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Response to Drabble Challenge. Challenge word: Belly. Other players include: Mad Server, Onyx Moonbeam, IheartSam7, Orange Autumn, NC Girl, Enkidu07, MuffyMorrigan, mahtalie, Sherry Darling, supernaturalsammy67, Twinchy, twinchaosblade, PADavis, InSecret, deangirl1, Supernoodle, Vanessa Sgroi, moonlight80, Chailyn, Dream Painter, Thru Terry's Eyes, writergirl94, sweetysmart0505, silver ruffian, letting the rain in, xFaithyx, Dreadedfemale, DeansBabyBird, PlatinumRoseLady. Check out their fics, too! :D


Dean groaned as his belly rumbled again. He held his breath, waiting to see if he needed to make another mad dash to the bathroom for another round of vomiting. No, wait. Sammy put the trashcan here by the bed. The best pain-in-the-ass little brother in the world!

The rumbling seemed to lessen for a few moments and the hunter lay still in relief at the reprieve.

Sam sat quietly and patiently by his brother's bed and waited for whatever was to come. Dean rarely got sick, but when he did, it was severe. God, the flu sux out loud!


Can I have a show of hands of all those who'd like to help Sam take care of Dean? Yeah. Me, too. :D

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