Me-thinks I'm a complete and utter idiot.

(That IS a real word, I saw it in the dictionary the other day! :))

Back on track: Look, my stuff got deleted. My three-story stuff. Which SSSUUUXX! I want to scream. Loud. Really, REALLY loud. I think I know what made it do so: my old computer's severe ancientness. WAIT! Don't click out yet and cuss me out in the process!

I would have deleted these stories from the site, but I wanted my already-made-fans to still have me as a fav, because I have a LOT of stories coming out, that are all way better than mine now. I promise. They are mostly angst, but super interesting; I make sure no one else has a fic like it.

I love you guys, tho. Forever and ever..Whatever. I sound mushy. Ew.

I'm gonna post some summaries down here, but for all those who reviewed, I love you love you love you love you LOVE you! I couldn't have done it without you! :)

But note that I AM keeping Different Identities; I couldn't just let it go like that. I was too far in, and it was my very first story, ever. So yeah. But here's some summaries, I am DEEPLY sorry. See if any of these interests you:

Crop Circles:

Summary: MY New Moon...with lots of twists. Edward does leave for Bella's safety. The thing is, nothing good comes out of it. But when does it ever? What with Bella's sudden visions...The most vivid, horrid nightmares imaginable-things start happening. Bella's life is turned upside down. A chain of events come forth...People are after Bella; and just who are they? They appear to know something...about the sudden disasters that are occuring. And with Bella becoming more and more powerful everyday...What will happen? Is there anyone that can help her...Or will it become too much to handle? -Vamps included-

The Invisible:

SUMMARY: The Cullens are new in the town of Forks, Washington-and while there, stumble across Bella at Forks High...funny thing, no one else seems to see her. It's like she's...invisible. Will fate test the impossible? CAN Edward fall for a girl that he's never touched, never spoken to? A girl that, to everyone else except the Cullens, is nonexistent? Well, we'll just have to see, won't we? -Vamps included-

Music to my Ears:

Summary: Hi. I'm Bella Swan. My main interest is music-or was. I am now deaf, thanks to my carelessness with the volume on my CD player. Thing is, due to the cause of my disability, I now hear music. I can't hear anything else besides that-and strangely, the music describes everything...and everyone. -Vamps included-


Summary, kinda: (Set in NM, he doesn't come back.) It's been exactly 85 years since the Cullens last saw Bella, and, believing that everyone that knew them in their time there is now gone, they move back to Forks. Only thing...Bella? What's she doing here, looking young as ever? (NOT. A. VAMP.) A lot has changed, a lot has happened, and all of those events seem to want to effect the present. And of course, Bella has a few dangerous secrets...

Unforgiving Depths of Darkness:

Summary: What if Bella wasn't saved when she jumped off the cliff? Well, a lot can change in 150 years, can it not? Bella is now a Goddess, the Queen of the Ocean and Water. She's stronger, more confident and independent, with powers and more of a shocking past than you can imagine. Now, forced to blend into society for a short period of time, she runs into the Cullens...What will happen?

Whatever Kills You can Sometimes Make you Stronger:

SUMMARY: Sometimes, this world is full of 'what ifs.' Same thing here. What if Edward hadn't came to the ballet studio in time? What if the Cullens didn't know about the studio stage, period? What if James had his little show somewhere more descreet? Well, let's just say that fifty years later, a lot has changed. You'll just have to find out what when the Cullens and a very DIFFERENT Bella meet. And: BELLAISN'T A VAMPIRE! It's MUCH more interesting than that! ;)

Cat and Mouse:

Summary: Meet Bella-a tough girl that ain't had it easy in her lifetime. She is raped continuously by her step father, her mother just died, and not only that, but she can see spirits. To make matters worse, ever since her mother's death she has learned to shut everyone out, changing her attitude and sense of style in the process. She believes love is pointless, and with that insight, has no one by her side except for her long-time best friend, Elizabeth Masen. She moves to Forks to start over. And just why does this bronze-haired boy seem to ring a bell...?

There's more, but I don't want to fill the page up with all this. But please, forgive me. I love you guys SO much, plz stick around!