Chapter 2: The Darkness within Me

As I awoke I realized I was no longer in the care of doctors. Instead I was chained to an old-fashioned silk sheeted bed in a room as dark as the midnight sky, I was parched. The only thing I could think of was the thirst. I moved to sit up, but the chains stopped me along with the sound of someone laughing. "Oh my look who's up, it's about time". I looked around my eyes began to adjust to the darkness. I saw him coming closer to me every second.


I woke up with a nurse beside me, wrapping my arm in a cast, I went to get up but a pain shot through my arm and head so I lay back down and asked the nurse what happened. She told me that there was a blast and that I must have been caught in it. I looked over and realized that Raven really was gone * I've got to find her if she's still alive* I thought. As I jumped up, pain shot through me. I ran out the door while the nurse cursed behind me.


As he got closer, I lunged at him, fangs bared. "Those are rare chains my dear, you cannot break them" he said laughing as he got closer and closer I felt a power pushing me back down. My body finally gave in and I fell, chains jangling as I did. *who is he * I thought as he took a chair beside the bed, "where am I, and who are you" I asked as he sat down.


I ran through the doubled doors into the street. I started wondering where he would have taken her, and then I remembered the old abandoned house outside of town. It looked over the whole town. As it started to get dark I ran to the outskirts of town, *half way there* I thought to myself while I ran down the dirt path. "Where do you think your going young man", I turned around and there stood an elderly man with his gun in hand and a cross around his neck, blinded by his light shining on my face I covered my eyes while he came closer.


Sitting there he stared at me dumb founded while I laid there squirming for the drink of eternal life (the drink of human blood). "Well are you going to tell me" I yelled,

"But dear you already know who I am, don't you remember who I am" he said and he leaned forward towards me, clam again I answered his question with a smile and

Said "oh yeah I remembered" and watched his face shine bright with delight, "your that old fart that fricking bit me, I still owe you for that" as I turned and kicked him in

Face so that he went flying backwards onto the floor. As he stood back up I saw the anger burning in his eyes as I froze looking at the hair that was once gray was

Now black and wavy along with his features that had changed, he looked like someone from my high school * yes it has to be but why, how * I thought as I fainted

At the sight of his change to my very own class mate...a very old class mate.


"Do you mind" I yelled at him as he lowered the light off my face and took a couple steps forward toward me, as he did I stumbled over a branch and fell over.

"What's your name son and what are you doing in these parts, they are very dangerous at night" he said as he put his hand forward to help me up, "my names mikey,

and I'm here for my friend I think she went up to the old abandoned house up on the hill and yes I know it can be dangerous but I have to find her tonight before

Something happens to her" I said as I let him help me up off the ground "and may I ask what your name is my dear sir" I asked him as he lead me to a little shack

In the outskirts of the woods on the left side of the dirt path. "Yes you may ask my name is cage, David cage vampire hunter of these lands and I think you should

Wait till day to find your friend my son because you don't want to go up there when he's at his full power". As I started thinking he led me into a small room with

A table in the center and a sink and fridge at the far left of the room but he lead me to a bedroom with a lamp and a bed, "you can stay here for the night and

Tomorrow I will help you find you girl-friend so relax for now and rest you'll be safe here for the night and at day break we head up to the castle to search for her,

Just pray he hasn't biting her yet. As I realized what he was talking about I gasped "you mean that old man from earlier was a vamp...vampire" I stuttered the words out

As he answered "what do you mean old, young man what you saw was an illusion that, that young vamp placed on himself so he wouldn't be recognized by me and

Other humans and yes he is a vampire, many, many years old may I say".


"Old man that's what you think I am, look again raven guess what I'm no old man" he laughed as I awoke, I looked him over again and again till I fully realized who I

Was looking at "vlad is that you "my voice almost a whisper as it started shaking at the thought of him being a creature of death and me not realizing it

Considering I had been in his class since grade nine and I thought of how he hadn't changed at all since then. "Oh my god how old are you anyways" I yelled as I

Tried to get up again forgetting about the chains he had me put on me. Tugging at the chains I yelled at him again "let me go you little creep, or I swear you'll hear

about this from everyone I know" as I started swearing at him until he put his hand up to stop me from saying another word." Wow you don't realize yet that if I let you'll

Hunt down everyone you know until you get your fill of blood, which will take a while may I say because you're new to this way of life" he said as he started laughing

Again, *and to think I thought this guy was my type I guess I was wrong * I thought to myself as I heard a chrek on the wooden post, at that moment he stopped and

I broke lose making a run for it with him on my tail. A sharp sweet scent caught my nose and I ran for hell as I followed it with a vampire on my tail.

* "oh great" I thought "this is the end of this chapter guess you'll have to wait till the next one comes out till then raven out"*: P