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I wonder what Sir Integra wants tonight? I really hope it's not another mission; I just can't stand killing even if it is ghouls and Freaks. This is what she thought as she knocked on the big oak door that led to Integra's office. When she heard the word "enter" come from behind the doors she opened the door and went into the big and spacious office. Integra sat at her usual seat wearing her olive green suit and a cigar in her mouth. After looking around the room for a closer inspection she found her master in his usual spot in the corner of the office with his never absent smirk plastered on his face.

"Ah, Miss. Victoria, good, you are just in time to hear about your mission with Alucard so I won't have to repeat myself." As she heard this the blond inwardly groaned at the thought of another mission.

Her master hearing this he said "Why do you groan Police Girl? You are a Vampire killing is your purpose in your unlife." she scowled at that, but pretended not to hear. This is what she has gone accustomed to doing in the past month, that and fully avoiding him. He was scary, rude, and did not even call her by her real name, but these are not the reasons why she avoid him; the real reason is because she finally realized that she love him. Why? Even she is not even sure. She just is. Afraid of rejection, though, she avoid him and only talk to him when she need to, hoping that the feelings would go away.

"Your mission," said Sir Integra "Is to search and destroy any ghouls and Freaks that you see in a nearby village and rescue any survivors you may find."

"Yes Sir!" the young fledgling said and left to prepare for the mission.

Two Hours Later

The mission has been going great so far and they were almost done killing all of the ghouls and Freaks in the area.
Now all I have to do is finish and go back home to avoiding Master. Seras thought as she walked down a hallway. Then, something creaked down the hallway. Seras froze, staining her ears to try to locate were the noise came from. At the end of the hallway the petite Hellsing officer saw a light coming from a closed door at the end of the hallway. As she crept toward the door she thought about calling for backup but thought against it. When she was in front of the door she broke it down and positioned her gun so that she would be prepared for an attack. She walked into the room slowly and found it was an empty room with boarded up windows, but other than that nothing else. I could have sworn I heard that noise come from here. She thought, but seeing that there was nobody around so she let her guard down; she soon learned that was a big mistake. Out of nowhere a shady figure jumped out of the shadows and pounced towards her with speed so great she had a hard time trying to doge the attack.

When the figure stopped Seras got a chance to see what he looked like. He was a tall man, almost as tall as master, and crimson shoulder length hair that matched his eyes. His face was sharp and snake-like looking. Under closer inspection I noticed that her was wearing black pants and jacket but under the jacket he was wearing no shirt at all exposing his muscular abs and chest.

"Who are you?" she asked calmly.

"Who I am is not important," He said with an evil smirk on his face "it's what I'm about to do you should be worried about."

"Well...then what d-do you plain on d-d-doing then?" Seras asked with her voice breaking. Something was not right with this man or vampire; he had a dark aura surrounding him and his eyes could kill a person if they looked directly into them they looked so evil. That was not what worried her though, it was his voice. His voice sounded high and yet low at the same time, and it did not suite his body at all; it sent chills down her spine and back.

"Well...I don't think I will tell you just yet. I want to have fun with you before I continue my little plain of revenge, and what better toy to play with because you are the toy of my worst enemy so it will be even more satisfying afterwards." He said in that demonic like voice.

"What do yo..." I started to say, but at that moment he charged towards me with speed I could not follow and was tackled into the wall on the other side of the room. Then he got in front of me and pulled me up by the hair and pushed his hand through the middle of her chest just barely nicking her heart.

"Well, I for one am disappointed. I thought that the blood daughter of Alucard the great No Life King and the great Impaler would be a bigger challenge than this pathetic scrap of a fight. Oh well, I guess they don't make vampires like they used to anymore." He said while standing over my broken body. She tried to get up but it proved useless for she kept on falling to the ground in a bloody heap. Dame she thought why can't I get up? And why aren't my wounds healing? I'm bleeding WAY to much blood. She tried to think of a way out of this mess but was pulled out of my thoughts when the poor Police Girl felt something squeezing both of my breast. She blushed crimson and and looked at my opponent and stared daggers at him. He looked at me in amusement and said "Though I have to give him this much credit he sure does know how to get all of the most beautiful of women. I mean, I've seen allot of the women when he had a fling with someone but YOU make the top of the list as far as I'm concerned." Then leaning low he said "Maybe I should have some fun with you before I put my little plan in action?" He said this while licking the blood off of her face with his tung.

"What exactly is your little plan?" she asked in a horse voice.

"Well, since I already some fun with you, I will tell you for your good behavior. Step one for my little plan for revenge is to get you and bloody you up so you can be weak enough to take you as a hostage. The second step to my plan is to lure your ass of a master over to a secluded area and fight him to the death. Then for the finale I will take his unlife when he least expects it and send him to the bowels of hell were he belongs."

"Why?" she asked as my vision started to get blurry from the lack of blood. Dame it to bloody hell! Why are my wounds not healing, I mean I drank the dame blood today for Christs sake!

He looked at the bleeding fledgling with an amused look and said "You will find out after you wake up... and I have had some more fun with you." Then he leaned over me and said in a husky voice "I was not kidding when I said that I should have some fun with you a little before I got started with step two of my plan." That was the last thing I heard before everything became dark.