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An Angelic Vampire's Not-So-Perfect Life

Chapter One: My Story

Bella's Perspective

Okay, so my life isn't so perfect.

My life as a human was average-until I was attacked my a mountain lion about a hundred years back. I was saved-and, amazingly, given a life I would never had imagined I would possess in my whole existence.

My creator is named Weston Jinks-and he is surprisingly sweet and considerate. I love him, yes; but it isn't...right. Our love is like we are siblings, yet at any time, it could become something more than that. He is everything a dream guy should be: he is, as I'd named before, sweet and considerate, kind, loving, caring, extremely handsome...

And sometimes, I wanted to become closer to him. I needed to feel a hand caressing my cheek, the strong feeling of someone holding me in their arms. But we didn't have the right connection.

I could tell he felt the same way, too, and so we remained as best friends. We told our life stories, and traveled around the world. Now, though, it was time to visit my past: Forks, Washington. My hometown. I was born and raised there.

Back to the point: just what am I? Well, I'm like a vampire. Very similar. There are some slight differences, though: the fact that my eyes aren't golden like they should be, for one. They're a wonderful, vibrant lime greenish blue. Still inhuman, but not completely so otherworldy.

Also that human blood actually repulses me. I couldn't and wouldn't drink that in a million years.

And...Well, this is a little out-of-the-question, and I don't know if it has to do with the whole unlike-a-vampy thing. But my beauty isn't like a normal vampires'. Sure, I have the pale skin. But there's also a flushed pink to my cheeks, as if my out-of-control blushing self didn't want to be left behind.

I also had quite a glow about me, which I'll tell you about in a moment.

The shape of my face changed, also, where I had a square jaw and a heart-shaped structure. My lips had become fuller, and my imperfect features, such as my crooked nose had been dealt with.

New curves had been added, and I inherited some actual noticable muscles and a twelve-pack.

About the glow-it has to do with my blue-green eyes. I wasn't an ordinary vampire, as some may have guessed. I was one of the Rare Ones, as Weston called them.

They are feared by the rulers, and only known to few. The Volturi and their guard are clued in, and are sworn to secrecy. In fact, they are quite afraid of my kind.

What I am meant to do-you guessed it-is eliminate any kind of vampires that appear a threat. A gruesome job, if you ask me, but I wasn't given a choice. Even if they're bad vampies (as I like to call them), I still hate my job.

The Volturi act all brave and tough. They act like it's their job to kill anyone out of line.

Well, they had you fooled.

We, in fact, are stronger than any other vampires. It's like we kept the strength of a newborn, except...better. We can run faster, also, and have a quicker and more advanced mind. And tracking is automatically a power of ours.

I have a strange power that represents my coven. My power is Fire; anything I want to burst into flames can. Or when I'm really furious, I tend to catch fire.

My coven is all the Rare Ones-over the years, we'd joined together into one. Jasmine was Water, Ted was Earth, Paul was Wind, and Samantha was Air. Weston was a Normal, but he hung with us like he was part of the family. Which, to me, he really was.

I turned and looked at my family. We were all doing our own job, stuffing loads of boxes in the car. I had really thought Weston deserved to be the leader of our coven, but he refused. Said he wasn't ready for such an important job, and didn't fit in with us anyways. Which left me to do that very job.

My coven.

The words echoed in my mind. I marveled over how my family-no, I didn't really think of them as my coven-looked as they did this work together.

Jasmine and Ted were mates; and obviously meant for each other. It was the same for Sam and Paul-they were soulmates. That left me and Weston. But, as before, no connection.

Jas giggled and punched Ted playfully. Paul kept grinning at Sam, and she looked all googly-eyed over him. Oh, what love could do. I should know. Ha! Never been in that kind of relationship all my days.

Weston came over and joined me for a moment, staring off into space.

"Bella, may I speak to you in private?" He sounded sad. I blinked. Weston was never that type; he was always the big softie, goofing around and playing. But him being sad...It was an entirely new thing for me.

We walked aimlessly around to no particular destination, but far enough away where the others wouldn't hear.

"What is it, West?" I asked, a small smile on my lips. His brow creased, and I frowned.

"I'm sorry," he rasped, and I stared at him, stunned. "But I have to go. I've got to go amongst my crowd; you know I don't belong with you and your coven. It's been an honor to spend these years with you, though," he continued.

My heart shattered. My insides were breaking, being torn into tiny pieces. Tears ran down my face. (Another Rare One quality. They can cry.)

His face twisted. He was an empath, a feeling manipulator; and right now, he was feeling all that I felt. I actually felt pity for him-he didn't deserve to be feeling what was going through my bones now. But I was too distracted to explore that thought thoroughly, I was so upset.

He smiled softly at me when I stopped sobbing like a baby.

"I love you, Bells," he whispered. "You're like the sister I never had. And I promise, we will meet again. I know that for sure. And I also know that you have a grand future ahead of you. You will meet the love of your life, and find others that you come to care for. You will be fine without me. You're a big girl. And I know you; and trust me, I found out that you can care for yourself the hard way."

That got a laugh. He had learned the hard way; when I was young, I couldn't really control my gift of fire, and accidentally-accidentally, I repeat-set his hand on fire. It took Jasmine to put that fire out. I have to admit, looking back on that day, it was actually pretty funny.

He wiped a single tear from a corner of my eye that was threatening to escape. And then, ever so gently, kissed my forehead. I sighed, and just stood that way for a moment, until his words really did sink in.

'The love of your life.'

Those words made me swing back and look at Weston with incredulous eyes.

"Yeah," he replied, laughing, "I figured you would hear me out about now." I shook my head.

"You never cease to amaze me," I muttered to myself, and he laughed even more-no, wait. Was that a giggle?

He cupped my small hand in his big, and together, we walked back to our group. They looked up as we approached, and I waited for Weston to say something. My eyes were beginning to fill again, dang it.

"I'm leaving..." He started. I didn't listen to any more of his words; I just watched him with cautious eyes. As I did, I thought of all we had been through. I thought through my change, how he was there the full three days of it, of the searing pain. I thought of all of our travels across the world, what fun we had. How we've helped each other through all the hard times.

"I'm gonna miss you..."

He flashed a smile at all of us, and with one last look my way, he was off on his own.

-Sometime like three days later-

I took a deep breath, passing a look at my family.

"Are we here?" Paul asked me anxiously.

I looked back at the road, unneccesarily. And then, ever so discreetly, I nodded.

"Yes, Paul," I replied, "yes, we are here. Meet your new town, my original hometown-we are now in the small, rainy town of Forks."

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