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PS: I'm AUing the timeperiod on a few events in the Voyager timeline. Specifically, I'm moving the events of Omega Directive to after Dark Frontier. After that, the fic diverges completely from the Voyager series, so be warned! Also, I was inspired with the idea for the starsuit after watching the Iron Man movie, so please don't sue me there either.

The USS Rhode Island sped through space, on approach to a new, as yet uncharted system in the space between two of the galaxy's spiral arms where stars are few and far between. The great ship sped through the interstellar space with speed and grace.

The captain was less graceful than his ship as he slumped down in the command chair. Commander Hargraves glanced at Captain Harry Kim, veteran of the legendary Voyager, now captain of a Nova-class vessel on a mission of exploration. The ship was humming smoothly along and Captain Kim was about to rise from his chair when Ensign Silay at Ops called out, "Sir, we're picking up a warp signature." The ensign paused for a moment, earning a glance from the captain.

"Well? Who is it? Anyone we've met yet?"

"Y-yes sir," the ensign swallowed. "It's Borg."

Harry was on his feet in an instant. "Red Alert! Raise shields, bring weapons online, deploy armor, and notify Starfleet. Onscreen, Ensign."

As the alarm started sounding and the Lieutenant at tactical carried out his orders, the viewscreen changed. At first, Harry couldn't see anything and he ordered the screen to magnify. There! There it was, at the center of the screen, a tiny ship...Ship? The object was too small to be a shuttle.

"Must be a probe of some kind. Lay in an intercept course and engage, Lieutenant Gaveria. Let's see what this thing is. Ensign Silay, continuous scans, let's not miss anything."

As the lieutenant nodded and changed course, the ensign at Ops called out, "Sir, it's changing course, angling away from us and accelerating."

Kim gritted his teeth. "It's spotted us. Full speed, Lt. Gaveria, let's catch it before it enters transwarp."

The lieutenant at Tactical frowned. "I detect no evidence of a transwarp drive on that... whatever it is.

The Ensign looked very puzzled. "It's accelerating in standard warp, but it's putting out an unbelievably strong warp field for a probe that size-50 cochranes and rising."

Kim's eyebrows rise at the figure. "That fast? Well, I know a certain half-Klingon who'd kill to get her hands on a drive that powerful."

Lt Gaveria spoke at that moment, "Sir, it's passed Warp 9 and is still accelerating, reaching Warp 9.5 now."

"Stay with it, Lieutenant, I want to capture that thing before it gets out of range." The lieutenant nodded and pushed the ship harder.

Ensign Silay at Ops called out the thing's speed, "Warp 9.8. 9.9. 9.91, 9.92, 9.93. Shit, this thing is fast." The ensign's colorful language caused the captain to give him a Look, reminiscent of the Force 10 glare Captain Janeway was fond of using on him when he did something stupid.

"I'm loosing it!" Gaveria was cut off by Engineering, stating that the ship can't hold this speed for very long.

"Are we in weapons range yet, Lieutenant?"

"Not yet sir, and that thing is accelerating too fast for us to catch up."

"Very well, power down. It's gone." Kim sat once more, sighing and steepling his fingers as he watched the Borg whatever-it-was vanish from the viewscreen. "Contact Starfleet, let them know what we found. Append your sensor logs, Ensign-"

He was cut off by the Ensign's startled cry, "Sir! It's coming back!"

Kim looked up, surprised, watching the pinprick on the screen grow slowly. "Magnify."

This time, he got a good look at the whatever it was. And what he saw caused him and the Commander to rise.

"What in all the hells is that?" he whispered.

The figure was humanoid┘Mostly. Gleaming black body plates covered it everywhere, lighted by emerald-green telltales. But, what caught the eye was the pair of huge wings extending from the back of the human-sized figure. Now hovering in space in front of the ship, the wings were slightly spread behind the figure, its glowing-green eyes eerie in the deep black of the Ever-night. Ensign Silay glanced to his control as a tone sounded. "Sir, it's hailing."

"Open a channel."

The image of the floating figure vanished, replaced by a close-up of a face. A very familiar face. Kim felt his jaw drop and eyes widen as he beheld a face he thought lost 30 years ago, "S-seven? Is it really you?"

The gleaming swirl of metal above her left eye rose as the woman coldly gazed at him, her ice-blue eyes unreadable. "Captain Kim."

"Seven, how-We thought you were dead!" The captain blurted out, grinning widely at the woman he had once loved.

"As I had wished it."

That took the wind out of Kim's sails, and he slumped, "Wished it? Why Seven? Why would you abandon us, make us think you were dead?"

"I... I did not wish to be reminded of my humanity." She seemed on the verge of saying something else, and then glanced aside. When she looked back, her face was cold and forbidding. "If you wish, I will allow you to beam down to my compound."

Kim nodded. "I'd like that very much, Seven. You realize I have to report this to Starfleet."

Seven gave a quick nod. "Proceed to these coordinates. Only you may beam down." With her typical abruptness, Seven cut the channel.

Kim smiled slightly at that, and then glanced at Silay, who nodded. "Lay in a course, Gaveria, Warp 7."

He glanced up at the figure on the screen, watching it turn, and the wings fold back into the configuration of a diving hawk. With a blur of motion and a flare of green light, the figure streaked off. Ponderously, the USS Rhode Island changed course to follow.

"I wonder what she's been up to these past thirty years," Captain Kim thought.

The familiar blue glow of a transporter announced the captain's arrival. He looked around, amazed at the home-like appearance of his friend's compound. True, it had metal floors and chairs and was rather small, but still, it looked like someone had lived here for a long time. A soft clank caught his attention and he turned, spotting Seven standing in a doorway, her customary at-ease position seeming familiar. What wasn't familiar were the silver streaks in her short hair, the gleaming swirl where once she had a protruding implant, and the similar swirl along her right jawline. The fine lines on her face betrayed the passage of years, but she seemed as fit and healthy as ever. Instead of the ubiquitous biosuits she used to wear on Voyager, she was clothed in tight fitting black denim jeans and a black tanktop, contrasting sharply with her pale skin. She stepped forward and gestured for him to sit, leaning slightly against the countertop and murmuring something to the replicator.

"What beverage do you require, Captain Kim?" Her implant arched slightly at him.

"Tea would be alright. And call me Harry, Seven," he smiled at her.

Her cold glance killed his smile as she turned back and ordered his tea, handing him the glass as she took a sip of her own drink.

"So. Why did you leave, Seven?" he broke off as Seven grimaced.

"Do not use that designation. I am now Annika."

Harry hesitated a bit, and then nodded. "Alright, Annika. Why did you leave?"

She paused a moment before saying, "I required time to deal with my emotions after Chakotay's death."

Harry nodded, remembering how the woman had withdrawn from her work at Utopia Planetia with B'Elanna designing new engines while the half-Klingon's husband Tom Paris test flew the new ships. "I remember. You spent some time with Tuvok on Vulcan, didn't you?"

Seven-no, Annika nodded. "I attempted to find clarity by purging my emotions. I was unsuccessful. I came here to do what I could do to rectify my situation."

Harry quirked an eyebrow at her quizzically. "Rectify? What do you mean?"

"I have been working on miniaturizing a warp core. I have succeeded, and intend to...rescue the Captain." With that tone of voice, Harry instinctively felt she meant Captain Janeway.

"Rescue? She...Well, she died, Sev-Annika," he hastily corrected himself at her glare, "She was in that Borg sphere when the conduit collapsed and crushed it."

"No, she wasn't. I've heard her thoughts."

That simple statement took Kim's breath away. "She...She's alive? Where? How? And God in heaven WHY?"

"She is held captive by the Borg Queen. I have found a way to access the Queen's thoughts without her realizing I have done so. I sense her pleasure at tormenting Janeway." Kim glanced down at this admission, realizing how it must be for Annika to be powerless while sensing the captain in torment. He noticed that Annika's fist was clenched so tight that the knuckles were white.

"I...What can I do to help, Annika?" he glanced up again, determination in his eyes.

Annika seemed rather put out by his question, but after a moment's hesitation, replied, "If you could contact B'Elanna and ask her to come here to assist me, I would be grateful." Her voice was still cold, but her tone was less harsh than when she hailed him on board his ship.

Kim nodded and smiled a bit at Annika. "That suit of yours really took us by surprise. This is the far side of Federation space from the Borg; we weren't expecting a Borg warp signature out here."

Annika's eyes seemed to soften slightly, but the rest of her face remained impassive. "I chose this system because it had the properties I required; solitude and numerous small asteroids in orbit around a pulsar."

Harry's eyebrows furrowed. "Why is the Pulsar important?"

"I intend to open a wormhole back to the Delta Quadrant and retrieve the Captain."

Harry nodded slightly. The last 30 years had seen the advancement of the Pathfinder project, to the point where artificial wormholes were opened whenever possible to send trade vessels back and forth to the Delta Quadrant. "And you need the pulsar to open the singularity."


Harry nodded slightly and rose, finishing his drink. "Thank you for inviting me in-Annika. I'll let B'Elanna know you want to talk with her."

He smiled at the woman, who nodded back as he called his ship, and was transported away. The instant he was gone, she sighed and sunk to the chair he vacated, glancing at a bare wall. Instantly, a portrait of Kathryn Janeway appeared, the masking hologram fading out. Annika caressed the painting with her eyes, clenching her fist so tightly around her mug she left dents in the metal, and murmuring softly to the empty air, softly said, ⌠Soon. Soon, Kathryn. I will come."

The Delta Flyer made the transition to normal space, and into the system Kim had given her the coordinates for. B'Elanna was eagerly anticipating getting reacquainted with Seven, or Annika, if that's what she wanted to call herself now. The news had shocked everyone involved with Voyager. That Seven was still alive was a miracle. B'Elanna had done the scans of that debris field herself nine times before she gave up hope that her friend was still alive. She brought her ship down on the landing platform and powered down the engines as the shuttle bay doors closed over her ship. Getting up, she headed to the hatch and cracked it open, looking around as she got out, her overnight bag slung over her shoulder. She spotted a door open and a familiar figure step into the shuttle bay. With a squeal of delight, the half-Klingon rushed to her friend, eyes bright and smiling until Seven raised a hand to stop her from hugging the ex-drone.

B'Elanna's smile faltered as she saw the stony-faced woman nod slightly to her. "B'Elanna, it is good of you to come." The shorter woman was puzzled a bit by the cold formality of the greeting, then remembered that Seven had spent time on Vulcan after Chakotay's death.

"It was good of you to invite me, Seven. Or do you prefer Annika?" The ex-Borg nodded at the second option.

"Would you be good enough to assist me? I am having problems calibrating my instruments." With that, the tall, slender blond turned and entered the compound.

B'Elanna was perplexed. She'd heard that Seven seemed to have gotten colder since last she knew her, but this was beyond Vulcan in its coldness! What happened to the woman she had once joked and laughed with on Voyager? Had Chakotay's death upset her that much? Musing along this vein, B'Elanna followed the statuesque woman into what apparently was a workroom. Seven spoke to the computer, ordering it to show them the "emplacement" controls, whatever that meant.

The scene changed, and B'Elanna realized she must be in a holodeck of some sort. A 4-meter tall structure was built on a small asteroid, Borg-green lights and symbols on its displays. Seven touched a control and the display shifted to a standard Starfleet display. B'Elanna stepped up and ran her gaze down the readouts, her eyes climbing at the amount of power available in this small structure.

"What sort of power source do you have for this thing? A small nova?" she joked. Her laughter died as she saw the cold expression on Seven's face. Swallowing, B'Elanna turned back to the instrumentation. After a few minutes of examining the thing, her eyebrows rose once more, realizing this thing was capable of using the pulsar to generate a wormhole to almost anywhere in the galaxy.

She whistled softly, "Wow, Sev-I mean Annika. Barclay would have a fit if he saw how far you've taken his work on the Pathfinder project."

Annika nodded stiffly. "I applied Borg algorithms to his work, improving both efficiency and range. However, I have a recurring problem with temporal drift of the other endpoint."

B'Elanna nodded as she saw the problem. "Yeah, here it is. Your phase stabilizer assembly requires a tighter phase discriminator. 0.01 won't work for this. Only problem is, I don't know where to find one with a tighter discriminator."

"If you were to monitor and adjust the temporal variance at this end, would it still work?" Annika's eyes seem to bore into those of the half-Klingon.

"Uhhhh, sure. I'll have to adjust it continuously, though, and if I'm off by more than 0.01, the wormhole might spit you out anytime."

Seven's ice-blue eyes held the smaller woman's light brown ones. "That is an acceptable risk. Program the generator for a jump to the Borg Hive."

B'Elanna blanched, gripping the console tightly as she stared at the cold woman. "The-You want to go direct to Unimatrix 1? WHY, Seven?"

Annika stared coldly at B'Elanna for a full 30 seconds before replying, "The Captain is there. She is still alive-a plaything of the Borg Queen."

B'Elanna's eyes widened in shock, swaying uncertainly until Annika grasped her arm to steady her. "It is true, B'Elanna. I've heard the Queen's thoughts for years now; I know how she likes torture Kathryn." The look of pained longing on Annika's face cut through B'Elanna's remaining doubts. She straightened and took a deep breath to steady herself.

"Do what you have to, Annika. I'll guide you there. But how will you get back?"

"I shall commandeer a Borg sphere and use its transwarp drive to return to the Alpha Quadrant." At B'Elanna's incredulous look, she elaborated, "I can approximate the signature of orders coming direct from the Queen for a short time. It will allow me to order the sphere to deactivate all drones and set a course. Once I arrive, I will need assistance to destroy it before it reawakens."

Her old friend nodded and turned to the console. "I'll have this ready to go in about a half hour."

Annika nodded. "I shall prepare my suit." She griped B'Elanna's shoulder tightly and said sincerely, "Thank you, my friend." She turned and exited, missing the look of concern on the half-Klingon's face. B'Elanna sighed and wished her luck as she continued programming the console.

Three hours later:

"Are you certain this will work, Annika?"

"I have run one hundred thirty two simulations of this event, B'Elanna. It will succeed."

"Alright, if you're sure. Commence your run in 7, 6, 5," B'Elanna's voice was soothing as it counted down.

Annika was stationed above the system's north pole and approximately half a light-year distant. She turned gracefully and shifted to warp as B'Elanna reached zero. The blue glow at the point between her wings, and along the warp nacelles, grew brighter as she demanded more and more speed from her suit. The instrumentation in her field of view flashed as she passed warp 9, accelerating towards her maximum velocity. A sudden flare in front of her indicated the wormhole was forming, and she increased speed, flashing through the system at warp 9.97 and intersecting the wormhole at an incredible velocity.

B'Elanna was stunned by the acceleration Seven had cranked out of that suit of hers, until a flashing red light drew her attention to the control panel. The temporal coordinates were drifting again, and she quickly moved to correct them, overcompensating and triggering more alarms as the endpoint overshot the present and slid into the past. Frantic, B'Elanna tried to correct the drift again, but the wormhole's other end was already forming, and the console had initiated automatic shutdown of the Alpha Quadrant end of the wormhole. She managed to bring the endpoint back from the distant past just before it opened and this end collapsed. She sighed, looking at the endpoint stardate, and hanging her head as she rested on the console.

"I just hope Janeway doesn't blow Seven out of the sky when she arrives..."

"Tom, target this chamber, photon torpedoes, full spread."

Annika shook her head to get rid of the ringing in her ears. Obviously, she had been damaged upon exiting that unstable wormhole. Focusing on the Queen's Ship before her, her lips pulled back in a smile quite unlike her. It spoke of her satisfaction in revenge, her burning hatred. Diving forward at full impulse, she slammed into the ship's shields at full tilt, her Borg-enhanced disruptors bringing down the shield in moments, but they snapped shut again behind her. Irrelevant. She will succeed.

The massive impact rocked the Queen's Chamber. Janeway screamed, "Tom, not yet!"

"That wasn't me captain!"

Seven glanced at Janeway, a startled expression on her face. Then the attention of everyone in the room was drawn to the sealed door. The massive impact against it had bent the smooth metal. Again, the hollow boom echoed in the chamber and the Queen directed her drones to reinforce the door. Before they could get close, however, the door smashed inward, sending the front most drones crashing to the floor.

Through the mist, Janeway saw a figure, seeming a demon out of the blackest pits of hell, huge wing like shapes folding to its back as the tall apparition stepped through the shattered doorway. The figure paused, its luminous green eyes seeming to bore into Janeway's face.


Janeway straightened. The voice was somehow familiar, even through the heavy distortion. "I am Captain Kathryn Janeway."

The figure nodded slightly, and then slashed across the drones advancing on it, cutting them down with a strange red beam-like weapon.

"Escape now. I will distract the Queen."

Janeway didn't need to be told twice. She nodded at Seven, who resumed her efforts at bringing down the dampening field. The familiar whine of the transporter caught her as she saw the apparition take down the last of the drones.

Annika dispatched the last of the drones with a thrust of her disruptor lance, turning to glare balefully at the Queen, now standing regally in her alcove.


The word was laced with all of her nearly sixty years of hatred for the Borg, her suffering while enslaved to the Collective, her pain at loosing so many companions to the Borg's attacks on Voyager, and her thirty years of anguish watching helpless as the Queen tortured her Captain.

The Queen had never heard a voice so laced with venom. It shook her to her core. "And who are you?"

For answer, the impassive faceplate began to disassemble, folding out of the way and revealing a face very familiar to the queen. A face lined but still recognizable. Her eyes widened in shock. "You..." The word was whispered in her disbelief.

"Yes. Me," With that, the figure stepped forward in a blindingly fast motion, one gauntleted hand closing around the queen's neck and lifting her into the air, the other suddenly smashing through the Queen's chest plate.

The Queen choked. Never in so many centuries had she experienced this level of pain. She slumped to the floor as the figure withdrew her hands, pulling a faintly glowing blue disc from a slot on her armored chest and setting it in the ruin of the queen's biomechanical armor. The figure leaned close, whispering to the Queen, "You have been judged unworthy of perfection. Now, perfection shall cleanse you from the galaxy."

Unexpectedly, the queen felt the touch of the aged Seven's lips on her forehead.


With that, the figure stalked from the chamber, and the sound of renewed impacts and explosions followed in her wake as she exited the ship. For some reason, the Queen found she couldn't access the Collective, and used her sensors to examine the disc inserted into her ruined torso. Silver eyes widened in shock as she recognized the molecular signature and realized the bomb was set on a timer.

Her last dying shriek echoed throughout the minds of all the drones in the Collective, imprinting them indelibly with the aged ex-drone's face.


The final thought that flashed through her mind was that of Omega. At last, the daughter had exceeded the mother. With that final thought, The Queen lay back and accepted the gift of death.

Tom Paris shoved the throttle forward as soon as Tuvok calmly announced that he had the two. Another dazzling explosion behind them and the strange figure slashed out of the badly damaged Queen's Ship, flashing past the Flyer as Janeway ordered him to open the conduit again.

"Yes Ma'am. Transwarp in 4, 3, 2, 1"

The sickeningly familiar lurch as the Flyer slipped into the transwarp conduit made the Doc gasp slightly. Tuvok turned to the captain, "Captain, there is a Borg warp signature in the conduit with us."

Janeway glanced up through the canopy's roof at the black-with-green-lights figure, keeping pace with them a few meters above the Flyer. "I think we can trust this one."

"Captain?" the tone of Tuvok's question carried all the meaning in the world.

"I'm not sure why." Just then, a Borg photon torpedo slashed past them.

"I can't maneuver in here, Captain, we'll have to fight them," Tom warned.

At that moment, that familiar, though distorted voice broke in through the comm.

"I will hold them off. Accelerate to Warp 9.35 and warn Voyager to match speed as soon as you clear the conduit." The figure dropped back out of sight. Following it with her sensors, Seven was startled to see the figure's wings flare, a spread of dozens of photonic grenades dispersing and impacting the Borg sphere in a series of minor fireballs. The badly damaged ship began to slow, the lights along its surface flickering and fading. The figure increased speed, overtaking the flyer as the exit to the conduit deposited them near Voyager.

"Voyager to Flyer, Captain' are you alright?" Chakotay's voice cut through the ship.

"Voyager, match our course and accelerate to Warp 9."


"Don't ask questions, just DO IT!"

Tuvok looked as startled as he ever had as Kathryn screamed at her first officer. For some reason, the cold voice over the comm had instilled a fear of whatever it was that was coming more than the Borg usually inspired in the diminutive captain.

The figure shadowing them suddenly glowed brilliant blue and streaked off. "Follow that... whatever it is, Chakotay, that's an order."

Voyager turned ponderously as the Flyer blasted into high warp. Just at that moment, a surge of blue-white radiance expanded from the exit of the conduit, tendrils of eldritch energy reaching out to grasp the ship just as it slammed into light-speed.

A few minutes later, when the figure had called to say they were outside the blast zone now, the Flyer was slowing to a stop in Voyager's docking bay. As the hatch opened, the figure that had shadowed them from the Unicomplex glided silently into the shuttle bay. Security guards reached for phasers as the humanoid figure with wide, swept-back wings came to a stop, landing lightly on the shuttle bay floor. Janeway paused, then came down the ramp from the Flyer, approaching the figure, who was surveying the security team. The black body armor, gleamed in the bright lights of the shuttle bay and one could see that it was lit with little blinking lights and glowing green patches at the intersections of the shoulder-pauldrons. The wings, folded to the figure's back now, would stretch to a full 5 meters or so if fully extended.

Janeway hesitated slightly then stepped forward. "On behalf of the Federation Starship Voyager, thank you for your assistance."

The figure turned those luminous eyes on her and nodded slowly, the distorted voice sounding in the shuttle bay, maddeningly familiar, "No need to thank me, Kathryn, I'm just glad you're safe."

Janeway's forehead wrinkled slightly at this, it sounded as if this whoever-it-was knew her. "Have we met?"

What could only be termed a chuckle came from the figure. Then the faceplate began to disassemble itself, folding together and back out of the way. Janeway's jaw dropped and she looked over at Seven who had frozen as she emerged from the Flyer, staring at the figure.

The face of the person in the suit had a few more lines on her face, a decorative swirl of metal over her left eye and along her right jawline, and an unfamiliar brilliant smile, but otherwise it was unmistakably Seven of Nine.

Still in shock at this apparition, Janeway stared as the armored figure, stepped forward and hugged the Captain, murmuring softly so that only Kathryn could hear, "I'm so happy we're home safe."

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