Hey folks!

Not really an update to the story, just letting people know a few things.

1) I'm DONE with this story, but I will entertain suggestions for sequels.

2) If there are loose ends in the story, they're possible plot hooks for sequels, so feel free to invent your own explainations for the people in the circular room.

3) If people want to know how Lisa and the rest of Valkyrie flight faired, you have to TELL ME what you want them to do, since at this point I have NO clue what happened to them. (well, I do have a couple ideas, but they're sorta half formed and take place a good ten years down the road)

4) If you want more of this story, and are bursting with ideas as to where it should go, please, don't hesitate to PM me about them! If you're persistant and annoying enough, and if the ideas strike my fancy, I'll probably get started on a sequel to Choosers pretty soon! ATM, I'm between obsessions, so any really cool idea might get me writing again!

5) I'm more than willing to let someone else write the next story (I prefer reading to writing nine times out of ten), but please run the idea past me first? I'll be more than willing to be a muse/beta to the story!

Just wanted to post that so people would notice it! Thank you for all the reviews and favs, and I hope to please you again someday with my stories!