A Foxes Tale

Chapter 37

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Across Kaminari no Kuni (Land of Lightning) from the multiple battlefields to Alliance Command HQ everything stopped as power washed over everything. From the hordes of white Zetsu, revived shinobi and the forces of the Allied Shinobi Army, anyone or anything with a sense for chakra froze. Chakra sensing wasn't a skill that every shinobi could claim to possess but the pure power on display was enough that even those lacking the ability broke into a sweat at the level of power that even they could sense. On one such battlefield the figure of the revived Uchiha Madara stopped as the power washed over his senses turning and physically looking towards it in shock.

"Hashirama!" exclaimed Madara before stopping and frowning.

'No, it's similar but even Hashirama didn't have this much chakra to call on. Its almost like a biju but those beasts are incapable of producing chakra of this quality.' Mused the revived Uchiha.

The Biju as powerful as they are, were considered walking natural disasters for a reason. The chakra of a tailed beast was tainted with the rage and hatred of the creatures, even a fully transformed jinchurriki would produce that kind of tainted power. This chakra though possessed none of that rage or hatred yet was clearly beyond that of what any human would be capable of producing. Before he could move to investigate it though he turned to find the Five Kage standing before him and internally smirked, he needed a proper test after all.

Elsewhere within Kaminari no Kuni those assigned to the Sensor Division at Allied HQ collectively stopped as power washed over everything. While many had come to recognize the feeling of biju chakra only those from Konoha recognized this as the power of the Kyubi. There was however a difference as the malice they'd expected was gone and the feeling of the chakra was comparable to a supernova as anything else was drowned out by the massive level of power. Unfortunately they'd lost their visuals some time ago so all they could rely on for there information were the sensor ninjas monitoring the various battlefields.

"This power, it's unreal!" exclaimed one of the shinobi.

"Inoichi?" questioned Shikaku.

"There's no doubt about it, that's the power of the Kyubi." Said Inoichi

"That's Naruto-sama!" exclaimed another shinobi with the distinctive red hair of the Uzumaki clan.

"Incredible, he's actually keeping the masked Madara at bay! No, actually their pushing him back all four of them." Said one of the sensors from Kiri.

"Inoichi spread the news to all fronts! That will boost all morale at once! You've got 15 seconds!" said Shikaku.

Unknowing of what his release of power had caused Naruto stared down at the masked Madara from within the giant chakra construct that was his Bankai. Gai and Kakashi stood just behind him surprised as there was nothing solid beneath them, yet they stood as if on solid ground. Suddenly they began moving as if they were standing on a lift shooting down until their feet touched the ground. Looking to Naruto they watched as the golden chakra receded into him until he was covered with the chakra shroud allowing them to see the nine tomoe markings on the back of the shroud's haori under which was the Uzumaki clan crest. If anyone was close enough to see his face they would see that his eyes were now orange with vertical slit pupils and his whisker marks had thickened enough to resemble three dark bars

Naruto took a breath and suddenly he was gone reappearing in front of the masked man and slamming his right fist into his stomach within the blink of an eye. Before the masked man could even fully fold over the fist was removed and the left landed on the side of his masked face. Rocking back from the hit he was soon slammed with another and another as Naruto's arms became mere blurs, the mans body barely having time to react to one hit before another struck him. Finally Naruto's right hand surged forward a Rasengan spinning to life in an instant which the blond slammed into the masked face that held for only a few moments before the man was launched away flipping end over end before hitting the ground with a thud.

"Why did you stop?"

The question came from a voice he was still getting used to. Looking to his left he was greeted to the sight of a nine tailed fox the size of a horse with deep red fur the eyes of which possessed crimson red iris's with black slit pupils and sclera that seemed to be made of golden fire. This was Kyubi no Benihime, the spiritual form of his bankai.

"What do you mean, that should have killed him. Even with a mask a Rasengan to the face equals dead." Retorted Naruto causing the fox to scoff.

"Use your senses. This man gave your father trouble, it won't be that easy." Said the fox.

Frowning Naruto reached out with his senses to find that the man was very much still alive, which was actually pretty impressive.

"Man I didn't think it would be over that fast." Looking over Naruto found Bee had returned to his regular form as he approached alongside Kakashi and Gai.

"It's not, that asshat is still alive." Said Naruto

"But you hit him in the face with the Rasengan." Said Bee confused.

"Exactly, impressive right.." said Naruto.

"For a villain his flames of youth due seem to burn strong." Said Gai

"Now, now save the admiration for after its over." Said Kakashi.

"Right, at least he's not making us wait anymore." Said Naruto.

True to his word they could all see the masked man as he slowly picked himself up from the ground. As he did so they could see pieces of his mask steadily falling away and by the time he stood it was clear his face was exposed. When he looked up he showed he had a long face and beneath his eyes were long, pronounced tear-troughs. At the sight of his face both Kakashi and Gai reacted telling the blond that they recognized him.

"Kakashi, is that who I think it is?" questioned Gai.

"I wish I could say that it wasn't." said Kakashi.

"Well I'd like to know who he is. I'm still going to kill him, but I'd at least like to know who he is since he's certainly not Madara." Said Naruto.

"Naruto, that man is Uchiha Fugaku, the former head of the Uchiha Clan and Sasuke's father." Said Kakashi.

Itachi was making quick time heading towards the source of the Edo Tensei. With Jiraiya's aid he'd been able to learn the exact location the source was located at from the Interrogation Squad who'd already done their work on the captured Sakon, while they hadn't killed him he doubted that Sakon would survive the war now that there was little use for him. He stopped in his stride however as a presence registered to his senses leaving him perched on the branch of a tree.

"Hello Sasuke." Said Itachi turning to face the surprised form of his little brother.

"Itachi, I'm guessing Naruto sent you this way too?" questioned the teen.

"Indeed or at least one of his clones."

"Itachi, Sasuke can you hear me!" came a voice shocking both of them.

"We can hear you Yamanaka-san" said Itachi.

"The fake Madara, we know who was beneath the mask, it's Fugaku." Said Inoichi stunning both.

"Impossible, I've seen beneath that mask, it's someone else." Said Sasuke.

"I'm going to link you in so you can hear the conversation, you won't be able to speak but you'll be able to hear everything." Said Inoichi.

"It seems I underestimated your strength. It won't happen again." Said Fugaku once he was within speaking distance.

"Fugaku-sama, how, why?" questioned Kakashi clearly shocked.

"How am I here when I should be dead? Izanagi, the ultimate move of my Mangekyo Sharingan. It is a genjutsu, one that affects the world around me within a certain radius and imposes an illusion as reality. Unfortunately even just a single usage of the technique renders the Sharingan blind. As for why I am here and why I've done all of this, it is simple, to bring peace." Said Fugaku.

"Bullshit, you're not the guy that attacked my parents that night!" said Naruto his form reverting to normal as the chakra cloak faded.

"No, I'm not. The original Tobi, the man who caused the Kyubi attack is someone else. Let's just say we've been sharing the Tobi role for a while." Said Fugaku

"But why join Akatsuki, why do all of this?" questioned Gai.

"The shinobi system as we know it hasn't even been in place for a full century and already there have been 3 great wars. Before that the Warring States period lasted nearly 500 years. All of this violence began with the Sage of Six Paths bestowing the gift of chakra upon this world. The world has proven itself unworthy of the gift of chakra, as such they do not deserve to have it. Assuming the identity of Tobi gave me the means of taking chakra away. As such I agreed to sharing the role of Tobi, but I was not the one who released the Kyubi." Said Fugaku causing Kakashi's eyes to narrow.

"You knew about the Kyubi attack." Said Kakashi.

"I ordered it, unfortunately my partner bungled it. If he'd have killed Minato and Kushina first like he was supposed to there would have been no hope of Sarutobi creating a jinchurriki. I'd have then ensnared and tamed the beast using my Sharingan. Instead both of them escaped, suspicion was cast on the Uchiha clan which led to the elders ordering the Uchiha clan be massacred." Said Fugaku

"Yet you don't seem to heartbroken over this." Stated Gai

"Truthfully the clan had grown complacent. Content to be confined to that small corner of the village with no real power to speak of. Most of them were weaklings with nothing but their Sharingan to separate them from the fodder. As it is they were lucky I didn't act that night otherwise the only survivor would have been Sasuke." Said Fugaku

"Now that I have indulged your curiosity and given you my reasons, answer a question of mine. How is it you have come to possess this version of the Sharingan after Obito's was removed Kakashi?" Said Fugaku.

"Still not sure, it manifested in the aftermath of Pein's attack." Said Kakashi lightly.

"Very well keep your secret, unfortunately I'll have kill you to stop you from spreading this mutation of yours. Now surrender the Kyubi so that I may complete my work" Said Fugaku

"The only thing you'll get from me is a slow torturous death." Said Naruto his form exploding with power as his chakra shroud reemerged.

"I do not wish to harm you, nor did I wish to harm your parents. However much like with them I will not let you stand in the way of my goal of bringing peace to this world." Said Fugaku

As he said this his hands clasped together in a seal and fire shot out from his Sharingan in a spiral. As it neared Naruto's charka flared, and a golden arm of chakra intercepted the fire and deflected it away. Before anyone could do more, however, a figure landed next to Fugaku giving them all pause as it was the figure was dressed exactly like Fugaku, also sporting a single Sharingan and Rinnegan under his still intact mask.

"Looks like you're having fun over here, Fugaku." Said the masked man.

"What the fuck?" questioned a shocked Sasuke.

"It doesn't matter, we have our mission." Said Itachi causing Sasuke to whirl on him.

"If we do not accomplish our mission the revived shinobi will not be stopped. First we deal with that, then Fugaku." Said Itachi.

"You may not get a chance." Said Inoichi.

"What?" demanded Sasuke.

"Your mother is on her way there and she's pissed." Said Inoichi causing both Uchiha's to actually pale.

"You know what, we have a mission to complete." Said Sasuke his voice small.

With that the Uchiha brothers leapt away to complete their mission.

If anyone had been around to witness the battle between the six shinobi they would not have been able to adequately explain it. While Kakashi and Gai volunteered to deal with Fugaku that left Naruto and Bee to contend with the still masked Tobi. Fugaku had tossed his partner the gunbai before he'd been engaged, and the three men would appear as little more than blurs to even some of the most trained eyes. The other three combatants hadn't moved and weren't even bothering to pay attention to the other fight. Holding his right hand out Naruto's chakra surged only for a moment before a sword materialized within his hand.

The sword is an O-katana, possessing a long crimson red 33-inch blade from the tip to the guard with the guard in the shape of a golden kitsune's head looking as if the blade emerged from its mouth. The handle was wrapped with black cloth and the menuki beneath the wrap were kitsune heads. Rather than transforming himself again, Bee was suddenly shrouded in lighting chakra as he engaged his Lightning Armor drawing two of his own swords and with barely a glance between them they charged. Tobi met them head on his gunbai sweeping out and its blade edge meeting Bee's twin blades and deflecting them just in time to allow him to shift it and block Naruto's.

Leaning away he avoided a slash to the head from Bee and blocked the follow-up from his other sword. Naruto came in again only for him to sidestep the thrust then spin his gunbai to block the sweeping slash the followed. From there it was a constant dance of death with Bee and Naruto keeping him on the defensive for several minutes before he leapt away to put some distance between them. Narrowing his eyes the masked man surged forward and leapt to the air swinging his gunbai and sending out a gale of wind that both of his opponents simply tanked. Unbothered he swung again this time producing a gale of flames that Bee hurriedly dodged away from. Naruto simply summoned a shied with his blade allowing the flames to pass by him harmlessly.

Still this gave the man enough time to create a clone which immediately went after Bee. Dismissing his shield Naruto found Tobi standing calmly as if he'd been waiting for him and gave a smile full of teeth. In the next instant they vanished meeting in the middle with their weapons clashing causing a shockwave. Vanishing once more the two clashed several more times each time producing a shockwave before they separated neither of them even breathing hard. Tobi narrowed his eyes at the smirking blond and glanced down to see a vertical slash in his top and reaching up felt a small one on his mask as well.

"Interesting." Said Tobi.

'He's used to fighting the Sharingan. He increased his speed at the last moment after I had already committed to the dodge allowing him to score that scratch on my top.' mused Tobi

Naruto, however, was frowning. Now that he was focused on him he could sense the seal he'd used earlier to block the time/space technique on this one. This meant they had to switch out during the fight, and he hadn't been able to tell, thinking he'd broken the seal somehow when in actuality the two had switched out and he hadn't noticed.

Scolding himself mentally for that he decided not to give him any more time to think closing the distance once more aiming a thrust to his midsection that Tobi side-stepped. Undeterred he flicked his wrist turning the blade horizontal and slashing. Jumping back slightly to avoid the attack Tobi brought his gunbai down aiming to cut diagonally across the boys chest only for Naruto to spin with the missed attack a Rasengan already held in his left hand which met the gunbai grinding into it for all of two seconds before the weapon broke and the Rasengan tore through it and slamming into his mask causing his eyes to close reflexively before he went flying and slammed into the wall of a plateau causing an explosion. Suddenly the earth shifted, and he was impaled by earth spikes only for him to burst into rose petals.

Fugaku scowled as Naruto appeared sitting on the branch of a tree with his back against the trunk. However he was no longer in his transformed state but in his normal form with his sword once more in its normal form.

"Naruto what happened with Tobi?" questioned Kakashi as he appeared on the branch.

"Rasengan to the face. Why haven't you killed yours yet?" questioned Naruto.

"It's not that easy." Said Kakashi.

"Don't care. His life is forfeit and he'll be lucky if I only use his skull as a paper weight." Said Naruto.

"Vengeance isn't the answer." Said Kakashi.

"I have a plant that would embed itself into his body linking all of his organs and nerves while it fed off of his blood. It is slow to bloom and can feed off of one host for a full century. The entire time the host would be alive to feel everything with each second being its own eternity." Said Naruto causing Kakashi to blanch.

Before Kakashi could think of a comment Bee was suddenly engaging Fugaku forcing him to move away giving the two Konoha shinobi a clear view of Tobi as he emerged from the dust caused by his meeting with the rock wall with his face exposed causing Kakashi to freeze. Like Fugaku this man had short cut spiky hair, his left eye possessing the Rinnegan and his right eye the Sharingan. It was his face that caught Naruto's attention as the right side was heavily scarred resembling wrinkles. A gasp had him looking over to see Gai looking at the man with undisguised shock.

"I'm guessing you guys know this one as well." Said Naruto

"Indeed. That man is Uchiha Obito, a comrade of ours who was said to have died in an ambush during the Third Shinobi War. He was Kakashi's teammate." Said Gai.

Madara frowned as he stared down at the defeated forms of the Five Kage. He'd honestly expected more, people were supposed to get stronger over time but these Kage were all weak. The Kazekage and Tsuchikage he could understand, the former was young, not even a grown man and it was obvious he hadn't even neared his prime. The Tsuchikage on the other hand was old, long past his prime and his power was waning as a result. The other three were disappointments, all of them lacked the level of power and ability that he felt their positions demanded. None of them were worth killing, though he may make an exception for Onoki and give him a warriors death if only for the fight he'd put up after using so much power to stop his meteor with the Kazekage. Suddenly he was shrouded in darkness and could feel the connection to the Edo Tensei summoner incredibly dulled.

"So you've returned, though something is odd." The voice was deep and powerful yet he didn't even flinch.

"Yes, a technique called Edo Tensei, created by Senju Tobirama. Apparently my soul was summoned and placed in a preprepared body." Said Madara.

"Yes, I see now it's a form of necromancy." Said the voice.

"It has its perks though this is most definitely a temporary form." Said Madara.

"See that it is you were better of dead than in such a pitiful form." Said the voice.

In the real world Madara blinked as he came back to himself and frowned. Looking down he could see the Kage were still out of commission and dismissed them as he turned and leapt away, he had more important matters to deal with.

"How far are the reinforcements?"

Shikaku's question cut through the silence of the Allied HQ, the first time he'd spoken in several minutes since the reveal that the force behind the Akatsuki were two former Konoha shinobi, both of whom had been considered dead for years.

"The bulk of it is still some time away." Said one of the sensors.

"I've diverted medics to the Kage. Their commander is amongst the ones headed to them." Said another.

"Shikaku should we use that?" questioned Uzumaki Shikichi to Shikaku quietly.

"No, we'll save that for if we need it." Said Shikaku just as quietly.

"The Uchiha brothers have encountered the Edo Tensei summoner." Came a voice.

"Well that's some good news, at least the resurrected shinobi won't be a problem much longer." Said Shikaku.

Without the resurrected shinobi the opposition would be in serious trouble. The white Zetsu had not been too much trouble to take out but the same could not be said of the resurrected shinobi who had been causing serious damage. Most of the Uzumaki they'd brought were part of the sealing teams while the remainder were put to use creating and maintaining a barrier around the headquarters. Outside of the Uzumaki clan members there had been numerous shinobi of the alliance that had been impressive.

Kakashi wasn't a surprise, nor was Darui the Raikage's second or Kitsuchi the Tsuchikage's second. The surprise for Shikaku had been in those who had become known as the Konoha 11, though it would be 12 including Sasuke or 13 including Sai. He was pretty sure if they made it through this a number of them would be up for promotion to at least Special Jonin.

Still even with that the resurrected shinobi were still a problem and the sooner their summoner was taken care of the better, Naruto dispatching Itachi to handle that was an inspired move. They knew that just killing the controller of the Edo Tensei would not result in the jutsu being lifted, instead the resurrected shinobi would just be free of control. As such the jutsu needed to be lifted and outside of a Yamanaka taking control of their body to lift the jutsu the next best option was an Uchiha using a genjutsu. Hopefully the two Uchiha handled this mission quickly so they could focus fully on the two Akatsuki leaders.

Uchiha Obito was alive, before now such a statement would have filled Kakashi with not just disbelief but happiness as well. Unfortunately not only had he somehow lived through a cave-in that crushed part of his body, if what Fugaku said was true then he was the one who caused the Kyubi attack and had been controlling the Akatsuki from the shadows for years. Looking at the man Kakashi could see in his features the boy that was once his teammate and the knowledge that he'd caused the death of their sensei caused something deep inside of Kakashi to break.

He had no time to process his emotions though as a number of portals appeared between them out of which stepped out a number of resurrected shinobi and white Zetsu. Obito himself smirked, these were the resurrected shinobi he'd kept in reserve and while not as powerful as those summoned initially together combined with the Zetsu they'd be a problem for even the Kage.

"I'll let you handle him for now, I'll deal with the resurrected shinobi and the Zetsu." Said Naruto.

"You sure, seems like you could use a rest." Said Kakashi causing Naruto to smirk.

"I'm fine, I don't need that much power for this." Said Naruto.

With that said he launched himself forward closing the distance between himself and one of the resurrected shinobi in the blink of an eye drawing the sealed form of Benihime from the sheath and bisecting him in an instance. Obito smirked as a resurrected shinobi it would take more than that to dispatch even one yet that smirk died when instead of the body regenerating the body fell apart and crumbled into dust. As every eye around him looked at him in shock he burst into Shunpo before reappearing beside Kakashi just before two Zetsu and three more resurrection collapsed having been cut down.

"You know if I finish before you get moving I'm going to kill him before you get a chance." Said Naruto lightly.

Giving his old student another look as his words registered Kakashi offered one of his eye smiles before leaping away to engage Obito. Turning his attention back to his own opponents Naruto eyed the resurrected shinobi and did a quick count finding they numbered only 46. Smirking darkly he launched himself back into the fray he had some aggression to work off.

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