Fanfiction Challenge:To any Brave,creative author who could possibly pull this off.

We all know that Narutos mom is Kushina,but what if that was'nt her real name? what if she was from another world?What if her real name was

Lina Inverse?(Scary Thought, aint it?):

The challenge is to do a naruto/slayers crossover,which has lina as narutos biological idea was inspired by the fic Mother Moon. Anyway,heres how it goes, at the age of 18,Lina through an untested spell ends up in the naruto world and meets Minato a.k.a. the 4th fall in love after a year or the kyuubi attack,she unleahes a modified dragon slave spell which buys minato time to use the shiki fuuin,but unfortunately the combined stress of childbirth and casting spells left her in a the age of 6 naruto learns of his heritage when lina wakes up from her long sleep and is furious at the way her son has been timestream in the naruto world used to be the same as in linas world, but due to a war beteen gods and demons and their avatars it was disrupted,as a result 1 year in the ninja world is equal to 1 week in linas this is rectified by lina and naruto but not for a long time(when hes around17)when it does get fixed,lina takes naruto to her world for a vacation. The pairing is strictly Naruto/Amelia. And yes linas friends help naruto deal with orochimaru and Akatsuki.

So if anyone is interested PM me.