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SUMMARY:Jason Garwin a.k.a. Lash is coming back to Sky High A year later. People believe he has no reason to act the way he does. Especially Will Stronghold and his friends. But what will happen when they witness something that could change their perspective on him? MAGENTAxLASH OCxOC {RATED FOR ABUSE}



"Hey did you guys hear?" A perky redhead asked her friends, who shook their heads in response. "Lash is coming back." she said.

"Layla, don't joke around like that." her boyfriend, Will, said.

"Oh yea. I heard about that." Magenta said.

"Yeah, said he got out early for good behavior." Ethan explained. To which Zach snorted.

"Speak of the devil." Warren muttered, looking past his friends. They followed his gaze and sure enough, Lash was coming out of a black SUV with 2 guards.

They made sure he got inside the school before getting back in the car. As Lash walked through the halls he used to own, the kids steered clear of him. A few brave ones glared, to which he just rolled his eyes. He walked into Mr. Medulla's class early and sat down in the seat he was assigned to. When the bell rang, students filed into the classroom. Some glared at Lash's slouched figure. Some seemed nervous and some were just shocked.

Lash heard the chair beside him screech against the tile as it was being pulled back. He looked up to see a punker girl. Clad in black and purple, he thought she looked good. He had seen her before but he couldn't remember where.

"Before you say anything. We found out that I could shape-shift into anything towards the end of last year."She said.

'Oh,' he thought,'Stronghold's rodent friend.' Although he knew she hated his guts, he couldn't help but think that she looked really good. He said nothing and looked down at the table. No more words were spoken.

The rest of the day went by uneventful. Until the bus ride home.


I was shocked when I got on the bus and saw Lash sitting in the back. He was different from what I remember. He didn't pick on the sidekicks and everyone avoided him like the plague. I don't think he's talked to anyone all day. I felt bad for him. I guess he had it coming, but no one really deserves that.

The rest of the gang got on the bus. Uh oh. Magenta's the last one on. The last seat left was next to Lash.


I was the last one on the bus. When I got on, I noticed that there was only 1 seat left. Next to Lash. Crap.

I walked up to the seat. The gang was eyeing me warily. Jeez. It's not like I'm gunna phase into a bear and maul the guy. He still hadn't noticed me. I had time since Ron Wilson 'Bus Driver' was talking to Principal Powers about something.

Lash was staring out the window. I couldn't help but notice how his hair hung over his chocolate brown eyes. His skin was pale but looked smooth to the touch. I imagined myself running my fingers through his hair then gently caressing his cheek. I realized what I was doing and shook the incredibly tempting image from my head. I coughed loud enough for Lash to hear me. He snapped out of his daze and looked over at me quirking an eyebrow. I tried to ignore how unbelievably sexy that made him. Stupid hormones!

"There's no more seats left." I said. He looked around and sighed. He moved his backpack to his lap and looked back out the window.

The ride was quiet. I was surprised. This wasn't the Lash everyone knew or expected. The old Lash would be messing around, shoving sidekicks into lockers or dunking Ethan's head in the toilet. The Lash everyone expected was a version ten times worse. No one expected this Lash. No. This Lash is quiet and reserved. He sat alone at lunch and he hasn't said a word all day. When the bus stopped, I got up and he got out quickly.


I got off the bus fast. I guess Stronghold's friends were going to his house because they got off at the same stop. I live like 6 houses down from him so we were heading the same way.

Man I hope my parents aren't home. I can't stand leaving Matt [a/n:link on my profile] alone. His powers haven't developed yet so he's a freshman at a regular school and I'm a junior at Sky High.

I was aware of Stronghold and company behind me, talking happily. I tried walking faster. I'm really protective over my brother and I didn't like him alone with my parents. Even for the five minutes that he was there before I got home. I knew from experience that a lot can happen in five minutes.

I felt horrible being gone for a year. I couldn't protect him. Gwen knew my home life and lied to me. She said she could help. If not me, my brother at the least. I was desperate so of course I jumped at the chance to keep Matt safe. I didn't want him to go through what I went through...what he saw me go through. But he has. The year I was gone and couldn't keep the focus off him. I remembered the times he visited. I would see his banged up face and hickeys on his neck. I would apologize multiple times and he would come up with excuses for them. I knew better than that. I walked faster. When I got to my drive way, I froze. Both cars were there. I could feel the color drain from my face. I needed to get inside. Now. I heard a crash inside like something hit the wall. I didn't think, I just extended myself and opened the door.

I practically ran into the living room. When I got there, the sight nearly made me puke.

There was mother dearest, on top of my 15 year old brother. She had a sickening seductive smile on her face. The smell of alcohol on her breath was strong. Even from where I was.

"Mom, Please." he whispered brokenly. My dad had gotten to him first. His eye was purplish-greenish-blue. His lip was busted and there was a trail of dried blood from his nose to his shirt.

"C'mon Matty Boy." the she-devil said. She was about to leave her mark on his neck when I stretched and threw her to the ground away from Matt. He turned towards me and I saw a cut on his cheek that was still bleeding.

"Run." I said in a low voice.

"But-" he was cut off by daddy dearest.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" he yelled, coming down the stairs. I extended my arm and opened the door in a hurry.

"FREAKING RUN MATT! I'll be fine." I said quickly.

He hesitated. The look on my face must've told him I wasn't playing because he bolted out the door. I watched him go and made damn sure that he made it out. I turned around and got punched in the face so hard that I fell backward and hit my head on the door. I saw the blurred figures of my parents before it all went black.

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