Full summary:

Bella Swan has always kept secrets.

1) She is actually a princess, and was sent to Forks, WA for a break from the exhilarating life of royalty, in disguise to make sure no one will recognize her.

2) She is immortal. There are few of her kind. She is called a Half. She is a cross between a werewolf, vampire, and a witch.

3) She is 387 years old.

Now. This is her life story.

Disclaimer: I do not have any claim of Twilight. The last time I checked, my parents didn't name me Stephenie Meyer. Nor do I own any of its characters. Zero, zip, zilch. I regret that very fact, but, hey, I'm in love with Twilight and I respect reality. Thankyou. Steph-the floor is now yours; you own Twilight.

The name of this story is none other than:

My Life with Royalty, Complete Immortalness, and Love.

Prologue: Bella's Perspective:

Life...Well, life is a long, difficult road that nearly no one can follow. It is short, and in the same way long; exhilarating and wild, yet at the same time like a slow-flowing river that can't pass soon enough.

Life is unfair. There are so many rights and wrongs, likes and dislikes. It is a maze, one that is never to be figured out-or at least until you find the key. The key is life itself; you need life as an example and guide to show you what life is actually about, what your place in it is.

Life is a mystery. And sometimes, we feel like we don't belong. But the thing is, that's hardly correct. It has no logic. The real fact is that whoever you are, sometime in your life, you realize your hold in the world, what part you play in it.

Life is something that includes fate. Together they entwine themselves, creating something not even we have solved the mystery of.

That thing that we haven't a clue about?

It's called life.

At least, that was what my Mother had been telling me all my...Well, let's say existence. I don't even have a life, if I want to be blunt.

What I have...What I have is not what one would call normal. I am half-dead; that part confirms the 'I'm alive' part. I'm half dead because part of me is part vampire. The others? I also consist of werewolf and witch.

My 'life' is something that combines all three.

Like vampires, I don't eat or sleep. And I don't have to breathe. I also have the superpowers that they have-like the strength, speed, eyesight, hearing, smelling...And beauty.

I can shift like werewolves, except I turn into whatever animal I like. Different types of animals are hard to morph into, and my wolf shape is easiest since it's my true nature. My natural one.

Like a witch, I have powers that only they have. I have the gift of telekinesis, I can turn invisible, and can mimic others' powers. That last one, that's my very own special power. No one else in the world has it.

So yeah. There's some other little snippets of things that go into their own category. But they will be unfolded in their own time.

The question: Does everyone have a place in the world?

The answer: You have a say in that one.

My name? It's Isabella-preferably Bella-Marianne Swanette. (A mouthful, right?)

And this is my story.