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Desires ~ (v.): to wish or long for; crave; want.


The ride to school was silent; exactly like the breakfast table at the Uesugi household earlier that morning. Tatsuha wasn't sure if he should be thankful for the silence. While it helped with not speaking about the events from last night, it also gave him time to think about what happened. He knew what happened, of course; the kid came back… the kid he knew. Tatsuha chuckled inwardly; I know who you are now. You're me, right? I think when I was five, maybe? He was brought out of his thoughts by Mika resting her hand on his shoulder, and motioning towards to the left. Tatsuha flinched at the sight of his high school.

"Tatsuha, how are you?" Judging by his sister's face, Tatsuha knew that wasn't the question she had meant to ask.

"I'll be fine."

"How can you be so sure?"

Tatsuha looked away, tugging lightly at the collar of his turtleneck shirt. He did apply make-up, but the high collar gave him a sense of security. "He… he never came to school." I'm not telling you about detention; nope, not happening.


He turned his gaze back to Mika. His sister stared at him for a few moments before sighing, and she reached over him to open the passenger door.

"Call me, if you need anything. Please?"


Mika steered the car over to the left side of the road and parked on the sandy gravel. She rested her head on the steering wheel and watched as the other cars passed by her without caring. Why would they care? They didn't have to deal with spirits? Ghosts? What exactly was that kid? She knew who he was now, but what should she call him? Lil'Tats? Ha!

"Miracle, darling, what are you doing?"

Mika raised her head. That voice…

"Honestly, Miracle! Who told you to do that?"

"Baby Girl, Mommy! She said I should do this. It would make you happy!"

"Oh, Miracle, you don't have to make your bed to make me happy; though it does indeed make me happy. Just be yourself, darling."

She… Mika closed her eyes. I'm going crazy now, huh?


Sitting up, Mika stared straight through the windshield at the little kid. He grinned and Mika could feel her heart beat harder when his eyes crinkled. The boy waved and started walking towards the driver's side. Mika hurriedly pushed on button for the lock. He stopped walking and stared. "Why did you do that? Don't you want to play, Aneki?"

"Why are you here?"

"Because you won't say it, Aneki; if you said it I might leave."

"Say what? I don't know what you mean, Tatsuha!"

The little boy giggled. "You finally figured it out? Does he know, too? Wait, of course he does! He's always known… he's just a little out of it right now."

"It's hard not to know," Mika snorted. "You always did wear that stupid cap when you were younger… wait…"

"Confusing, isn't it?"

Even if he was her younger brother (or the young spirit of her younger brother), Mika would not let him have the enjoyment of being right. "You still haven't answered my question."

"I never could get away with things around you."

"Neither you nor Eiri could."

Little Tatsuha giggled again, "I should visit Aniki! He hasn't seen me in a long time!"

"You can't run from my question."

"But you're running from the answer."

Mika shivered and shut her eyes. His voice lost the innocence he had possessed and now it was harsh with a hint of child. "I don't know what you're talking about! What are we hiding?"

"Don't you remember, Baby Girl?"

She opened her eyes quickly and looked around, not finding her younger brother. "Damn it, Tatsuha!" Mika reached behind her seat and drug her purse from the mess she called her back seat. After a few minutes of searching, Mika's cell was to her ear and all ready dialing.


Mika's lips twitched, "I'm surprised you actually answered, Eiri."


"Look, I know I'm the last one you want to speak to at the moment, so I'll get down to business: we need you at the temple."

"I told you my answer was no."

"I'm not talking about you taking over the temple duties; Father has agreed Tatsuha is perfect for it anyways. We need you there for Tatsuha."

"I'm sure my great expertise on spiritual rituals will come in handy for someone who studies it more than I do."

Mika lightly growled, "Will you shut up for one minute and let me explain, damn it?! Our younger brother is being haunted by his five-year-old self!"

A few seconds of silence passed before she heard Eiri snort, "Did he put you up to this? Honestly, I expected more from the great Seguchi Mika."

"It's Uesugi-Seguchi Mika, thank you very much! And this is not a prank Eiri! That kid is hurting our brother!"

"Tatsuha is hurting Tatsuha?"



Mika sighed, "Why did I expect something else from you? Listen; will you stop by, Eiri? I'm sure Tatsuha would feel better if you did."

"I'm busy."

"You're always busy, Eiri! Will you be busy if this kid hurts him?"


"I… I don't know why I bother." Mika shook her head roughly, "If something happens to him and you're not there to try and prevent it, I will never forgive you." She flipped the phone shut before he could reply. "Not that Eiri would." Mika sighed and stared at the spot the spirit (It's a spirit, Mika, not a ghost, she told herself), and swallowed heavily as she put turned the key and the Mercedes' engine roared to life. As she steered her way back in to the on-coming traffic, Mika tried hard to ignore the faint shoe prints that now rested in the gravel.


"The only good thing about these fire drills is that we get out of class," Tatsuha mumbled underneath his breath as headed towards the silver-haired boy. When he reached the tree his friend was leaning against, Ryou raised a hand and smacked him on his head. "What? What was that for?" Tatsuha rubbed the spot softly. For a fragile-looking kid, Takeshi Ryou sure packed a hard punch.

"I know what you were thinking, Uesugi Tatsuha! School is very important to our generation and the future and the past generations! We should be thankful we have the opportunity to attend such a place; there are many who don't have the same options!"

Tatsuha sighed as Ryou rambled on and on; if there was one thing Tatsuha was certain of, it was Ryou attaining his dream of teaching. The boy had all ready perfected the art of lecturing, and when Ryou did become a Teacher, Tatsuha was going to take some of the credit. Who else did Ryou get to practice on besides him?

"Anyways, I can't believe it's almost here! The last time I went to one of them was so long ago and I never expected them to do another one! Ah, Nittle Grasper, I love you so."

Tatsuha titled his head and sat down, not caring if grass stains made a home on his school uniform, "What?"

Ryou blinked out of his daydreams and kneeled down next to his friend, "Uh, the Nittle Grasper concert coming up. You know, the one everyone has been talking about for the past few months and the exact same one in a week."


Ryou immediately placed a hand on Tatsuha's forehead. "You don't feel too hot."

Tatsuha brushed the boy off, "I'm fine. Things have been a little weird lately, you know that."

"I suppose so." Ryou smiled, "Are you going to go?"

"Probably not; the tickets are most likely sold out." The youngest Uesugi sighed; he was glad Ryou didn't press more on the subject and hoped he wouldn't mention it to Yugi. The last thing I need are two Mother Hens going off on me.

"Ah, there's Yugi!"

Tatsuha chuckled softly. The shorter boy must have known he was thinking of him; Yugi had a way with making an appearance when Tatsuha thought of him. He smiled when Yugi collapsed next to them on the grass, panting from the long run.

"I think I'm going to die."

"Nonsense, Yugi. You just need to exercise more."

"But I have short legs, Ryou! Running will always make me tired!"

"Hm, but short legs are good for wrapping around… OW! Damn it, Ryou!"

"Shut up, you pervert!"

Yugi smiled softly and sat up. "Hey! If you two could stop arguing I have some great news!"

"Oh? Did you and Atemu finally reach…. Ha! I moved! You can't always… Damn it!"

Ryou shook his hand a little; all the times he hit Tatsuha wasn't just affecting the older boy. He held back the urge to land another hit on Tatsuha as he muttered under his breath about fragile boys being not so… well, fragile, and settled on giving the Uesugi one his best glares, "Oh, be quiet you! You know you deserve it."

"I'm surprised I don't have brain damage with the all the times you abuse me."

"You can't get something you all ready have, Tatsuha."

"What? Ryou!"

"Guys! Quit it and listen to me!"

Ryou laughed. "Sorry Yugi!"

Yugi pouted and shook his head at Tatsuha's apologizing look. "I wonder why I'm friends with you people. Anyways! Question time! What is your one desire?"

"Ah, I wish to see Bakura!"

Tatsuha leered, "We all know what you want to do with your lover, huh?"

"You want me to hit you again?" Ryou raised a curled fist and shook it threateningly at the older boy. "And even if part of that sentence is true, I do sincerely miss him."

"Tatsuha, don't tease Ryou!" Yugi placed a hand on Ryou's shoulder, "We know how much you miss him. I don't even want to think about Atemu going to college next year!"

Ryou smiled, "Thanks, Yugi."

"Ah, no problem! Well, you next Tatsuha? What's your one desire?"

"Besides jumping Sakuma Ryuichi, you mean?"


Tatsuha sighed, "Ah, that's definitely one of them! But right now, I just want to feel better and have things normal again."

"Huh?" Yugi scooted closer to Tatsuha and pushed a hand on his forehead, "Well, you do feel a little too hot, but that might be because of the warm weather we've been having lately."

"I don't mean physical, Yugi. Just a little emotionally. But don't worry!"

Yugi eyed him for a few seconds before turning to Ryou who shook his head. He moved back to his original place and nodded lightly. "All right; I'm still going to worry though, so you better start feeling good, okay!"

Tatsuha smiled. "Yes, yes. Please continue."

Yugi reached behind him and shrugged off his book bag. As he pulled the zipper free, a small smirk reached his face and he looked up behind half-lidded eyes. "Well…"

"You know, if you were taller and a little more masculine, you would be a perfect top in a relationship; even if that expression doesn't fit you." Tatsuha closed his eyes and prepared for the abuse on his head. A few seconds later he opened his eyes and glanced at Ryou who watched him with an amused expression. "Well?"

"Why would I hit you for something I agree with?"

"Guys!" Yugi had finished opening the bag and pouted. "Now I'm not sure if I want to give you your presents!"


Yugi sighed, "I can't win." He reached in the bag and as he said, "You guys better love me," he pulled out three Nittle Grasper tickets. "Grandpa won them for me in a radio contest! Front row, too!"

Ryou stared at the ticket Yugi handed to him. "I can't believe I'm holding this in my hand. Yugi, you…" Ryou tackled the youngest of the three friends, "I'll love you 'til the day I die!"

Yugi giggled nervously, patting Ryou on the back, "I know you will."

The silver-haired teen pulled off him and fell back, holding the ticket like it was his lifeline. "Hm, Seguchi Tohma! Oh, the countdown of our meeting is so close… I just know it!"

"You can't forget about Noriko, Ryou! She's so amazing!"

And this is why neither of you know he's my brother-in-law. Tatsuha shivered at Ryou's slightly crazed expression and Yugi's brightening smile. He averted his gaze to the ticket in his hand and wondered why he didn't feel so happy about the concert. I can't believe I forgot about Nittle Grasper. Hell, I didn't even think about Sakuma-san.

"Yugi! We have to make plans!"

"Well, duh, Ryou! We can't go there unprepared!"

As his friends rambled on and on and on about various preparations for the concert and their admiration (obsessive) respect for the synth players of Nittle Grasper, Tatsuha couldn't help but feel uneasy. Normally a Nittle Grasper concert made him feel giddy to see Sakuma-san in person (He would forever cherish the day at the zoo!), but this time he didn't feel the emotions he had felt before.

Could it be with everything that's happened, I'm not on the same wavelength anymore? Tatsuha shook his head roughly. Stupid! Of course you are! You're just distracted about what's happening at home and that stupid kid! Wait… Damn it! I just called myself stupid!


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