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Summary: At Jusendo, things go horribly wrong. Now Ranma must find a new place in the world along side his last living friend. What happens when they decide to start over in Juuban. Ranma/Ryoga Sailor Moon X-over

A/N: For those of you who have read, Red and Yellow Make Orange, this is not going to be a prequil to that story. This idea has actually been dancing around my head for some time and I finally decided to write it. This is my first multi-chaptered fanfiction, so please, dont judge to harshly.

Ruby Queen, Jade Knight

Chapter 1

It was raining, the sound of it pounding against the roof of the Tendo dojo, sounding almost thunderous in the silence of the room. He found it depressingly cliche' considering that they were at a funeral.

He looked around at the faces of everyone who had gathered to mourn.

The Tendos were gathered, Nabiki, her face set as though carved from stone. The only sign of her emotions being her paler than normal face.

Mr. Tendo, doing a damn fine impersonation of a rock in contrast to his usually over emotional outbursts. Kasumi, her ever cheerful visage twisted in pain as she silently cried.

Then there was Cologne. She stayed perched atop her cane as always, though her usually bright, lively eyes were dulled, showing, for once, all three hundred some odd years of her life.

His Mother was there as well, attempting to keep her reserve, though if you looked you could see the telltale tremble of her lip, the tightness in her shoulders, and the tears that lurked just behind her eyes, threatening to burst out.

He looked beside him, sighing again as his eyes landed next on the eternally lost boy, Ryoga Hibiki, who seemed to be sharing a similar state of mind as himself, if the look on his face was anything to go by.

The Kunos would have been there, except for the fact that he had hospitalized the both of them in an attempt to keep them from causing trouble during the event.

He finally returned his gaze to the shrine in front of him. It wasnt much, only a small table on which there rested Five pictures, the faces on each one seared into his memory. Shampoo, Mousse, his father Genma, Ukyo, and... and Akane.

He felt the sting of tears build up behind his eyes as he looked at her picture, but he wouldnt let himself cry. He had already cried enough for one lifetime in his opinion.

He didnt understand how it had happened. It didnt seem real, not after all they had gone through, not after facing countless dangers and coming away with nothing but a few lumps.

It was real though, and there was nothing he could do about it.

It had all happened so fast. He was fighting against the Phoenix King Saffron, using every ounce of his speed and strength to defeat the man...bird...THING, that kept him from reaching Akane's salvation.


"Damn it" Ranma cursed to himself as Saffron brushed off the Moko Takabisha he had just fired at him as though he hadnt felt it. 'How am I supposed to beat this guy when he just keeps regenerating' he thought as he dodged the fireball that his opponent had sent his way.

He looked down at Akane, her doll like body laying limply in his hand, eyes half lidded. 'Ive got to get to that water' he thought resolutly, before returning his attention to Saffron, just in time to watch as the Birdman curled in on himself, before swinging his wings and arms out, releasing an unholy wave of superheated lifeforce at him.

Reacting quickly, he dropped to the ground, curling himself around the Akane doll, as the deadly wave passed over head.

As he stood he heard a scream from behind him, turning just in time to see the wave of fire sweep across the rock formation that his friends had been on.

"No" he whispered as he watched helplessly while everyone who had been standing there, besides Ryoga who had managed to leap out of the way of the blast, was instantly turned to ash, not even bones remaining after the wall of hellfire passed.

He stood there, frozen in disbelief for a moment, before the sound of dark laughter behing him snapped him out of his grief stricken daze.

Slowly, Ranma turned to face the one who had just destroyed the lives of five people, and then dared to laugh about it.

Suddenly, an all consuming rage tore through him, as he stared at the bastard responsible for killing his friends. It would be the last thing that Saffron ever did.

With an inhuman roar Ranmas aura exploded around him in a hellish whirlwind of color. Red and gold mixing with green and blue as nearly imperceptable claws of chi formed around the pigtailed boys hands, one at the end of each finger.

==End Flashback==

He had literally torn the Pheonix apart with his bare hands after that.

Were he capable of it he probably would have laughed at that.

It had been such a wasted effort to destroy Saffron. It didnt bring back the ones he had lost. Hell, he hadnt even been able to save Akane in the end, the hotspring water he sought only managing to return Akane to her true form.

He still remembered holding on to her lifeless form after that, silent tears tailing down his cheeks as he mourned for them.

Ranma had returned to the Tendo's with Ryoga a couple weeks later with the grim news. They had unsurprisingly not taken it very well.

Soun had simply stared at Ranma for a long moment before he stood and left to his bedroom. Nabiki had tried her hardest to hurt Ranma, pounding on him with her fists as she cried, screaming at him for being unable to save Akane.

He had simply reached out and hugged the middle Tendo, and she had stayed there, crying into his chest while asking why over and over again.

Kasumi had simply froze for a moment, both fists clenched so tightly in her lap that she drew blood, before she began trembling and finally with a scream of Imouto-chan she collapsed to the ground and began sobbing.

Ryoga, not knowing what else to do, and being to emotionally drained to be embarrassed took an example from Ranma as he sat beside the eldest Tendo daughter and after lifting her into his lap, he held her as she too cried herself out.

Ranma felt his shoulders begin to tremble as the emotions attempted to crash back down on him. Finally being unable to take it anymore he turned on his heel and strode towards the exit of the dojo.

He made his way across the yard, and into the dojo. He heard footsteps behind him, but didn't bother looking behind him, he already new it was Ryoga.

As he reached the top of the stairs and started towards the guestroom, he stopped, and slowly turned his head toward the door he was standing next to.

Another wave of emotion swept over him, threatening to drown him as he saw the wooden duck hanging on it.

A strong hand landed on his shoulder as Ryoga came to stand next to him. The two martial artists stared at her door for a moment before Ranma turned back towards the door to the guest room.

Entering his room, he opened the closed and dragged out two large traveling packs. Leaning the larger of the two against the wall, he began to pack the smaller.

"Theres your pack Ryoga, I made sure to fully supply it. I dont know what your planning on doing, but I figured that your not going to stay around here so..." The pigtailed youth trailed off as he continued packing his own backpack.

Lifting the pack and settling it comfortably on his back Ryoga took a long look at Ranma before saying, "Seeing as your packing your bag too, Id say your not planning on staying around Nerima either." Ranma said nothing as he finished packing what few posessions he had.

"Well," Ryoga started, "I guess we should probably leave now if were going to get out before anybody notices"

Ranma looked at Ryoga questioningly for a moment before asking,"We?" Ryoga just returned his stare without speaking.

Sighing, Ranma turned to the window. Opening it he stepped onto the sill before saying, "Suit yourself man." and with that he leapt out and onto the wall surrounding the Tendos property and then to the street,where he began to walk, Ryoga following shortly after.

Neither teen looked back at the Tendos as they continued walking, so they missed the one pair of eyes following their departure from the gate of the Tendo residence.

With a quiet sigh, Nodoka Saotome watched as her son and his friend walked away, wondering if that was the last she would ever see of her son. Waiting until the two boys were out of sight, she turned back toward the yard and into the Tendos, grief weighing heavily on her shoulders.

End Chapter 1

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