A Foxes Tale

Chapter 31

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The announcement of the Fourth Great Shinobi War spread quickly throughout the world and was met with a mixed response of dread and grim determination. The stakes of the confrontation had been made clear, this was not about border lines, expansion, an insulted daimyo or any other rather mundane reasoning. This was as high stakes as it gets, as they were talking the end of the world as they knew it. None of the minor nations were called in, as a matter of fact all of them were sent the same missive signed by not the Five Kage but the Five Daimyo that while worded politely simply boiled down to 'Stay The Fuck Out Of Our Way'. The Five Kage themselves were united and in truth almost unanimously pissed off and as such the Allied Shinobi Forces, the single largest army the Elemental Nations had seen in its rather long and storied history was made entirely of shinobi from Konoha, Suna, Iwa, Kumo and Kiri, with Senju Tsunade the Godaime Hokage running the show as the Supreme Leader.

Word had reached Konoha before the Hokage and her guards were even near the Land of Fire and as such upon her return Tsunade was able to get straight to work. She had been pleased to find that both Jiraiya and Kakashi had been cleared upon her return. Jiraiya's arm had been reattached by a team led by Shizune and Sakura and while it was slow to respond initially she had fixed that quickly enough. With Kakashi the activation of the Hatake Clan's famed White Chakra had been a pleasant surprise, though the knowledge that it had changed his DNA to give him a pair of natural Sharingan eyes she had not been prepared for. According to the report he had all of the abilities the original eye boasted with perhaps a fourth of the chakra cost, and a few he hadn't possessed before due to having only a single eye.

The Hyuga however had been in a right snit when she summoned them and told them that there was a non-Hyuga was an active Byakugan eye. They had been even more upset when she informed them that she would be commissioning a new seal to replace the Caged Bird Seal and that all Hyuga would be subject to it, as their methods of protection had clearly failed. That hadn't even taken long as once Jiraiya got word of it he had come right to her with an alternative and superior design that he proudly boasted Minato and Kushina had created.

The new seal protected the bloodline against transplants if the bearer is dead or alive, as well as any other methods gaining it such as a genetic sample. Hell as if that wasn't enough it even stopped the transfer of the gene being passed sexually if it is not a consensual act. The new seal was not applied to the forehead but could be applied just about anywhere on the upper body as the full seal would fold into itself until all that is visible would be a small ying-yang seal.

Then there had been the mutation of Mikoto's Sharingan and the information she had discovered. The Sharingan was a derivative of the fully evolved Rinnegan which had the traits of both bloodlines. The Rinnegan however was not a typical bloodline limit in that it could not be passed on and automatically inherited. In truth the Rinnegan required several steps to be completed in order to activate even the lowest level, and that was the merging the chakras of the Sage of Six Paths two sons or their DNA.

As the Uchiha descended from the elder son and the Senju descended from the younger son Mikoto theorized the DNA had merged in her causing the change in her Sharingan which was why it was now purple. It also explained the changes in Naruto's genetic markers even if the bloodline was not showing as active. Still despite the incredible discover she'd let Mikoto know that as Naruto's grandmother she was not pleased, still even she could sympathize with going without for so long and the enhanced desire that could create.

Unfortunately there was no time for her to delve into all of the interesting new research opportunities now before her. Instead her entire focus had gone into a fast paced war preparation with her only distractions being the reports she received throughout a given day. The only break she got aside from necessities such as eating, sleeping and the like was when she debriefed Uchiha Sasuke. As it was they were all lucky that he'd been under a genjutsu when he attacked the Summit, even when he went after the Hachibi jinchurriki.

The last thing he remembered before he found himself in ANBU holding was refusing to join Akatsuki stating they had nothing to offer him. Luckily he still had Itachi's eyes on him and considering his own fading vision she had approved a transplant for him to receive Itachi's eyes while his own would be placed in the vault with the rest of the Sharingan eyes they had. The last she'd seen him he'd been in a private room in the hospital with his mother and Sakura at his bedside.

Still aside from that he and Karin had done good work. Not only had he come with the progenitor of the cursed seals in Jugo but he'd also brought in the Sword of Kusanagi, the Snake Summoning Contract and the jutsu scrolls for the Impure World Resurrection Technique which included the improvements Orochimaru and Kabuto made to the technique. Karin however had brought the preserved corpse of the last Kaguya, two of the Legendary Swords of the Seven Swordsmen these being the Kiba and Nuibari and several summoning contracts including the stolen Wolf, Whale, and Deer contract as well as the Uzumaki's lost Dragon Contract.

Those acquisitions were huge and did much to boost their strength. The Inuzuka and Nara clans along with the Umino family had been ecstatic with the return of their summoning contracts and Karin was now considered a friend to all three and had even been offered her choice of husband including Kiba and Shikamaru which was considered an open offer. The Uzumaki had of course also been thrilled and Karin despite being of a lower branch had even been allowed to sign it. Naruto as the future Clan Head would also more than likely sign it and she'd sent word to Kushina and had word sent to the toads via Jiraiya reporting this news.

She was hopeful that with their increase in strength that Konoha may come out of this war without suffering heavy casualties. Realistically she knew that they would suffer some but that's why it was called hope.

Elsewhere the masked man that was Tobi sat silently as he beheld a pair of glass jars. In one was the Sharingan eye that had been retrieved from the corpse of Kakashi, courtesy of Zetsu and the other held the two Rinnegan eyes that he had retrieved from the corpse of Nagato. While Konan had regrettably not been there she had trapped the tower to high heaven and in doing so had nearly killed him. Unfortunately that idiot Nagato had already used the Rinne Tensei no Jutsu (Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique) which he had not planned for as it had been meant to revive him should he somehow die. Still he now had a minor conundrum on his hands, he had not planned on having a second Sharingan eye, but fortuitous circumstances had provided it. On the other he did plan on taking the Rinnegan, it was too powerful of an asset to simply go to waste. Eventually after much contemplation he nodded.

"Prepare for the procedure. We'll stick with the original plan and place one of the Rinnegan in my right eye." Said the man.

"That will have to wait. We have a guest." Came the voice of Zetsu.

Frowning at that he stood and placed both jars down on the table before leaving the confines of the room. Outside of his base under the light of the sun stood a young man, maybe 18 with fair-skin and straight blue-gray hair, with long bangs that covered his right eye. He wore a long hooded brown cloak that did nothing to hide the large lump on his back.

"You are one of Orochimaru's children, Sakon I believe. Why are you here." Said the man

"With an offer. The Fourth Great Ninja War has been declared I don't intend to sit it out. With as many losses as you've taken recently I thought you could use the help." Said the teen.

"What exactly does someone of your level have to offer me?' questioned the man

Sakon responded by clapping his hands and in an instant several objects shot up from the ground which the man quickly realized were coffins made of stone. The coffins only barely settled before the lids fell open revealing the corpses of every member of the Akatsuki save for Itachi and Konan and even including Orochimaru.

"The Reanimation Technique." Realized the man in surprise.

"Yes. After his first choice got himself killed Orochimaru taught me the technique. Over the last few years however between Orochimaru and that bespectacled idiot it's been improved upon. I hope this demonstration is satisfactory" Said Sakon making his way from behind them to beside the last one on the left.

"What is it you want in return?" questioned the man.

"Uchiha Sasuke, he made off with the Snake Summoning contract when Oto fell, before I had the chance to sign it. I'd like it retrieved or failing that, I'd like you to get me in to sign it and get out." Explained Sakon.

"That's a risky endeavor. By now they have him locked up in a secure area in Konoha and have no doubt confiscated and locked away his possessions. What if I were to refuse?"

Sakon said nothing merely clapping once more and summoning yet another coffin in front of all of the others. When the lid on this one fell away however the masked man's Sharingan eye could only widen in disbelief.

"This is no threat, merely an example of what kind of power you'd be refusing." Said Sakon

Meanwhile in the realm of demons Naruto could be found in deep meditation. He was in his full power mode which could be sensed far and wide, while a number of vixens stared at him lustfully though none dared approach him now. At the same time within the council room of the palace both Kushina and Kimiko along with several elder kitsune all of them with at least 7 tails could be seen in deep discussion.

"This is incredible. Lord Naruto is as strong as Lord Kurama was in his prime." Said one of the elders, an 8-tail currently in the form of a human female with dark brown hair, though her ears were pointed and she appeared in her forties.

"His powers work differently of course but in terms of pure power you would be correct." Said another 8-tail, though this one was one of the few surviving males with short cut light brown hair who appeared in his 50's.

"Still it's tempered by the fact he can't maintain the form for long." Said another female with a frown, this one a 7-tail and she appeared the oldest in her 70's.

"The power is causing a strain on his body. He can still take on a more hybrid form, but this is his full power form." Said Kushina.

"The only option then is to let his body get used to it to the power. Luckily time moves much differently here than in the human realm, by the time he leaves he should have a solid grasp of it." Said another elder in the form of an older male in his 70's.

Before anyone else could comment the power abruptly cut off and by this point they all knew that Naruto would be back in his base state. Still he held it that time for nearly fifteen minutes, which was quite the improvement. It was even more of one because the demon realm was harsher than the human realm, the gravity alone was 10 times that of the human realm. As such none of them had any doubt that when he left he would at least be able to hold the form for a few hours.

"Have we heard back from the dragons?" questioned another the first elder.

"Yes, they were surprised about what happened, but Naruto will be allowed to sign their contract. We're going to wait until this current threat is resolved though." Said Kushina.

Back with Naruto despite his transformation ending he had not come out of his meditation. Instead he maintained it and in doing so revealed that he was also in Sage Mode. In the depths of his soul in the place where Benihime resided he could be found panting while Benihime was in meditation maintaining his sage mode.

"Not bad brat did anything else work?" questioned Kurama.

"Well I tried the negative emotion sensing, and I felt a small bit of it inside the tower. However I also sensed something else as well. It didn't have any of the burning sensation for anger or anything else you described." Said Naruto.

"Well that's new then. While you can pick up negative emotions it seems you may exceed that and be able to sense all emotions. I can't help there though I could only sense negative emotions and the same with Mito." Said the fox.

"So what else is there?" questioned Naruto

At this question there was a pause. Already the had discovered that while Naruto had inherited his hellfire affinity he had to start from scratch with that. His chakra chains worked but he also had chakra arms that would actually be more useful as he could use jutsu through those. They had covered the chakra shockwave early in his training and he could not only roar but fire them off with punches and they theorized he would be able to do so with a wave of an arm or tail at some point.

"The Biju ultimate technique, The Tailed Beast Ball."

Before the declaration of the war Mitarashi Anko had been happy, truly happy for the first time since she was a naïve kid. It hadn't started that way though, initially she had been annoyed as she was supposed to be part of a team going after one of the remaining members of Orochimaru's Sound Four. When she had been pulled off of that assignment she had not been prepared for the reason why, which was that they would be removing her cursed seal. The procedure itself had been more like surgery for her chakra pathways from what she'd later learned and had taken nearly 5 hours. Despite not using the seal to the best of her abilities since she received it, the damned thing had dug itself deep into her chakra system.

Regardless they had succeeded in removing it from her and as such she was finally free. After some time to rest they had discovered that her reserves were now massive, so much so that only a handful of people (outside of the Uzumaki clan) in the village surpassed her capacity. Testing it she had found she could use her techniques with ease and could even summon a boss level snake with power to spare. Upon doing so however she learned that she was now the primary contract holder since Orochimaru was dead and she'd been on the contract for so long. The contract was currently locked up in the Hokage's scroll vault but it was now rightfully hers, they had even wanted her to start sage training, which she would have done if the war hadn't been announced.

She had also been told that once she mastered a second nature transformation alongside her fire chakra that she would finally get her jounin promotion as she was already qualified in all other areas and the cursed seal had been hindering her from going forward. She had even been invited to join the ANBU by the commander himself no less as the fear of the cursed seal immobilizing her or worse taking over her was no longer present. That was something she had every intention on accepting as it would definitely help her develop her skills further. She really wanted to learn how to use a sword now since the Kusanagi was all but hers as the Uchiha didn't want it.

There was however one more thing that she felt was no in her grasp and with the onset of the war and her being assigned to the front lines she knew that she may not get another chance. As such she was currently walking through the halls of the academy. Many stared as she passed by wearing what many would call actual clothes a green gi top worn in a way to expose her bust which was covered by a black shirt beneath which was a fishnet shirt that went up nearly to her collar bone. Aside from that she wore a pair of blue shorts and a pair of tabi sandals. Ignoring the looks with an ease born of practice, and not really recognizing them for what they were she approached a door and poked her head inside to see her quarry at work.

"Yo, Iruka."

The call had him blinking and looking up to spot Anko's head in the doorway. At his invitation she stepped inside, and he had to fight not to react at the sight of her and what she was wearing.

"Listen I know things are kind of crazy and it's probably a bad time, but you want to get lunch, with me?" questioned Anko a faint blush coming over her face at the end.

"Yeah, sure." Said Iruka smiling softly as he stood from his seat.

Anko breathed a sigh of relief and after he locked up his office blushed again when he offered her his arm which she accepted.

As seemingly always when situations were bad time passed swiftly and before long Naruto found himself summoned onto the deck of a ship. He was swiftly informed they were heading to an island within the borders of the Land of Lightning where the fighting would be taking place. The Land of Lightning was chosen as the battlefield as it had the most free space available as there were not many towns or villages in the country.

There was also the fact that in the space that had been chosen they would be able to use all elemental jutsu as there was a huge source of water nearby. They travelled for days peacefully with Naruto spending his time mostly in meditation until one day Naruto's eyes snapped open and he appeared on the deck surprising many especially with the serious expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" questioned Yamato upon seeing his expression.

"We're about to have company." Said Naruto looking intently despite the fog that surrounded them.

Before anyone could speak the figure of a giant squid erupted from the ocean. As it went to attack it froze as a monstrous presence made itself known and looking down it locked eyes with Naruto and could see a giant golden furred nine tailed fox silhouetting him. In an instant the presence was gone, and the squid quickly disappeared as well diving back under the water and to its depths.

"Did he just run away?" questioned one the Kumo shinobi incredulously

"I've never seen it do that before." Said another in shock.

Naruto however still had his eye on the horizon which unnerved Yamato. Then the boat shook and they were suddenly facing down a massive wave that was coming straight for them only for it to be flattened by a massive tentacle before it could reach the ship. Naruto's gaze remained locked and as they cleared the last bit of fog Yamato could see why as they were facing the head of a massive turtle. Surprising many it spoke but not in any language that Yamato had ever heard before and though he shouldn't have been he was surprised when Naruto immediately responded in the same language. They spoke for perhaps three minutes before Naruto gave a slight bow and the turtles head sunk beneath the water revealing its shell full of sharp spikes.

"What was that?" questioned Yamato.

"That was Genbu, one of the last giants. The language we spoke was the language of the giants."

"I've seen many things in my life, but I'd never thought there would be an actual race of giants." Said Yamato.

"They pre-date chakra and only four of them are still alive. Anyway he said if things get too bad to call and he'd help." Said Naruto surprising many of those near him.

"Why?" questioned on the the Kumo shinobi.

"Because the last time the Jubi was free to rampage it killed all but the four remaining giants, destroyed entire continents and created the Elemental Nations as we know them today. For instance what we call the Land of Wind, used to be an ocean, now it's an ocean of sand."

"Will the other giants help?" questioned Yamato.

"I'm hoping they don't need to, otherwise we'll all be die regardless." Said Naruto stunning all of them.

"You understand this as well correct, Eight-san." Said Naruto looking over to his left where a man could be seen perched on the railing of the ship.

"Yeah, which is why my brother wanted you to come here. Welcome to Turtle Island Mr. Nine." Said the man known as Killer B as the two sized each other up.

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