Naruto: A Foxes Tale

Chapter 1

AU: Yo this ya boy Chrisdz back again with another new fic for ya. This one is a straight Naruto fic though it will crossover slightly with Bleach, Inuyasha and YuYu Hakusho. Not sure about the pairing yet but may be a harem.

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Uzumaki Naruto is a boy well known for his seemingly unlimited stamina. He was known to be able to outrun numerous chuunin, jounin, and in some cases members of the ANBU. That is the reason why if any one of those people were to see him now they would be surprised at the sight that greeted them.

Within the walls of his apartment the boy lye staring up at the ceiling with unseeing blue eyes. The light usually found within the boys eyes was gone and if one was to look into them they would find they barely held any life within them at all. The smile that usually graced his face had also disappeared leaving his face emotionless as he was too far gone to even frown. For the first time Uzumaki Naruto was physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. Finally after nearly two hours of staring up at the ceiling his body shut down and he fell into unconsciousness.

Upon opening his eyes Naruto found his mood worsening as he discovered he had somehow ended up within a sewer lying in the water. Before he could even fully register his surroundings he found himself standing, his body moving forward on its own accord. After several minutes during which he'd made dozens of twist and turns a red glow caught his eye from the end of the hall.

As his body began to move towards the glow Naruto suddenly felt like one of the fools in the horror movies he'd been able to sneak in and see. It was always the same as they would always walk directly to the trouble and get killed, something he himself had avoided doing for the last twelve and a half years. Before he could think more on the subject he found himself fully immersed by the red glow before it suddenly cleared.

When it did he found himself in a large room. In front of him sat a large cage with golden bars that had a single strip of paper holding the doors closed. It was what was behind the bars that caught his attention though as he found himself staring into a pair of golden eyes. He blushed suddenly as he realized that he was standing there only in a pair of boxers as the eyes looked him over. As he moved his eyes away his blush quickly faded and he paled as he beheld just who he was standing in front of. For there in front of him was who was rumored to be destruction incarnate, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"You have no need to fear me Naruto." Came a surprisingly soft and kind voice.

For some reason as the voice hit his ears Naruto found himself relaxing at the sound of the voice. Despite everything that told him he should fear the creature in front of him or run as fast as his legs could carry him he found himself calming down as his heartbeat slowing back to normal.

"That's my kit. Now why don't you relax we have much to discuss." Spoke Kyuubi once more. Once again Naruto found himself obeying without hesitation as he sat down in front of the cage.

"Now then I should start by introducing myself. As you know I am known as Kyuubi no Kitsune but that is merely a title that was given to me. My true name however is Uzumaki Kushina and I am your mother." As she said this Naruto's eyes widened in surprise.

Before he could say anything there was a puff of smoke and the fox was gone. In its place was a woman who stood at just under 5'5". She had long bright red hair and a pair of deep violet eyes in the same shape as his blue ones. She wore a beige short sleeve shirt that stopped just at her midsection and a skirt of the same color. Judging by the fishnet he saw she wore a fishnet bodysuit beneath that. Along with this she wore a pair of black boots that stopped just under her knees and a pair of white bracers on each of her forearms bearing the symbol of the Hidden Leaf. Narrowing his eyes at the sight he prepared to speak only for her to speak up as if reading his mind.

"All your questions will be answered in time just let me explain." Said the woman getting a nod from the boy that was enough to put a small smile on her face.

"Alright to start I was born in Uzu no Kuni one hundred years ago. I was born premature though and as a result I nearly died within my first week. In an act to save my life my father pleaded with the God's and in an act of kindness Inari-sama bonded me to a dying fox spirit, my predecessor the former Kyuubi. While he moved on I was given all of the invaluable knowledge that he'd picked up over the time he served under Inari-sama.

I was given one duty as payment for Inari-sama saving my life and that was to be the guardian of a great tree that he would have grown until it was time for my successor to take over. In order to do this I was taken from my parents to be trained, though I was allowed to return quiet often. Where I was trained however time passes by much quicker this allowed me to get in the needed amount of training in the deadline I was given.

Nearly twenty human years after I was born the first shinobi village Konoha was formed. Its leader was a man named Senju Hashirama the leader of the famous Senju clan of the forest. Along with him was the leader of the Uchiha clan and the villages co-founder Uchiha Madara." She paused here for breath before continuing.

"While I watched over the village I had chosen to stay away from it at that time. Instead I spent my time raising my first child, your elder sister Kimiko. About thirty years ago however I had journeyed back to Uzu no Kuni to visit my family along with my parent's graves when it was attacked and destroyed. I had taken on the form of my younger self at the time and to keep what had been done a secret my nephew had me evacuated with the rest of those who couldn't fight. In the aftermath I was moved into Konoha with the rest of the refugees, and was soon entered into the village's shinobi program.

It was during this time that I met a young boy by the name of Minato. Minato was an orphan as his parents had been killed during the war and had been the one to comfort me while I was grieving over the loss of my own family and we eventually became the best of friends. Minato was what they called a genius shinobi and upon our graduation from the academy had been placed on a team lead by the Toad Sannin Jiraiya. I however had been apprenticed under the Slug Sannin Tsunade due to my skill in the medical arts.

When he was thirteen and we had reached chuunin rank I decided it was time I told him the truth about myself. He was shocked but accepted me and didn't see me as the demon that my predecessor had come to be seen as. That day I marked him as my mate and promised him two things. The first was that I'd help him as much as I could on his path as a shinobi and the second was that I would bare him as many children as he wanted. I kept to my word as I helped him become the man known as Konoha's Yondaime Hokage and gave him the son he desired, you." She stopped here seeing his shocked look but continued as soon as he regained his composure.

"After I had gotten pregnant Minato and I secretly got married. A week after you were born I was attacked by a man I thought long dead Uchiha Madara. Unfortunately I had yet to regain my strength from giving birth and as a result fell victim to his damned Mangekyou Sharingan. I was mentally tortured for what seemed like weeks until I finally lost it and reverted into my full demon form.

Your father knew something was wrong the minute he saw me. Though he tried to get me to stop at that point I was no longer in any real control of my actions. In an effort to save you and the village he called upon the Shinigami for help. Instead of the Shinigami devouring our souls however he understood our plight and instead sealed me within you so that I may protect you this way. Minato however was taken from this world though I was promised that once the seal ran its course he would be waiting for me. Since then I have spent my time watching over you. While I couldn't protect you physically I did all I could to keep you both sane and alive." Finished the woman.

For a while Naruto was silent as he absorbed all that he'd been told. As much as he wanted to deny her claims he couldn't find it in himself to do so. Everything she said had made since, even his mothers disappearance. The Sandaime had told him long ago that his mother had been assumed KIA as she was one of the many whose body hadn't been found after the attack all those years ago. Though he had never told him his mother's name.

According to the old man his father had been one of the hero's of the Third Great Shinobi War. That man had also died during the battle that night. Resolving to take it up with the old man he shook off his shock and spoke up.

"So why let me know now and not sooner?" asked the blonde causing the woman to sigh.

"I wanted to contact you sooner but since you had no knowledge of my presence I couldn't. This is your mind kit, nothing can happen here unless you allow it." explained the woman getting a nod from the boy.

"There is one more thing we need to discuss tonight though." Said Kushina catching the attention of the boy.

"I located a seal placed on you that was not a part of what your father placed on you. This seal appears to have sealed away several aspects of your personality. It also suppressed the bulk of your mental functions, which is why you find it hard to remember things. Along with this your chakra and control was suppressed. Since you've been here however I've removed it.

When you were born I also sealed away your demon blood until you could learn to control your power. Because of your fathers seal however my power is being added to your own. At the rate it is going you could destroy yourself and all those around you if you don't learn to control it." explained Kushina causing the boy to pale.

"To stop this I will be awaking your demon blood tomorrow. I'll also be teaching you how to control your abilities. We'll use the two weeks before your team assignments for that. Finally we're getting you some new clothes. Despite what those idiot villagers want you don't need to be a moving target. Now get some sleep you've got a long day ahead of you."

Before Naruto could even speak a word he fell unconscious as a red glow overtook him. Kushina sighed as soon as he did before turning her attention to the cracked walls surrounding her.

The next morning Naruto awoke with a jolt. Sitting up in his bed he3 panted as he ran a hand through his hair. As he did this a chuckle escaped him, as he thought about the dream he had.

'As if I could really be the son of the Yondaime and the freakin Kyuubi. Impossible.' Thought the blonde with another chuckle.

'Kit that was not a dream' as the words came to him his chuckle died in his throat.

'Now get moving or I'll shock you again.' Said Kushina causing the boy to sigh.

"Man the bum was right, women are troublesome." Muttered the blonde only for what felt like an electric shock to go through him.

'I HEARD THAT!' exclaimed Kushina causing the boy to groan.

An hour later found the blonde moving through the village at Kushina's direction. She'd apparently woken him early as not only was no one in the streets, but the sun had yet to rise. He moved at a steady jog as she wanted to use this as a warm up exercise. He had already made it through the business section of the village passing the Hokage Tower in the process.

As he passed through the clan homes he had to marvel at just the sheer size of the places, as he never actually came to this part of town. As he left the village proper and entered the forest his speed of travel increased as he leapt into the trees leaping from branch to branch. After nearly ten minutes he found himself touching down by a lake. A large waterfall nearly twenty five meters in height sat before him about twenty feet away. As the water flowed fish could be seen in the clear water as they flowed downstream.

'You need to cross the lake and get past the waterfall.' Said Kushina causing the boy to groan.

Still in order to avoid being shocked again he stripped down to his boxers, jumped in and swam across the lake. As he did Kushina nearly palmed her face seeing she would have to teach him to walk on water, something he should already know how to do. Luckily there were no rocks at this waterfall so he was able to pass through easily.

As he emerged from under the water on the other side the sight that greeted him was enough to make him gasp in surprise. Before him sat a garden so large, with plants and flowers so exotic it would have sent Ino into an orgasm. Despite the fact that he was within a cave it was as bright as it was outside and just as warm. The smell of all the flowers was intoxicating and Naruto quickly found himself relaxing.

His attention however was quickly pulled away from the garden as he set his eyes upon the house he could see in the distance. As he made his way closer to it he found it was built in the traditional Japanese them. It was made nearly entirely of wood and had the classic shogi doors.

'Welcome home my son.'

As Kushina said the words a feeling of warmth engulfed the boy that he'd never felt before. The apartment that the Sandaime had gotten for him had never felt like a home. The place always felt so cold and hollow that it made him feel vulnerable. Yet just being in this place had given him a sense of peace and he suddenly felt safe as if this place was his sanctuary within a world that hated him. A small smile slid across his lips at the thought and while it wasn't as large as his signature grin it was a real smile and that alone spoke volumes. Within the boy Kushina smiled as she allowed her son to have his moment. For once the moment was over the work would begin.