Hey it's been a while! Im finally going to update! Hope you like it.

Kelsy's P.O.V.

After the doctor said that I broke my wrist a nurse came in to put a cast on. I got a purple cast because that is my favorite color…

"Kels, how are you feeling?" Shane asked me.

"It hurts, but the pain killers the doctor gave me are helping!" I said slurring my words. I was starting to feel kind of dizzy. Wow those pain killers are hardcore.

The cast was on and we started to walk home. Shane was supporting me because I was out of it.

"Well here we are." Shane said walking me to the door. I leaned in to kiss him. I was short but sweet.

"Night Shane, Love you." Woah, wait! Did I just tell Joe that I loved him?

"I love you too, Kels" he said back. Oh thank God! That would be embarrassing if he didn't say it back.

I walked inside to see my parents sitting on the couch. My mom quickly saw my cast.

"Kelsy Jo! What happened to your wrist?" She demanded.

"Well, me and Shane were swinging and I jumped off and landed on my wrist." I told her.

"And why didn't you call me when you were at the hospital? Your father and I were worried sick about you. I called Mitchie and she said you and Shane should've been home hours ago."

"Im sorry mom, I didn't think to call you."

"Ok well go upstairs and get some rest, you need to pack for your aunts soon." She told me.

I went upstairs and took a shower, careful not to get my cast wet. Then I checked my phone to see that I had a new message.

From Shane:

Hey Babe, How are you feeling? Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Love Ya!

Aww! He is so sweet. I quickly hit respond.

Im feeling better, I tried to take a shower without getting my cast wet, and let me tell you it was not easy. I can't wait to see you tomorrow either! Love you too!

I put my phone on the charger, laid down on my bed, and then I fell asleep into a deep peaceful sleep.

Shane's P.O.V.

I feel so bad about Kelsy's wrist. That has to hurt. But other than Kelsy breaking her wrist, tonight was an amazing night. Kelsy told me that she loved me. I almost was too thrilled to say it back. But I did.

When I got home I told my family about Kelsy and then I went upstairs to take a shower. After the shower I sent Kels a quick text and waited for the reply. Once I got the reply I lay down and went to sleep, the whole night dreaming about Kelsy.

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