Kelsy's P.O.V.

Walking into the dining hall, where the open mic would be, my stomach filled with butterflies. There were so many people here. I had only played my songs in front of a few people at a time. Oh man what if I make a fool out of myself!

"Hey relax, you'll be fine!" I turn around to see Jason.

"I hope so." I said smiling.

"I always get nervous before I play in front of large crowds." He said massaging my shoulders, trying to pep me up.

"Ya, this is the most people I have ever played for." I told him.

"Well good luck! I have to go talk to Shane. Oh, and Nate told me to tell you to save him a seat!" Jason said causing me to smile. Does Nate really want to sit by me? If so, why?


I went and sat on a bench and placed my guitar next to me. I am so glad to be here. This is one of the greatest opportunities in the world.

"Hey, cutie is this seat saved?" I heard someone whisper in my ear. I turn around to see Shane standing behind me.

"Oh umm, actually it is. Sorry." I told him.

He was walking away when I noticed Nate walking in. He was just so cute! When he looked over in my direction I waved so he knew that I was there. He walked straight over to me.

"Hey Kels." He said pulling me into a hug. Oh man I could get used to this way of greeting each other.

"Hey Nate." I said smiling.

"So are you ready to sing?" he asked me.

"I was a little nervous earlier, but I talked to Jason and now I am ready to go up there."

"Well that good 'cause they are starting." He said pointing to the small stage.

"Hi campers! Im Dee! And tonight is the start of all the Camp Rock Festivities!" I plump red haired woman said. "Are you all ready to start Open Mic?!"

There was a chorus of "ya's"

"Ok well good, up first we have Tess Tyler."

My roommate Tess walked onto stage. She sang her song, which was really good. A little to cookie cutter popstar for me but she has a good voice. After Tess was two guys, I don't remember their names but they were amazing dancers. After them was a girl named Lola, she had an amazing voice. Once Lola walked off stage Dee came on.

"Ok so up next we have a newbie. Will Kelsy please come on stage?" Wow thanks for making it known that im new Dee.

"Good Luck!" Nate said as I walked up to the stage.

I started strumming my guitar and I let the words flow out. In no time the song was over and everyone was quiet. Was I really that bad? Couldn't at least one person clap?

That's when everyone started screaming. Wow. That's the loudest anyone has been. I walked off the stage and back to Nate.

"Wow, that was even better than earlier!" he exclaimed. "You will defiantly be the one to beat a Final Jam this year!" he said hugging me again.

After everyone quieted down Dee came back on and introduced Hannah. She was horrible, her voice sounded like it was a cat getting run over by a lawn mower. Then after Hannah was Mitchie. She was good!

When open mic was over we all went and ate in the cafeteria. The food was much better that I thought it would be. When I was dumping my food I felt a hand go over my eyes.

"You wanna go canoeing?" Nate asked me.

I couldn't really trust my voice so I nodded. I threw my food away and walked out of the dining hall.

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