I, along with six vampires were completely aware of the jumping and fluttering coming from my heart. They could here the blood in my pulsing veins rushing to my cheeks turning them a glorious colour of red, like a rose in the morning dew.

I could hear my breathing get less steady as the minutes passed by, just waiting took my breath away. Waiting for him. Edward...

It was as though a child had been wanting for her mother, but i did not need that kind of protection. It was like never understanding and then suddenly you understand how EVERYTHING works. He is my lover,however there is one thing thats stops us both getting what we want. He is a vampire. I am human.

Many a time i have betrayed him and he also betray me. But in return the countless good deeds that he has done for me, make up for all the pain of separation. Though when i was lost and insecure there was another. A person who i gradually fell for without even knowing it. Jacob Black. Werewolf

Some might say that we are a perfect couple. The best friends opening their hearts to each other. And yes maybe the match would be safer for me, but my heart could not cope with the pain all over again. It felt like yesterday frozen forever in time and space.

Who knew what the chances were. Im pregnant with Edward's child, and even though the pain takes me into unconscious realms where i do not wake for hours on end, it is all worth it knowing that very soon i will have a beautiful baby girl.

More Pain. Burning. ...

Wake. Here i am strong as i could ever be. Everything is different. For one i am beautiful. Maybe even prettier than rosalie. I have power that i could not of imagined in my wildest dreams. I have speed that even light cannot race. But most of all i have Rensmeee my little girl.

This is my happy ever after.

The end