My name is

Well, my name is Stephanie Marie McMahon, but my friends call me Stephy. And I'm desperate, absolutely desperate. Not only, because if the stupid subjects of my stupid school, not only because of my annoying classmates, my boring friends or my stubborn parents but most of all because of him…

Christopher Keith Irvine. Or Chris Jericho as he prefers to be called (The reason is still unknown to me).The most annoying, stupid, arrogant, awful jerk ever alive. Heh, that's what I was saying until quite a time ago. One day things changed. I realized that this idiot had also great looks, he was funny and he knew when and how to care. Then I've started falling for him. Stupid me. I should have been more careful. That guy is so damn popular. Nearly everybody likes him. And all the ladies of course. When he is in a good mood everybody likes him. When he is not…you'd better run and hide…

What about me? Ok, I don't think I'm bad looking. I'm an average girl, tall quite round unfortunately, brown-haired, blue eyed, glass-wearer. Average stuff. Not a girl that takes your breath away. Well, at least, I'm not unnoticed. A lot of people know my name and my character. I can't describe them as friends though. Chris belongs to that category. We weren't pretty close, we had spent a year without even talking to each other. And when we were sort of friends he used to call me names, nerd for example. Not something friendly at all. But ok, I can't complain, he has notice me. And trying to piss me off. With great success. He has always something to say about me. He is making fun even of my surname. I was always standing my ground and making fun of him too. This was our relationship.

Till last month…When I caught him staring at me during we were in class. I looked straight in his amazing blue eyes and something changed inside of me. And then all my life changed. I can't forget that day…

"Hey McMunny ,I need to talk to you!"

"What do you want Irvine?"

"You can call me Jericho" He said smiling

Oh god his smile takes my breath away ,I thought but luckily I managed to remain calm.

"Then don't call me McMunny. McMahon is better. Or Stephanie"

"Both too long for me"

"Well if you say so. What do you want?" My voice was full of irony

"I need to ask you a favor. It is widely known that every teacher likes you ,that's the benefit of being every teacher's pet…"

"Can't you ever shut the hell up? This description fits far better to you than me!" I interrupted angrily

"…Ok. I wanted to ask you if you could help me a little in Chemistry class. I certainly need help with that stuff''

"And what will I gain from that?" I asked full of disbelief

"The pleasure to be with me, stare at my gorgeous body and share my greatness"

"Back off Irvine! You can't persuade me"

"Com'oooonnnnn…pleeeeasseeee" He gave me a puppy-like look.

"I'm not convinced yet." I said mockingly

Then he surprised me. He fell on to his knees and said: "Come oooon! I beg you!"

"Ok sir. It's a deal!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" He started shouting happily. And then he hugged me." Thank you Stephanie!" He smiled and left.

"Oh god! I'm so damn happy! I need to tell Stacy!" I thought

Stacy Keibler has been my best friend since we were toddlers. She is the only one to know about my crush in Chris and she has always been very understanding and drives me into sense. I still remember her words :"Be careful. He may break your heart"

Our "partnership" is lasting 'till now. The more I got to know him, the more my opinion changed. He wasn't that asshole I thought he was. He was nice to me in and out of school.

The door bell interrupts my daydreaming. I open the door. Full of surprise I see a bunch of girls waiting outside. Barbie,Eve,Michelle,Lisa,Amy,Candice and Torrie were all waiting outside…

Well this was my first try to write a story! Hope you will enjoy!:)If you have any suggestion just leave a review;)