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Sunset Ch 4: Miss me?



I waited until I heard the driving away, then dashed upstairs, and quickly went through the motions of getting ready for bed. Charlie had excused himself much earlier, on account of how early he had to get up (not to mention the awkwardness of being around Renee for that long), so he was probably already asleep.

And, sure enough, as soon as I opened my bedroom door I was swept up by a pair of protective, chillingly masculine arms.

I squealed quietly as Edward spun me around in a few gentle circles, and returned his ecstatic grin as he sat in the rocking chair with me snuggled cozily in his lap.

After a few blissful minutes of my favorite kind of hello-kissing-he whispered, "I missed you."

My grin took on a wicked gleam.

"Oh, really? I couldn't tell."

Edward eagerly pulled me in for another, more intense kiss, and I was soon breathless. His arms wound tighter about my waist, pulling me flush against him, and when one hand trailed a short way to my hip, my pulse sped to double-time. My fingers curled tightly in his hair as his other hand crept slowly up my back to the nape of my neck, causing delicious shivers to run up and down my spine.

He finally slowed down, seeming to realize my near-faint condition, and began kissing gently along my jaw and neck. Then, when my heart had calmed somewhat, his lips meandered leisurely to my ear.

"Do you believe me now?" he breathed against my skin, a smile evident in his voice.

I pulled in a shaky breath.

"Yes...I think you made your...sincerity quite clear."

He chuckled.

"I'd best leave soon; I don't know how much longer I can bear having you at my mercy," he teased, a slight but utterly tempting growl entering his voice as he tilted his face until our noses were almost touching.

I was, too; I probably felt softer than putty in his firm, capable arms.

It was incredible that I was able to form a solid thought with him so close, but somehow I managed to tease back.

I nodded solemnly, mockingly somber since I knew he had no intention of leaving.

"Mm. Perhaps that would be best. We wouldn't want to get carried away, now, would we?"

His eyes gleamed mischievously.

"Actually, I was more concerned that Alice might see us getting 'carried away' and then come to act as chaperone. You know how I hate being interrupted."


Oh, he was wicked.

"Sh-h-h," he forced out through quakes of laughter.

More quietly, I continued, shaking my head and laughing softly.

"Edward, I swear, you are absolutely incorrigible!"

It was true; ever since he had put me in charge of our, erm, physical activities, he'd been much more...playful. It was as if some enormous weight had been lifted from his shoulders, and now this other side of him was free to come through.

Edward just grinned down at me, but then sighed.

"You really should get some sleep, though."

I sighed, too, pouting just a little.

He lifted me up in his arms and brought me over to the bed, making sure I was comfortably situated on my side before settling down behind me. I snuggled into his marble embrace and leaned against his chest with another sigh, albeit more contented this time.

I had to beam in pleasure, though, when he touched his lips to my throat, moving gently and enticingly along the expanse of my bared neck.

"Are you tired?" he asked between kisses.

I giggled quietly.

"I don't see how you can expect me to be when you are so wonderfully distracting."

Immediately, he removed his mouth from where it had been working so seriously against the skin beneath my jaw.

Almost as immediately thereafter, I exclaimed, "Hey! I didn't mean I wanted you to stop!"

It was truly a miracle that I was able to sound so indignant while keeping my voice subdued enough to not wake Charlie.

The bed shook with his silent laughter.

"I'm sorry," he told me with keen amusement, "but I rather thought that I shouldn't be distracting you from sleeping."

He gently brushed aside a lock of hair to kiss the nape of my neck, and I shivered pleasantly.

Then, I twisted around to face him and kiss his cheek warmly.

"I love being distracted by you."

He grinned and brought his face closer to mine, eyes smoldering.

I could tell that it was going to be a very lovely night.

... ... ...

I woke up much later than usual-no surprises there-and rolled out of bed with utmost reluctance. Edward went down stairs to make breakfast for me, since Charlie was long gone by now, and I shuffled off to the bathroom, bag of toiletries in hand, for a brief but wonderfully soothing shower.

"I'm sorry for keeping you up so late," Edward said contritely as I entered the kitchen-which smelled absolutely delicious.

I grinned.

"Oh, I don't mind. Hey, what is that? It smells wonderful."

He smiled back sheepishly.

"I hope you like omelets."

... ... ...

Edward. Is. Mine.

Seriously. Any man who cooks this well should be locked away as protection from the hordes of women running after him.

I'll admit-at first, I was a bit annoyed that he had to be so much better at everything than me, but, by the second bite, I didn't really care anymore. It was too exquisite to feel bitter over.

He did admit to me, though, that there isn't much he can cook without serious help. Eggs are a particular challenge, since they vary so much according to individual taste, but he'd been watching the food network, and...

I had to laugh at how he did so much to please me only to shrug it off as nothing special.

Then, though, Edward told me that he had to go back to the house to talk some things over with Alice-more last minute wedding plans, I guess-and that she wanted me to come over too, as soon as I finished grocery shopping.

"How did she know I-never mind."

Edward chuckled, kissed me goodbye, and left.

...then came back, kissed me again, deeply, and said, "Alright, I'm really going now. I love you."

I laughed.

"Love you too."

I smiled as he kissed me just once more before he disappeared.

That smile remained firmly planted on my face until it hurt.

He really was wonderful.

... ... ...

Edward was on my mind all the way to the store, and it was all I could do not to grin like an idiot. When I walked in, though, I saw a familiar face-and promptly headed in the other direction.


'Too late...' I groaned inwardly.

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