This story is based on An American Haunting. I watched that movie a few weeks ago and poof! a plot bunny bit me. And they bite hard; trust me, my sister has one named Mokey.

There are a few characters from Yu-Gi-Oh in here, but don't worry, they're not involved with the plot directly. Instead of creating OC's, I've decided to have Yugi and Ryou play Tatsuha's friends from school. Atemu and Bakura might make guest appearances.

As for pairings, the normal canon ones for Gravitation. Romance isn't going to be a big deal in this.

All definitions from this story is from .com.

Warnings: I'm going to start off saying that this story does contain death. And with death you can expect blood. And sadness. Also, Tatsuha!Beating. Yes, you read right. I hurt him in this. Oh, and beware of the horrible grammar skills and spelling mistakes. I've proof-read this thing over twenty times.

Disclaimer: Obviously we all know the answer to this.


Dreams: n. A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.






He could hear his deep breaths as he ran, dodging crooked tree branches and stumbling slightly over his loose shoe strings. A part of him wanted to stop and fix them, but he didn't. He knew he couldn't. If he did, then... Then it would be too late. He had to run. It repeated over and over in his head; that phrase: Keep running, don't stop, just run!

The echoes of loud barking startled him from his mantra. Taking deep breaths as he continued to run, he turned his head around, and immediately turned it back. No! It was coming! It was fast! Faster than him. No!, he thought furiously, Stop thinking that way! Just run! Keep running!

Bringing his hand to his face, he harshly wiped the sweat -No, it's not tears, he told himself - from his forehead. The muscles in his legs protested as he pushed himself to run faster. It was worth it; this pain he was in. To him, he would rather have his body hurting by causing it himself, then to have it... That thing cause him pain. No, he wouldn't stop running. Not until he was sure it was gone.

A harsh growl caused him to stumble over that damn loose shoe string and he hit the ground. Quickly he flipped over and came face to face with his pursuer. Even after seeing it closer, he still couldn't tell what it was.

The large creature stood before him, baring his teeth which glisten with red. He didn't want to know where that red came from. When he tried to move, the beast let out a growl and took another step, it's nails clicking against a few rocks. He stared at one spot where a foot -paw?- had been. It reminded him of a normal dog's print, but he knew better. This thing was nothing like a happy, slobbering, whimpering puppy. No, this animal wouldn't...

Would it?

Did this thing have that instinct?

Keeping his eyes on the creature, his fingers started searching. He hid a sigh when he grasped a stick, just long and thick enough for this plan. Please, he begged, please let this work. Taking a deeper breath than before, he raised his arm and ignoring the loud growl, he threw the stick. He watched the beast bark and turn around.


He leapt to his feet quickly and took off in the direction towards his house. He heard the creature let out a howl before giving chase. Unfortunately, he was still the prey. Pushing himself faster, he apologized over and over to his body. If I get out of this, a long bubble bath is waiting for me, damn it!

Slowly the trees started disappearing and he let out a small sigh at the sight of his house. He didn't bother unlocking the gate; he grabbed a post and hoisted himself over it and continued running. The beast behind him tore straight through the wooden posts and began snarling, it's harsh breaths echoing in the boy's mind.

When he reached the door, his hand went to the knob but... it didn't open. No, it wouldn't turn. No! This can't be happening! He started banging on the door, hoping -praying- someone would answer. Dark growls grabbed his attention and he quickly turned around, facing again the beast with it's mouth open, teeth bared.

He watched as it's hind legs crouched and he closed his eyes, knowing what was coming. The creature let out a huge howl before pouncing...


SItting up, his eyes darted to every dark corner in his room, searching, making sure nothing was there. He laid a hand over his chest, as if that action would stop his heart from beating. Sighing, he slowly eased down, throwing the bed covers over his head.

Get a grip, Tatsuha. You're a damn Uesugi! You don't get scared over silly dreams.

When sleep began to take over again, Tatsuha swore he heard a child laughing.


So, that's the prologue. Please let me know what you think.