A Foxes Tale

Chapter 27

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Mount Myoboku was a special place, not only was it the home of the Toads but one of the few places where natural chakra was in abundance. As such the mountain had played host to many events over that time and many who had come to lean the Sage Arts only to fail spectacularly. For all that they had witnessed however even the elder toads had not been fully prepared for the sight of Naruto training. Naruto was also now fully dressed for the first time in a while, though he wore a simple and sleeveless dark blue training gi which of course spawned on the army of clones he summoned.

While some of the clones could do the sage training and only that, Naruto had brought out clones in the dozens and as such not only was the sage training being done but others were completing other tasks as well. Jiraiya inspired by his grandsons usage of clones had created a pair himself with all three of them focused on the sage training to help speed it up.

As for the real Naruto he could be seen sitting in a meditative position away from the chaos. Over the last week he had been able to learn a lot, thanks in no small part to his clone training method including a few new techniques he could finally add to his active arsenal. Now that he had the techniques workable the clones were mostly there for the experience advantage, so he'd be able to execute things quicker. Learning senjutsu had helped massively with one of his projects as it finally got him over the block that was preventing him from using it. His time training with the energy had also given him a new level of respect for the strength of the Shodai Hokage as he found the energy worked wonders on his plant and wood techniques increasing their power something fierce.

With all of those projects at a point where he no longer felt the need to personally oversee their progression he was finally turning his attention to the next task. Convincing Jiraiya had been a chore as he'd had to get around his grandfather's protectiveness but eventually he had relented and handed him the key to the seal which led him to this point. As he opened his eyes he found himself standing in the dark sewer-like corridors that made up his mindscape. Unlike with his mother he had never been able to change the scenery of the place though he had been able to give the old fox more room inside of the cage. While the fox could leave the confines of the cave he would need to take a humanoid form and would leave about 3/4th of his power locked away behind the cage with his body.

"Finally." Came the voice of the fox almost as soon as he appeared

"It hasn't been that long." Said Naruto.

"For you." Said the fox bringing the teen to a halt.

"For me, this moment has been a long time coming, over seven centuries in fact. Like that senile toad sage I once had a vision of the future, it was of our battle. I understood that it would be far in the future and even the context of what was at stake, yet never saw how it ended. I thought about it on and off for a few decades before I noticed something, my opponent was unworthy. Not just of my power, but of my respect or even being considered an opponent. He had power in spades but was too stupid and naïve to use it much less explore its depths, as such a change was needed" said the fox while Naruto could only narrow his eyes.

"I approached Inari Okami and after much discussion a deal was struck. In return for a few favors on my end and after several centuries in hibernation, your mother was born a few decades early and became my successor while I was allowed into the afterlife. This insured that when the time came you would be more willing to learn about your power, not just be content to spam clones and Rasengans. Granted a few other things have changed as a result but not much and finally here you stand before me, a worthy opponent."

"Why tell me all this?" questioned Naruto

"Because the question has been on your mind. How could a being made entirely of chakra die, chakra is energy and energy as you know cannot be destroyed."

"I admit I had thought about it, but I also recall my mother stating she inherited your power." Said Naruto.

"She had and she had it just long enough to force her own to grow and match it. You are my true successor which is why you can even influence plant life."

To this Naruto merely narrowed his eyes. He knew that each of the biju were more than the demons that had spawned after them. In truth the tailed beasts were more like Aspects, representations of the world itself. Most of them being elemental in nature were literal incarnations of their environment such as Shukaku who had literally been an incarnation of the desert, as the Nibi was an incarnation of fire and death and so on. While he didn't know all of their aspects, as none of the kitsune's knew them, he knew that the original Kyubi was the scariest as he was both Destruction and Life incarnate.

Shaking those thoughts away for later the blond leapt up to the center of the cage grabbing hold of the seal tag and tearing it free. Beneath the tag it was revealed a lock was there but not a kind that could be normally interacted with. Touching down he dropped the tag and used his left hand to remove the knot holding his gi closed causing it to open revealing his stomach, and more importantly the seal that rested on it. His right hand was soon revealed to be covered by sealing script and after but a moment of hesitation he moved it so that he was touching the seal with all five fingertips. A single clockwise turn of the hand caused the lock on the gate to disengage before the doors were thrown open allowing the gigantic form of the fox to emerge.

As the mountain sized fox emerged the room they were in seemed to grow outwards in all directions until there was enough room for even the fox to move around in comfortably. Naruto had no time to recognize this however as he was attacked as soon as the gate opened, leaping away and only barely avoiding the massive claws. As he landed he was surprised when there was no follow up attack and even more so when the fox shifted and instead of the mountain sized fox he was instead looking at his more humanoid form.

"Congratulations brat, you passed the test." Said the demon his words catching Naruto by complete surprise.

"Test?" questioned Naruto.

"Of course. I was never actually going to fight you, even at half strength the difference between us is massive. What was important however was that even with the threat of facing me, someone far out of your league you didn't back down and accepted the challenge. Now sit." Said the elder getting a confused Naruto to do so.

"As I told you earlier I have been planning this out for over 700 years. At one point we really were going to fight however, at this point I know that you are a worthy successor and thus such a battle is unnecessary."

"So what's your actual plan?" questioned the teen causing the elder to lock eyes with him his crimson red eyes hard and serious.

"I created a technique, one that will allow me to pass on my power to you. This is not simple by any means and will put a severe strain on you. In fact I would not be surprised if this is the most painful experience you will ever undergo in your life if it doesn't outright kill you." Said Kurama.

"I see, and what will happen to you if we do this?" questioned Naruto.

"I won't die, not immediately at least if that's what your wondering. I'll still be around for a while, though eventually I will die, that was part of my deal with the Inari Okami.

"Now then, this is your last chance to back out." Said the demon getting the blond to smirk.

"Now why would I do that after we've gone through so much trouble."

The demon said nothing simply smirking before bringing both his arms forward and moving his palms so that they faced each other through with a bit of distance and with his fingers spaced apart as if he was holding something.


Naruto could only watch in shock as the biju channeled his energy through his hands into the space between them for nearly a minute before a red orb the size of Iruka's teaching globe sat between his hands.

"I call this the Nine Tails Chakra Orb, not very creative but that's what it is. Your final task will be to absorb and integrate this into your own chakra core. Once you accept this I will not take it back, you will either succeed or you will die." Said Kurama.

"Well as you pointed out I have no time for any other options so there's no choice but to succeed." Said Naruto.

"Very well. Hold out your hands."

Doing as instructed Naruto held out his hands and could only watch in trepidation as the orb of power was placed so that it hovered over his outstretched hands. He only had a few seconds to marvel at it before it abruptly vanished and was absorbed into his body. Even still he didn't relax, the old fox had said this would be dangerous and he'd learned he only ever spoke the truth. In only a few seconds he found out how true it was as a scream of absolute agony ripped itself from his throat and he collapsed onto his side.

'This is it brat. The rest is up to you alone.' Thought the elder before his form faded out as he left Naruto's body.

Unknowing of the sheer agony that Naruto was going through in Konoha people were going on about their business. One such person was also the villages newest resident Shizuka, who had come along with a host of others from the now destroyed Nadeshiko village. The village had been the casualty of a stray tailed beast bomb during a fight between the Sanbi and some Akatsuki members. Even though the village hadn't been struck directly the aftermath had hit them hard as their island had been broken with deep fissures running through it which had then caused their village to be flooded.

In the aftermath the survivors had come to the realization they would need to leave. They knew after the civil war they'd suffered through Kiri would absorb them rather than help them and the Water Daimyo had made it no secret he wanted a harem of Nadeshiko kunoichi in exchange for his aid in helping them settle, though he wouldn't rebuild the village.

That meant they needed to leave and while the elders had decided they would stay in Mizu no Kuni (Land of Water) they had bid Shizuka to lead the survivors to Konoha instead. After much discussion it had been determined they had the best odds of aid with Konoha who had already recently taken in the newly re-established Uzumaki Clan from the long destroyed Uzu no Kuni.

It helped that they were likely to be allowed to retain their status as kunoichi in Konoha though maybe not all of their traditions. While settling in Hi no Kuni wasn't ideal it was better than trying to go to any of the other major or minor countries where they would have no doubt been attacked and taken for breeders before too long as they had made their share of enemies over the years.

That had thus led to Shizuka and leading 262 people, many of them young girls to Konoha while the elders had stayed in Mizu no Kuni with 61 women who elected to stay with them. It was a far cry from the 1343 people that had called the village home and spoke of just how many of their people had perished. Even still the negotiations between the Nadeshiko refuges and the Hokage and her council had been finalized rather quickly. Of course the refugees had no way of knowing just how thoroughly they'd been outplayed before they had even sat at the negotiation table, but they'd known going in they had little strength to bargain with.

The end result had been Shizuka becoming future Senju matriarch, making her the third of Naruto's future wives. In exchange the Hokage had allowed her people to settle in Konoha and continue as kunoichi, though they would need to be evaluated against Konoha's skill level. The Hokage had also pointed out that she would forget that they had initially tried to kidnap her grandson and she was forgoing the opportunity to have them interrogated, broken and turned into sex slaves.

Regardless that left Shizuka as a resident of Konoha, and she had been given a tour of the village by Shizune, the Hokage's apprentice. At the moment she was unpacking her things within the hidden Uzumaki estate and was thankful that Shizune was still with her. Already she had learned quite a bit, both about the village and the people she would be sharing her life with.

"Hello, Kurama, Ino, is anyone here?" came a voice breaking her from her thoughts.

Turning to Shizune she could see the other woman had frozen her eyes wide in shock and not a little fear as she'd broken out in a cold sweat. Whoever it was that spoke was clearly someone that Shizune did not want to be on the bad side of, though the name Kurama meant nothing to her Shizune clearly knew it. Finally after a few long seconds the woman snapped out of it and moved to leave the room though clearly still hesitant. Following after the woman Shizuka couldn't help but wonder who the speaker was.

"Shizune, I thought you were here." Came that same voice a few short minutes later before they even rounded the corner to enter the main room and be seen.

Finally able to see her Shizuka took a moment to take in her appearance. The woman was tall, the tallest she herself had ever seen at 6 feet and had long bright red hair that was tied into six braids that fell to near her ankles looking more like tails than anything else. Her eyes were larger round violet orbs much different than the slanted eyes most people from Konoha possessed, eyes that regarded all around her with disinterest. She was slender but toned big breast and wide hips that caused a flare of envy in Shizuka and wore a pink and red battle kimono that seemed to highlight her sex appeal.

"Kimiko-sama, it's good to see you again." Said Shizune bowing deeply much to Shizuka's surprise.

"You as well. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to catch up, I was only able to break away from my duties briefly and mother is sure to begin looking for me soon." Said Kimiko, her voice was soft

"I see. Well how can I help you?" questioned Shizune her voice now back to normal.

"Actually I'm looking for my brother." Said the woman.

"Naruto-kun is not in the village at the moment. He left with Jiraiya to begin his sage training at Mount Myoboku." Revealed Shizune.

This was news to both Kimiko and Shizuka, as while Shizuka had known he wasn't in the village, no one would tell her why or where he was. This woman being revealed as Naruto's sister however would explain why she was told though.

"I see and who might this be?'" questioned Kimiko finally turning her attention to Shizuka.

"This is Shizuka, she is to become one of Naruto's wives, as Lady Senju." Said Shizune causing Kimiko to raise a curious eyebrow.

"It was just decided today, negotiations only finished a few hours ago." Said Shizune quickly

"And what pray tell makes you worthy of my brother?" questioned Kimiko.

"Lord Jiraiya promised my mentor that his apprentice would fight her student for the right to marry her. While I have met Uzumaki-san our fight was interrupted before a victor could be determined. Lady Tsunade has agreed to grant my people shelter and citizenship provided I marry her heir." Said Shizuka, Kimiko said nothing merely turning another look on Shizune

"Shizuka hails from the Nadeshiko Village in the Land of Water. The village was recently destroyed as a side effect of the Akatsuki capturing the Sanbi. A tailed beast ball struck close to their home, the island was cracked and flooded." Said Shizune.

"I see. Tell me girl what do you know of satisfying a man?" questioned Kimiko.

"I am trained in how best to bring a man to orgasm and ensure fertilization." Said Shizuka surprised to be defending herself.

"I'll assume you know nothing of bringing him pleasure then. You don't know how to prolong the experience to bring out pleasure." Said Kimiko approaching her and giving her a once over.

"You have beautiful lips, have they ever been wrapped around a cock before?" questioned Kimiko causing both Shizuka and Shizune to blush.

"I am from the Nadeshiko Village, only women lived there. That said, no fellatio was never covered as part of my education, it is unnecessary for procreation." Said Shizuka through her blush.

"You eat pussy though don't you?" questioned Kimiko.

"I have once or twice. I was always more focused on my training as a kunoichi." Said Shizuka.

"A wife who can't fuck and doesn't know how to suck cock. You're far behind Ino, my mother personally made sure she knew how to satisfy her master. Guren is currently learning that lesson as well." Mused Kimiko before nodding to herself.

"Shizune, leave this one with me. I'll be taking her to be properly educated." Said Kimiko.

"She hasn't been told about you and Kushina-sama, much less the rest of your family." Said Shizune.

"It's fine. I'll handle it. Training her will make a nice apology on my end." said the redhead.

"I heard you two had an issue, are you sure you want to do this?" questioned Shizune

"It was a minor issue, one that this service will help to rectify." Said Kimiko.

"Very well I'll inform Lady Tsunade." Said Shizune bowing again before making her departure much to Shizuka's shock.

"Isn't it a little weird for you to take such an interest in your brothers sex life?" questioned Shizuka.

"Perhaps for your kind. Now let us be off."

Before Shizuka could blink the woman had placed her hand on her shoulder and they vanished in an orb of light.

To the northeast of Hi no Kuni was the land known as Kaminari no Kuni (Land of Lightning) which was made of numerous mountain ranges. It was a land known most for its numerous thunderstorms from which the country had taken its name with many rivers having spawned from the mountain ranges to the sea resulting in a very crooked coastline and many hot springs. It is somewhere within these numerous mountain ranges and built so high that it was literally hidden by the clouds that Kumogakure (The Hidden Cloud Village) could be found.

Around the tallest mountain a large blue structure could be seen within which many offices could be found. In the largest of these offices a large man could be seen. Dark skinned, he was a mountain of a man standing at 6'5" and weighing over 200 pounds of pure muscle, he had combed back white hair with a small moustache and goatee. His face has pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes with a prominent crease across his forehead. He has black Fūma Shuriken tattoos on both shoulders and wore large, golden vambraces on his forearms.

Around his waist he wore a gold belt with a boar's face engraved in the center under which was a green sash and black pants with torn ends, a pair of standard issue white and red Kumo-nin shin guards covered his legs, and he wore a pair of black shinobi sandals. Finally he wore a plain white haori and on his head was the signature veiled hat of a Kage, his almost entirely yellow save for the front section that was white with his position in black kanji script. This man was the Yondaime Raikage, and like his predecessors before him was known simply as A.

He was currently sitting on a couch while across from him a woman could be seen standing. She was a dark-skinned young woman with green eyes. She wore very formal attire consisting of a long-sleeved, high-collared dress shirt and skirt, along with a pair of long earrings and high-heel sandals. She wore her light grey hair pulled back into a bun with two bangs that fall on either side of her face. Her name was Mabui and aside from being a jounin she was the Raikage's assistant.

"Taking out Yugito is one thing, but Bee was unexpected." Said the woman.

"Exactly, I still can't believe Bee was taken down." Said the Raikage his tone gruff through his scowl.

The man they were speaking of Bee, or Killer Bee as he was known was not just the Raikage's oath sworn brother but the jinchurriki of the Hachibi. Unlike Yugito who had been defeated a few months earlier Bee was in full control of his tailed beast and could even take on its full mountain sized form. Somehow despite this he had been defeated in battle and taken by a team of Akatsuki agents.

"We've received several messenger lizards from Jay. Once we've pinpointed the enemies location we'll send in four teams, rescue Bee and wipe them out." Said Mabui.

"Send eight. It's clear we've underestimated these Akatsuki now." Said A getting Mabui to nod and make a mental note to amend the retrieval teams.

"Speaking of, I heard it was an Uchiha from Konoha who kidnapped my brother. Why is there an Uchiha in the Akatsuki?" questioned A.

"Uchiha Sasuke, from my research he went rogue a little over three years ago now." Said Mabui.

"Why isn't the Hokage doing anything about this rogue then. They were quick to react over the Hyuga Incident." Said A

"He was added to the Bingo Book when he first went rogue under the watch list. He was lured away by the rogue Sanin Orochimaru, and they were unsure how strong he would be after training with him due to his Sharingan." Said Mabui

"RAIKAGE-SAMA!" came a call from the hall before the doors were abruptly thrown open.

"Sir, the Jay has missed his check in time, twice!"

"WHAT!" exclaimed the Raikage, while Mabui grimaced as Jay was always punctual and never missed a check in.

"It seems he's either been killed or captured. As such we will no longer be able to locate the enemy." Said Mabui, Jay was the best tracker they had. By time another made it there the trail would have no doubt gone cold.

"Figure out as much as you can from the intel that's already been collected and search the vicinity! Send out an entire battalion if you have to!" exclaimed the Raikage

"Y-yes sir!" exclaimed the man before fleeing the room

"Mabui!" exclaimed the Raikage stopping the woman before she too could leave

"Summon Samui's cell. I'm sending them to Konoha with a document of intent stating we will handle this rogue Uchiha and have them hand over all intel they have on him. Furthermore I'm going to convene a Go-Kage summit. It's time to take the fight to these Akatsuki bastards!"


Jiraiya winced as another blood curling scream ripped through the air before the sound of an explosion soon followed. Already it had been eight hours and Naruto was still screaming out in pain followed by random explosions. He had tried to stick around but he hadn't been able to stomach seeing his grandson's body literally tear itself apart while he went about demolishing the cave that he had gone to earlier that morning. Beside him both Ma and Pa were wincing while the humanoid form of the old Kyubi had not moved his eyes from the horizon since he appeared even if he remained stoically in place.

"This isn't right. He's still just a boy." Said Ma.

"It's too late to stop it. I have given him my power and he accepted it despite knowing the risks. If I try taking it back now I risk blowing this whole place to hell." Said the demon

Jiraiya was still having trouble believing that the demon, the original Kyubi had willingly given up so much of his power. Already he been forced to send messages to both Tsunade and Kushina about this turn of events and he just knew he had more beatings to look forward to in his future.

'Make it through this Naruto. Too many people are counting on you for you to die now.' Thought the Sanin as he stared worriedly at the cave.

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