This is the challenge fic for the phrase/words 'All Of A Sudden'.

Summary: Challenge fic 'all of a sudden'. Uriel's threat to Sam isn't unnoticed by Dean. Limp/angst

WARNING: Season four, language.

Disclaimer: I don't own these wonderful characters

On with


Uriel's breath still hung around the room. Just like his threat.

Turn you to dust...

Dean was probably meeting with Castiel, talking about how Sam had failed. Again.

Sam sat on the bed, all of a sudden his view on the whole world had changed.

Suddenly Angels were dicks...

And Demons were helping them.

And he felt so far away from being Dean's little brother he didn't know what was up or down anymore.

It was absurd to think just last year, Sam was praying, begging, pleading to any higher power that gave notice and all along...Angels were smiting innocent towns and giving out orders to kill.

It amazed Sam that this was what Angels truly were and if that was what he'd been putting his faith in, resting his belief on all this wonder the world was falling, why the Angels were losing.

They weren't who Sam had thought they'd be, then again what what he expecting? Miracles?

If Uriel and Castiel were Angels of the Lord, Holy beings and sacred creatures...Sam didn't want to walk upstairs and meet the big guy.

He was probably doomed for hell anyway. Sam rubbed a hand across his face and heard the door open.

Two sets of feet.


Sam's head shot up and he stood slowly.

"Hi...your uhm...partner was just here." Sam kept his voice low, he didn't have a doubt Castiel could be just as threatening.

Dean suddenly appeared and stood at Castiel's side before walking over to Sam, face set and jaw clenched.

"I've just spoken with Dean about this town. You saved it...and I thank you. Even if the cost was using your was a risk I am glad you took."

Sam took in Castiel's words and nodded solemnly. "Thank you."

Dean didn't miss Sam's confused glance.

Dean brushed shoulders against Sam. Giving mutual support.

Castiel seemed to sense something was off as he stared hard at Sam.

"I hope you excuse my associate Sam, he doesn't understand how special this earth is."

A pause.

"I'd like it if we kept this meeting between us..." Castiel didn't blink.

And without even a puff, he was gone.

The brother's shoulders sagged.

Dean sighed. "Uriel was here?"

"'re right Dean, he is a dick." Sam's face pinched.

"You okay?" Dean frowned.

"Uh yeah..." Sam huffed. Fear shone in his eyes.

Dean let it go, for now.



"Sam and Dean...the standing apes, we meet again. I see."

Dean licked his lips.

"I'm getting tired of your mistakes Dean."

"Yeah well, I'm getting friggin' tired of your orders." He tensed his shoulders as Uriel's demeanor darkened.

"You were warned...Sam was warned. And what.. do... you... do...? Disobey again."

Sam bit his tongue behind Dean.

"You're not God, I don't have to deal with you..." Dean said.

"We are God's work boy...I can just as easily cast you back to the pit if you so much as speak out of line again."

Dean was silent for a moment. "I don't care. You've been holding that above my head for weeks and I'm sick of it...fine, do your worst!"

"Oh Dean, I wouldn't want to tell you what my worst can've heard of the plague right? The Dark Ages...?" Uriel smirked.

"You can't send Dean to hell again. God wanted him out, you can't just throw him back." Sam defended.

"I can and I will Samuel. Same goes for you...I warned you before I will turn you to dust..."

Dean glanced back at Sam's paling face, watched his throat bob.

Dean's eyes hardened.

"So you said. I have free will, I don't have to listen to you." Sam whispered. He looked well on terrified but his gaze held.

"You dare to defy me Sam Winchester?"

Sam stood back as Uriel stepped forward.

Uriel seemed to chuckle. "You'll pay for your insolence Winchester." And he held up a hand, palm facing Sam.

Sam sharply took a breath.


It was a lot more violent then any demon's power Sam had felt, he was roughly slammed backwards not lifted but hit with a harsh force that spun him in air and he flipped, hit the side of a wooden post with his shoulder, cried out and fell with a thud and cloud of dust.

"What the hell, seriously!" Dean shouted, glaring at Uriel.


No answer.

"If you've fucking hurt him-"

"Oh please that was merely a nudge."

Dean's eyes widened. "Oh, that's alright then...just a nudge, Not when my brother's friggin' tail spun in the freakin' air! Don't touch him!"

Sam grunted behind him, shuffled to a stand, and groaned.

Dean heard his name whispered and he backed up, closer to Sam, still keeping an eye on the Angels.


"I'm good..." It was way too strained and rough but Dean patted Sam's good shoulder, ignored the again bleeding left arm and guessed Sam had popped his stitches.

Sam's breathing was harsh but the Angels had gained proximity and stood just before them.

"Give us the girl." Castiel held out his hand, his eye's glowing with a lot more compassion than Uriel.

Dean and Sam backed up. "No."

"Give. Us. The. Girl." Uriel demanded, face grim.

Ruby stood on the sidelines, watching when all hell broke loose. Uriel deadened his gaze on her and moved forward, Castiel took after the brother's and Dean went to block the way for Anna.

Sam stumbled backwards, palm facing Cas' pleading eyes. "No...please don't..." His breath hitched slightly as Castiel placed two fingers to his forehead and crippling pain blocked him.

Choking a grunt he fell, darkness bled into his vision.

He remembered thinking all of a sudden, Angels really weren't like the hallmark image at all.


Sam can't breathe.

Sam can't fucking breathe.

Uriel's arm is wedged against Sam's neck, just under his chin. But it's pressing hard. Squeezing so hard.

And Sam's fighting to breathe.

He can't get up, his balance feels off. He can't see Dean and he panics. He can't breathe anymore and he panics.

"" Sam grunts, this is a fucking he killing him?

Are you killing me?


"Nuh!" Sam chokes, gasping for air and Uriel's smiling. He's fucking smiling, grinning down as he kills Sam.


"You heard my warning Sam. You deserve this..."

You deserve this.

You deserve this.

You deserve this.


Dean's hand's are fisted in Sam's shirt.

Sam's sharp intake of breath as he bolts straight up is a constant gasp. It sounds like he can't fill his lungs. He's sweating and he's scared.

"Sammy?" Dean pats his chest. He's concerned.

Sam's chest is heaving, his harsh breaths so loud in the small motel room, and he's shaking, Sam can't stop shaking. His heart pounds way too fast and his ribs ache from the thudding beat encased behind them.

"Shit." Dean's pressing Sam back down on the bed, palm flat on Sam's chest. "Sam, calm down...Sammy..."

Sam's throat hitches and all of sudden time pauses. And Uriel was here, Uriel was killing him...he couldn't breathe and Dean's here...Uriel seems to be gone but he can still feel the crushing weight, can still sense his fear, Sam can see himself shaking like he's freezing, can remember the cruel words and the constriction of his throat and his heart beat quickens.

"No, no Sammy...hey, take nice slow steady breaths, please Sammy...just calm down, I'm here, Sammy."

"N-no..." Sam manages to croak out, Dean's palm on his chest reminds him of Uriel even though he knows it's Dean. "De-...n..." Sam gasps and clenches his eyes shut, turns his head away. He can't force out the words.

Suddenly, Dean's voice is right next to his ear. Calming him. Steadying him. His voice is low and precise and Sam listens.

"'re alright, nothing bad is getting to you, I'm right here and you're safe. It was just a dream breathe. C'mon...with, slower Sammy...c'mon."

Dean's making an example and Sam tries to slow his aching heart, tries to suddenly stop his breathing and start slow even breaths like Dean.

"Ah..." Sam feels his lungs ache from the pressure he just put on them, and slowly but surely he breathes in tune with Dean. Just like big brother.

His face is still pale, his eyes are still wide and fearful but his chest isn't about to burst anymore even if his breaths are harsh.

"Sam?" Dean asks, and looks into his eyes as Sam sits up. Dean helps.

"M'sorry..." Sam makes an 'o' shape when he exhales and closes his eyes a minute.

"Don't be sorry Sammy, you're okay. Been asleep for awhile now're okay."


"She's good Sam, got out with us. I pulled you outta' there as soon as I could. The Angels were still going nuclear on Alistair when we left."

At the mention of the Angels Sam flinches, his chest heaves a little faster.

"Hey..." Dean grabs Sam's elbow. "Heey..." Softer.

Pain spikes in Sam's head and he's reminded of Castiel's party trick from the barn. Ouch.


Dean scoff's. "One hell of a nightmare wanna' tell me what that was all about."

"Just a dream." Sam defends.

"You were screaming Sam. You said Uriel's name..." Dean's eyebrows rose. "You wanna' explain?"

Sam swallows. "Just a dream, it wasn't real..." Sam sighs, but he can feel Uriel's hands still.

"What did he do?" Dean's voice goes hard, like something just fucked with Sammy. "Sam, I don't care dream or not. What did he do?"

Sam's quiet for a moment.

"He..." Sam sighs. "He came to see me...before. I...when I used my abilities to stop Samhain. I didn't do it on purpose I-"

"I know Sammy." Dean's sincere, concerned.

"He warned me before, not to use them...and...I guess I pissed him off..." Sam squints a little.

"Wait, like the other day?...before Cas' showed?"

Sam nodded.

"He told me when I became no longer useful...he would..."


Sam met Dean's gaze.

"He would turn me to dust."

Sam saw Dean's eyes darken. "What about the dream?"

Sam laughed. "He was killing me." Sam kept his voice just above his whisper, his tone low.

Dean made to speak. Frowned and did a double take. "What? killing, killing you?"

"I couldn't breathe." His eyebrows knitted and his eyes saddened, lips into a line. He looked so desperate.

"Wh-...the dream? was it real?" Dean asked, already freaked an Angel was gunning for Sam. Didn't have enough with Castiel raiding his own dreams...?

"It felt real." Sam said in such a small voice.

"The fucking bastard. He fucking dares come after you again that's it Sam-"

"I don't think I'll survive the next time Dean." Sam said fearfully.

"I get it. I'm not useful to their plan anymore Dean. I just don't get why I'm still alive-"

"Hey, just stop...okay Sam? Ya know this is why I hate friggin' Angels...friggin Demons, everything."


"It doesn't matter what the hell they think Sam, you're meant to be alive, I want you to be alive. So what we piss off a few things and that makes you think you're supposed to be dead or Sam. No."

"Dean, I-"

"If you say it's a higher power so help me I'll kick your ass. They're idiots Sammy...they don't care about us, about life...why the hell should they- don't you ever let them make you think your life doesn't mean anything...alright?"


"Alright, they wanna' come after you...they go through me." Dean nodded to Sam.

Sam swallowed.

"What about when I sleep? Dean you can't always prot-"

"We'll work on that." Dean interrupted, all confident big brother.

Sam solemnly nods at Dean's serious gaze. "Thank you." Sam whispers.


"Sam? You can go to sleep buddy I'm not gonna' let anything grab you..."

Sam sighed and sat up straighter on his bed. "I'm not tired."

Dean laughed, changed the channel but it was only background noise. "Yeah, that's why you look sooo good today...Sleep Sammy, ya' don't have to worry."

Sam shook his head. "Maybe I don't wanna' sleep..."

Hard eyes hit Sam. "You can't stay up forever Sammy."

A pause.

"I'm gonna' take a shower..." Sam said as he stood, albeit slowly and he wobbled on his legs but Dean let him make it to the bathroom and shut the door before he spiked Sam's coffee with some sleeping tablets.

"Sorry man, I don't want you freakin' out on me later from lack of sleep..." He added the small white capsules with a frown but only two. Just to get Sam to rest.


Sam splashed some ice cold water from the tap on his face, it numbed his skin and refreshed his eyes.

Sam glanced in the mirror, at the dark circles under his eye's the way his skin looked way too pale and a flicker behind him in the mirror caught his gaze.

"What the...?"

Sam gasped as Uriel's smile flickered back at him. He gripped the edge of the sink. Trying to slow his breathing.

"Samuel Winchester...thought you could escape me?"

Sam dug his nails into the porcelain. "What do you wan-"

"You know what I want Sam...You can't defy an Angel and simply walk away..." He shook his head. "That's not how it works."

Uriel's hand touched Sam's shoulder and he tried to stop himself shaking. "What's more, you and your brothers defiance with Anna...she was nothing to do with you, and you chose to fight us? You just declared war on something you were never going to win."

His voice got deeper. "Maybe I should just send Dean back..."

Sam's eyes blew wide in the mirror. "No...please. Not Dean." He tried not to beg but Uriel could and he would take Dean away...just like that.

Uriel's other hand clamped on Sam's free shoulder and Sam tensed.

"What are you doing?" Sam whispered.


Dean heard voices from the bathroom, low and hushed but he knew Sam was alone.

Dean crept to the door and leant his head against it. As soon as he heard the name Uriel, Dean bolted back and raised his foot.




Sam tensed against Uriel's death grip, he felt like he couldn't move. He heaved in a breath and belted.


The door held fast as Dean kicked, and then splintered on it's hinges as it swung open.

Dean's eyes grew wide and he scowled as he saw Uriel holding Sam.


With a smirk Uriel flickered and flashed in a dazing white light, the mirror cracked and bucked as Dean lunged for Sam to pull him out of the way.

Glass shrapnel exploded outward as Dean yanked Sam's sleeves. Sam cried out against his brother when shards scraped over his back and stabbed at his arm's.

Bits glittered through the air skimming Dean's knuckles as he held fast on Sam.

They fell together in a heap just outside the bathroom door, in a tangle of limbs.

Dean beneath, and Sam's heaving chest upon his own, Sam's neck resting on his shoulder as he grunted and clenched his eyes shut.

"Sammy?" Sam lifted his head slightly. "You mind gettin' off me? " Sam heard the concern lacing his words and shoved up with his arm's ignoring the warmth of blood on his chest and the strain his arms felt.

Dean kept hold of Sam's sleeve and when Sam made it to his knees Dean sat up and helped his brother stand.

"Sammy? You okay?" Checking eyes over his too quiet little brother Dean pulled Sam toward him as the light blew in the bathroom and more glass littered the floor, suddenly a black room looked ready to swallow Sam up and Dean pulled him away from the threat.



"Nothing..." Sam sat on the bed and blinked. "Uriel's...ugh...he's not exactly slowing down huh."

"Sam, shit your arm..."

Dean picked the first aid kit from under their bed, made it easier after all and balled up a spare shirt from his bed to press against his arm. "With the friggin' church glass the other day and now're never gonna' win any pageants." Dean shook his head, pressed a little harder.

Sam hissed, biting his cheek. "S'just a cut..."

"Sam, a mirror friggin' exploded on you, a hell-bent Angel is after you...a friggin' big-ass demon is after us...should I go on?"

Sam just sat there, breathing a little shallow and too pale for Dean's liking. "Sam? talk to me man..."

"He...he was...he'd said he'd send you to hell." Sam whispered. "Just you..." Sam looked at Dean in fear. "I can't go through that again Dean...please."

"Sammy, hey's okay. I promise...I am not gonna' leave you...not now, not ever." His held Sam closer, could feel the shivers wracking his brother's frame.

"Sam? man, Jesus..." Dean checked Sam's temperature and was alarmed at the sudden heat he felt there. "Sam?"

"I don...feel s'good Dean..." Sam shuddered a breath, closed his eyes and sagged back.


Pulling his brother further onto the bed Dean started to cut off Sam's shirt so he could clean the blood away.

There didn't seem to be much glass actually in Sam, only a few tiny pieces that had scratched his arm and the shimmery dust on his shirt and in his hair.

There was a shallow cut on Sam's cheek, some grazes on his back but nothing too deep and nothing a few butterfly bandages wouldn't fix.

Sam still didn't wake up though, not even when Dean had to re-stitch his arm and bandage it.

"I just hope you're safer in your dreams Sammy..."

Dean frowned as Sam shuffled in his sleep. Moaning softly his eyes rolled and he turned his head toward Dean.

All of a sudden Dean thought back to Castiel's meeting from before. Maybe be could...nah. Would Cas' even show up? and after the big showdown with Alistair, could Dean even trust Castiel again?

"It's better than exploding mirrors..."

Sam suddenly whimpered and Dean scooted closer. "Sammy?"

Pressing his palm on Sam's cheek he was surprised to find the heat on Sam. Fever maybe? But it was too soon...maybe his wounds from before were infected...?

Sam grunted and clenched his fists in sleep, his chest raising in shallow breaths, eyes crinkling.

Shit, this is not happening again. "Sam?...Sammy, you okay?..."

Dean shook Sam's shoulders careful of any cuts and patted Sam's cheek. If Uriel had got to him again...



Dean's screams echoed around him.

"Sam, you shouldn't be so knew what I'd do to Dean when you went against us..."

"No please...Dean listened to you, I'm the one who disobeyed please...don't take Dean away from me."

Hot flames licked around them, around the room and it was getting hotter...

"Dean doesn't deserve hell...he never deserved hell Sam, it was all put on by you wasn't it?"

"Yes...okay, yes. Dean went to hell because of me, please just don't take him...please..."

Uriel knew Sam was desperate. "I can send you both to hell without a single you understand me? You become an itch on my side one...more...time...Your brother suffers..."

"I won't. ...please just no...not Dean. Not because of me."

"You might wanna' wake up Sam...Your brother is a worrier...and you wouldn't wanna' worry him in the time you've got left would you...?"

Uriel smiled down at Sam and reached his finger out to Sam's temple.

"NO! wait-what do you-"


Sam gasped, eyes snapping open. The fire cracking in his dream became silence as his ears rang.


Dean's concerned face came into view...

Sam was sweaty and pale and he felt sick and tired. "He let me go..." Sam heaved.

"No way he let you off the hook that easily..." Dean padded Sam's forehead with a cool wet cloth.

Sam frowned, what the hell did he mean by 'time you've got left'?



It wasn't until they worked another case with Castiel that Dean even knew something for sure.

Sam had been off and not like he usually was, said he didn't want to talk about it so Dean had let it go, but now he knew for certain and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

Castiel handed Dean the blood covered machete as the elder Winchester packed his own away in the trunk.

Dean turned his head to look at the angel, then behind to check on Sam.

He was burning a dead nest of vampires.

Dean had time then.

Cas had surprised them by appearing in their room one night, talking about angels going missing and turning up dead, who would have thought it was a niche for vampire's? Drinking angel blood and getting super vamped.

So they'd tracked them down and with Cas's help took them all out without a hitch.

Castiel had spoken to Sam earlier though, and Dean couldn't hear it but he saw the look that flashed across his face and it was fear, and the more Dean thought about, that was Sam had been doing. Why he'd been off. He was scared of something.

Dean cleared his throat, and looked at the angel.

"You said something to Sam earlier, right before we left for this hunt. What was it?" There was an edge to Dean's voice but he tried to keep it light, it still demanded than asked.

"You do not know?" Castiel asked.

"Know what?" Dean frowned, not liking where this was going.

"I said to Sam that I could sense a magic in him that was new. He seemed to know, but by saying it I upset him somehow." Castiel frowned as he tried to describe the human feelings he was foreign to.

"A magic? What magic? What do you mean?" Dean demanded, glancing past Cas to glare at Sam's back.

"I am sorry. I thought you would know."

Dean bit down hard.

Oh he was going to know alright.

Dean waited, unloading the rest of his duffle to the arsenal and cleaning the blades, as Sam came back smelling of bonfire and gasoline.

"They're ash."

Dean nodded, accepting the shovel, rock salt and gasoline from Sam to add to the trunk. Hey they were super charged vamps, they used anything they could to make sure they stayed dead.

"You uh, wanna' tell me something?" Dean said, his voice tight but steady.

Sam shifted uncomfortably, the angel also watched him a moment, not giving anything away on his face.

"Ugh..." Sam swallowed. Sensing his cover was blown but not a hundred percent on that.

Sam sighed.

"You know about the...magic..."

"Yeah." Dean crossed his arms.

"I have a thought on that..." Sam carried on.

"Oh yeah? I didn't even know you had it in the first place!" Dean snapped.

All the anger left Dean in a rush when Sam looked at him like he was suddenly broken and desperate.

"I didn't want to worry you..." Sam said sadly. "I didn't think we could do anything to stop it!"

"Sam, what? Stop what?"

"Uriel said...I shouldn't worry you with the time I had left." Sam swallowed. "I didn't...I didn't want you to-to make another deal or get yourself killed going up against him!"

Castiel stepped forward into the brothers personal space.

Dean and Sam both looked the angel, annoyed.

"Dude, back the-" Dean complained.

"You said Uriel said this?" Castiel interrupted.

Sam frowned. "Yeah."

Castiel seemed to growl low in his throat and he reached his arm forward to touch Sam's face.



Castiel stopped, looking between the brothers.

"I will not hurt you." Castiel said to Sam, and he believed him.

The angel looked to Dean. "I will find out what he has done to your brother."

Before Cas touched Sam he spoke gently.

"Focus on your interactions with Uriel, remember his words to you."

Sam frowned but nodded.

Then Castiel laid his palm on Sam's forehead and his head exploded with sensations.

Every memory he had of the angel Uriel flashed before him with such intense speed Sam had to gasp as his eyes snapped open and he fell side-wards into Dean.


Dean lunged for his younger brother as he he faltered, hands wrapping around his shaking sibling as he glared hatred to Castiel.

Sam gasped a few times to get his breath back and straightened with Dean's help.

"M'okay...just...that was intense..."

Dean didn't look impressed.

"He touched you for like, a second." Dean said, concern battling. "You okay?"

Sam nodded.

"I have seen every every memory Sam has of Uriel. He has been threatening you."

Castiel didn't ask and Dean knew with sinking certainty he was right.

Dean looked at Sam with shock, Castiel staring intently at his little brother who seemed to shrink under the intense blue eyes.


Sam winced.

"I am sorry Sam. These were not our orders."

"He has a powerful spell over you." Castiel carried on.

Sam looked uncomfortable.

Dean bit his tongue, fury threatening to bubble over.

"What the hell!? What spell?" Dean spat.

Castiel hummed. "It is dark magic. For an angel, such an act is forbidden."

"Okay," Dean said, grinding out his words. "Cas-fix it. Now."

Castiel nodded.

"I can undo this."

Dean sighed, relief lifting briefly.

"But Uriel must be here with Sam to break the spell."

And just like that the brick on his chest weighed heavy again.

Sam nodded tensely. His whole body rigid with that thought.

"What!? No! No-He isn't getting close to Sam again." Dean demanded, standing in front of Sam.

"Dean- I will break it. But the one who wielded it needs to be present to be able to break it. Do not worry for Sam, I will kill Uriel."

Dean's mouth closed on everything he was going to say.

"You-what?" Dean did a double take. "You'll kill him?"

Castiel seemed affronted, like they didn't know how serious it was.

"Uriel, an angel of the Lord has used dark powers to harm a mortal. Our Father's creation. If he has gone this far, there is no telling how much more harm he would cause. He will be stopped. As he perishes, do does the spell."

Sam licked his lips, standing to the side of Dean instead of behind.

"What uh- what do we have to do?"

"I will break it. You only need to be there. Bring Uriel to you."

Sam frowned, fear flashing in his eyes.

"So, bait?" Sam said uneasily.

Castiel seemed to frown. "Not bait, as you say. We will be waiting."

Dean glanced at his brother. All worried glances and pinched face.

Dean cleared his throat.

"We'll be waiting for him alright." Dean nodded at his brother, throwing all the big brother confidence his way. "Where?"


It was an old motel, run down and un-renovated but it would work for what they needed.

Castiel was laying in wait, flanked by a tiny circle of glyphs and symbols no bigger than his thumbnail scorched into the earth at his feet. But it meant his presence would be undetected and he had full view of the brothers room.

The brothers were ready inside, room laid out like they always did, even the same protection charms and salt layers at the doors and windows. He had to make Uriel think this was another normal night, he also didn't like it, but he had to leave the room for ice, leave the smallest gap of Sam-alone time he could handle so Uriel would show, when Sam was alone. Practically bait.

And it was making him sick.

He reached for the empty ice bucket, hand on the door knob to the outside world, and flicked a quick look to back to Sam, sat on the edge of his bed.

"You okay?" Dean asked quietly, a million other words caught in his gaze, left unsaid.

Sam nodded. Lips tight.

Once Dean got the go ahead, he opened the door and left, ignoring the screaming instincts to even be leaving Sam for what he knew was about to happen.

It was only maybe five or six steps to the ice machine and back to the their room but it felt like Dean was abandoning Sam.

Around the third or fourth step he felt the air change and heard the lights surge with electricity. He didn't know if it was because he was expecting something but he turned suddenly, dropping the ice bucket with a clatter and pelted back to their room. Castiel was already kicking down the door by the time he stepped in.

Uriel was stood above Sam, his fist bunched and above him as Sam was trying to back pedal on all fours on the floor.

Uriel jerked back as Dean and Castiel entered.

"Uriel. Step away from Sam." Castiel said, an edge to his voice Dean hadn't heard before.

Sam pushed himself back along the carpet, kicking with his legs as Dean narrowed the distance to him and knelt down, his fists tight in Sam's shirt. He felt Sam's gasped breaths shudder his chest under his hand.

"Sammy?" Dean asked, all concern.

Blood dribbled over Sam's chin from a split lip and he looked visibly shaken, but otherwise unharmed.

"M'okay." Sam gasped, eyes looking over Dean to Uriel.

"Castiel. Why are you defending this-this creature! It's time-"

"No." Castiel stood forward to Uriel, puffing out his chest. "You are the creature. Using forbidden power, dark powers, and against our orders not to hurt the Winchesters."

Uriel laughed. "So, you finally know." Uriel's eyes darkened.

"I have seen what you have been doing. And now I know why you have been so adamant to condemn these humans before we even set foot on earth."

"Well look at them!" Uriel spat. "You would put them above us!?"

"Yes." Castiel Said angrily.

Uriel shook his head.

"If that is your choice brother." Uriel mocked his fellow angel. "But I will not!"

Uriel stepped forward angrily, reaching out to grab the fallen Winchester.

"NO!" Dean shouted blocking Sam from the angels touch.

Uriel eyes shone as he held his hand out, both brothers felt their chest jerk with an unseen force and they gasped, hands reaching for their chests as if they were being crushed.

Sam fell back, breath choking in his throat, and despite Dean enduring the same force he still spread his uncoordinated self over Sam protectively.

All of a sudden the pain stopped and Dean sagged back on his panting brother.

Uriel's eyes were wide, but Dean didn't focus on that.

He smirked at the shining tip of the angel blade sticking out of Uriel's chest.

Castiel gave a twist and muttered something in a language Dean didn't recognize.

"Close your eyes!" Castiel shouted as the room suddenly shot up with white light.

Dean twisted, diving over Sam as he felt him jerk beneath him and gasp.

The light left a hum in the room after it exploded and Dean didn't dare turn until he heard the body drop behind him and Castiel's grunt.

"It is done." He said darkly.

Dean slowly lifted himself off Sam, instantly aware Sam's eyes were shut and risked a glance behind him.

The room looked trashed, beds askew, table smashed, the smudge of burnt ozone and grace dirtying the ground around Uriel. But Castiel stood over the dead Angel, the bloody angel blade still tight in his fist.

"It is over. Sam is no longer under the spell."

Dean nodded, hands shaking at Sam.

"Sammy, hey, Sam!"

Castiel appeared at the other side of Sam and placed two fingers on his temple.

Castiel frowned, releasing his touch and looking intently at Dean.

"Sam is fine. He is just resting, his body was weakened. He will be okay when he is rested."

Dean looked concerned but he nodded to the angel, his hands never left Sam's side though.


Sam woke the next evening, slowly sitting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes he searched the room for Dean.

"Hey- How're you feeling?"

Sam relaxed as Dean came into view, handing him a cup of coffee.

Sam gratefully accepted and sat himself up in his bed.

"Uh-good, I guess. Tired." Sam blinked a few times, clearing his still tired eyes and took a few sips of hot coffee.

"Cas said you would be. Just take it easy." Dean downed the rest of his coffee.

"Uriel's dead." Dean said into the silence, clearing his throat. "Whatever he did to you, it's over now."

Sam nodded, the relief sagging his shoulders.

"Cas?" Sam asked.

"Took off when he knew you were okay." Dean said bluntly. "Guess we know what happens to rogue angels huh?"

Sam wiped at his eyes again.

"You sure you're okay?" Dean pressed.

"Yeah." Sam sighed, voice still thick with sleep. "Just tired."

Dean scoffed. "Well you just slept solid for twenty-two hours. Take it easy."

Sam's eyes widened. He didn't even feel like he'd really slept at all. Glancing around the room he realized it wasn't the same motel he'd closed his eyes in.

"I mean it. Take it easy." Dean threatened. All big brother.

Sam nodded, worrying his fingers over the coffee cup's rim.

"He can't get to you okay?" Dean said softly. "Sleep if you need it. I'll be here."

And all of a sudden. Dean was Sam's hero all over again. The big brother that could and would fix any and all.

This time Sam slept, without fear as Dean kept careful watch.


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