Melinda hugged him good-bye and she shut the door
Nicole was in her room and she was yelling for her parents and then they appered
Lyla:hey baby
Nicole:don't baby me. I'm trying to not yell.
Nicole opened the door and yelled for Melinda and then Melinda came walking into the room
Melinda:you ready to do this?
Nicole:yeah, i just want you here.
Melinda took nicole's hand and they sat on the bed.
Nicole: Mom you've lied to me so many times but i ment that i don't love you any less. so i forgive you. Jordon i don't really know you and i know you didn't know that i was you're daughter but why do you think that i killed you.
Jordon sighed
Jordon: the only thing i remeber is that you were crying in the back seat and you were crying and it drove me crazy and i yelled at you and then i drove right into a ditch. I died but you were in your in your carseat and i guess it worked because all you did is have a bunch of cuts and bruses. when i died all i remembered is you crying and that you were the reason for the crash, but now i know that it wasn't your fault.
Nicole:i forgive you.
they both smiled and they looked in the corner.
Lyla: what is that light?
Melinda:it's where you belong
Lyla:remember i'll always love you no matter what and i'll be watching you.
Jordon: i'll always love you too even if i only knew you for a few months.
Lyla nodded while looking at the corner and smiled and looked back
Lyla:there is a girl who says her name is Andrea and she wanted me to tell melinda that she says hi
Melinda started to cry.
Lyla: bye my little angel
Jordon:bye Nikki
Nicole started to cry and they walked into the light.
Nicole hugged Melinda and they both walked down stairs.
Jim was in the living room waiting for them.
Jim:hey there
Nicole:hi daddy
Jim laughed
Jim: I think i'm going to like this daddy thing
Jim got up and hugged them both. He put his arm on Nicole and one on Melinda's stomach
Jim:im happy i'm going to have to beautiful kids.
they all smiled