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Edward POV

I couldn't believe what he did. He bit Bella…and then sucked out his own venom, and apparently he'd done it before. I could see the marks on her body, but I hope they weren't what I believe them to be.

I fought as much as I could to get to Bella, but there was nothing I could do. As he sat there sucking her blood from her body I saw Bella slump in the chair, passed out from blood loss. I realized if Adrian didn't stop soon he'd suck all the life from her withered and frail body, literally.

As I was about to give up hope, boxes fell over, revealing those damn wolves I hated, but at that moment I was more relieved than I had ever been. Jacob, in his wolf form, ran over to the nearest vampire and bit his head off, freeing Alice. As the other wolves fought with the vampires, my family came rushing over to where I was.

I ran to Bella and Adrian, yanking him to his feet and punching him in the face. Attacking him mercilessly, I kicked and gouged and punched him until all my built up anger was released. A hand on my shoulder made me freeze, and I turned to look Emmett in the eye.

"Dude, go help Bella. We can take care of him," Emmett said to me, and I let go of my hold on the now broken Adrian. I gave Emmett one last look, and, with a nod, he, Jasper and Rosalie proceeded to rip Adrian limb from limb.

Rushing over to Bella, I knelt next to her. Carlisle and Alice had broken her bonds and laid her on the ground; Carlisle checking her over to assess her wounds.

"How is she?" I asked, afraid to know the answer. Her eyes were closed and her features pale.

"She's dying, Edward. Adrian took too much blood from her, she'll be dead unless we do something," Carlisle told me. I looked into his eyes and found the confirmation I dreaded. The only way to save Bella now was to turn her; to make her a vampire at last.

"You can do it, Edward. It's all going to be fine," Alice said to me, looking directly into my eyes. I nodded once and leaned down to Bella. She looked so calm and at peace, I dreaded what I was about to do. Taking her hand in mine, I leaded down to her wrist. I kissed her skin, right above the vein that ran the full length of her arm. I could hear the blood rushing through the pathway, but it was slowing to a deathly pace. I parted my lips, biting down on the vein running along her arm.

Bella's eyes opened wide and an ear-splitting cry poured out of her lips. I moved to look into her eyes, never letting go of her hand. Her beautiful brown orbs sought out my golden ones, and when our eyes locked, I saw gratitude in hers. No longer would she fall prey to rouge vampires. Now, she would be one of us.

Sitting next to her, holding her hand, I was in as much pain as she was in. The mere sight of her expression sent waves of agony rocketing through my body, filling every nook and cranny of my soul. She screamed out once again, the pain she was feeling unmentionable. I recalled my change, and wished her fate could have been different. Her forehead broke out in sweat, matting her hair to her face, and I brushed it away. My sweet angel was in so much pain, and I could do nothing. I felt helpless.

I was dimly aware of my family coming to sit around me, of them whispering words to me. At one point I believe Jacob was by her side, holding her hand. Her screams echoed across the walls, and they reverberated back to me ten-fold.

When finally the venom reached her beating heart, I felt her crying. The last thing she did as a human was cry into my hand, her mouth shut to stop from crying out any longer.

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