Alucard's Point of View

Where am I? he thought as he stared into the darkness. He could see nothing so he started to wonder around, trying to search for anything that might tell him where he is and why he was here. After a while of walking aimlessly, he gave up and sat on the darkness that was the floor. Or at least he thought it was the floor; he could not really tell what was up and what was down.

Where the heck am I? The last thing I remember was the Police Girl sitting next to me. Then it all came back to him. Ah yes, now I remember. That lower vampire scum pulled a fast one on me and injected me with that poison. How he even got the poison in the first place I may never know. He thought again about how he managed to stay awake for a couple of minutes and how he was touched by how hard his Police Girl seemed to be taking care of him. I hope she got the hint when I said my room. I really could not say anything else after that. Well last time she seemed to be on the case so I should not worry, she is my fledgling after all. That did not seem to help him though, because he was still worried. Not about himself though, it was for his Police Girl. Why am I feeling this way? Could I be developing feeling for her? No! Seras is just my fledgling and nothing more! But as he said that something inside his gut was turning and his undead heart was contracting in his chest. He sighed and thought I will have to think more about this later. And with that he fell into a light sleep.

Seras Point of View

She was on a plain heading for London when she first got that call from Sir Integra.

"Miss Victoria, where have you been?! Walter said that you were stuck in a cave of some sort. Did you get the flower? And where is Walter!? He is not answering his cell phone." At all these questions the young Police Girl suddenly have a flashback concerning what had happened in the last twenty hours.


"So I can have the flower then?" asked Seras just to make sure.

"As long as you use it to cure your master only, then yes." said the mummy that use to be holding the joyous Police Girl.

Yes, Seras thought, now I can go back to Hellsing and we can find a cure for master! "Thank you, but where is the flower? Is it behind the door over there?"

"No, it is not. You see your master thought of the perfect hiding place when he sealed us in here." With that the mummy placed its hand on his chest and moved the bandages so that he could put his hand inside its body. After some digging around, it took its hand out and in his palm was a beautiful silver blue flower, root and all. It then knelled on the ground to scoop up some dirt and then rasped some of its bandages around the dirt so that it looked like a planting pot made of cloth. After placing the flower inside the cloth pot, it handed the flower to Seras. "Be careful with this not there is not much of that flower left, and you do not want to waste any time."

"How do I get out though?" asked the young fledgling.

"Oh, that is easy. Here let me do it." He then went to the door and placed its palm on a circular stone on the far left. After pushing on the stone, the ground started to rumble. In fact the ground was shacking so bad that poor Seras could hardly keep her balance. When the shacking stopped, Seras looked up and saw that the stone door was open and she could see that she was on top of the mountain. "This is the fastest way down the mountain. Just go straight down and you will get to the nearby town that you must have come from. Now hurry! Your master will not last much longer." With a nod, Seras sprinted off into the jungle. Not long after she started treading through the thick jungle she found Walter resting on the trunk of a tree.

"Walter, what are you doing here?" asked Seras. Man, I totally forgot that Walter was here. "Never mind, let's just go. I have the flower."

"Miss Victoria, how did you get here? I thought you were stuck in that cave?"

"There is no time to explain now Walter. We need to get this to master or he might not make it!" And with a nod from Walter they made their way down the mountain.

End Flashback

"Well Officer Victoria, where have you been!" demanded Sir Hellsing.

"Well, Sir I was trapped inside a cave, and well long story short I found the flower and was able to retrieve the flower." replied the timid fledgling.

"Good, I presume that you are on your way back to headquarters."

"Yes Sir, myself and Walter are on our way now and should be back within twenty-four hours."

"Excellent, I will see you there." And with that the call ended.

Twenty Hours later

Seras and Walter were finally able to return to Hellsing, and they were currently in one of the medical labs trying to find a cure for Alucard. "Do you think this will work Walter?" asked Seras.

"I just need to add one more ingredient into the mixture, and I need your help. All I need from you is some of your blood to mix with the serum."

"OK, I think I can do that." Walter then took out a syringe and quickly stuck Seras with it and took the blood that was needed. "OW! Walter that hurt! Haven't you heard of being gentle?"

"Sorry Miss Victoria. I will try to keep that in mind if I ever need to do this again." Walter then mixed the blood with the mixture and watched as it turned a silver pink color. After putting the liquid in a different syringe, Walter handed it to Seras. "Miss Victoria, you can do the honor of giving this to master Alucard."

"What! I can't do that! What if I do something wrong?" asked the somewhat hysterical Police Girl.

"I'm sure you will do fine. Now let's get over to him so that he will not have to wait for very long." Just then the intruder alarm when off, thus startling the two of them. A solder came into the room out of breath and said "Officer Victoria, Paladin Alexander Anderson is here, and he is heading toward Alucards room!" That was all Seras had to here before sprinting down the hall with the serum in hand. Master I have to get this to you before that Paladin does!

But she was to late. She found them both in the same room that she had left her master in, but this time the Paladin stood over her immobile master while he poised a large bayonet over her masters heart. Without thinking about the consequences she moved faster than the speed of sound and roughly pushed the Paladin into the nearby wall. She then quickly took the needle and jabbed it into her unconscious masters neck.

Just then two very important things happened. One, was that Alucard opened his eyes and looked better already. The second was that the Paladin stabbed Seras in the heart. When everything was going black for her she could not help but feel happy for she had saved her master from dieing, and that in it's self made her happy.

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