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Fei Wong Reed was planning destiny, shaping it to work to his advantage. His power was growing, and he knew it. He needed to set a destined path in a different direction, but that would be easy, all he needed was power . A mindless servant stood, mute, as the sorcerer practiced incantations, shaping a sword from the terrible magics he had learned.

Fei Wong Reed was planning destiny, molding it into a shape that brought him more and more power. The plots were forming in his mind. All he needed was the ability to cut a special seam in a special fabric, a subtle fabric that everyone touches, but very few feel. His sword was humming with the anicipation of blood. A mostly mindless servant watched with interest as the terrible sorcerer practiced cutting at this special fabric.

Fei Wong Reed was planning destiny, cutting and sewing so that the result would fit his purpose. He was nearly, very nearly, ready. Everything was going his way. A new servant was created. But there was a problem. A not-so-mindless servant looked on with awe and admiration as the boy put half of his heart into the shell that had been made as a copy of him.

Fei Wong Reed was planning destiny, mixing and separating until the product brought him what he wanted. He was now ready to carry out the first part of his plan. Excited, his sword cut a special seam in the subtle fabric and tore a different, smaller subtle fabric to pieces while reshaping a third. A supposedly mindless servant looked on in horror as a boy cried over his dead mother.

Fei Wong Reed sighed. Some of his experiments worked, and some didn't. Some of his experiments gained minds and consciousnesses of their own, and these were dangerous. He shredded the growing fabric of the servant who was learning just what it's master was doing. He needed to experiment again, then he could move on.

the first type of "fabric" is the time and space that you need to cross for dimension traveling.

the second is life, mind, destiny, so when he tore that type fabric to pieces, he killed someone.

just so you know.