The ship was on course and the timing was perfect as far as everyone expected; it didn't stop things from getting drastically dull in a short amount of time. Saint Dane, or rather, Andy Mitchell frowned and lit a cigarette. This day in particular had been uneventful. They went to breakfast, Nevva humored Mark and the rest of the day consisted of him sticking to his parents while Nevva went and did whatever she did when alone. Curiosity flickered for a moment, then died. She could be riding a unicycle for all he cared.

A white hand waved in his face, disrupting his view of the same thing he'd been staring at for days. He frowned in annoyance and turned to threaten whoever made this action, only to find Mark looking up at him in confusion. "What's up with you? I've been talking to you for awhile now.."

Andy raised his brow and took another drag. "Where're your parents?"

Mark leaned on the rail of the ship, still watching him. "I don't have to spend every waking moment with them, you know. It's just, I've already lost them once.."

The blond waved his hand, uninterested. "Yeah yeah, I get it. It'd be weird if you weren't a little clingy after what you went through."

The smaller boy smiled, relieved that Andy understood. "How come you've been out here all day? It's kind of cold, isn't it?"

Andy shrugged. "I don't feel it. That's what jackets are for."

Mark rolled his eyes in annoyance. "No duh." He didn't notice Andy's sharp glance.

"If you're so cold, go back inside."

Mark looked at him, surprised. "I'm not that cold.. Besides, I wanted to see you. You've been really quiet lately. Why?" Andy averted his gaze from Mark's worried eyes.

"Just thinking."


"The future."

"You smoke a lot more when you're deep in thought." What an observation.

Andy glared at Mark while lighting up. "When the hell did you become my stalker?"

The teenager laughed. "The moment we became friends." He rubbed his arms for warmth, when suddenly a blanket of darkness covered him. Surprised, he pulled Andy's jacket off of his head.

The older boy kept his eyes fixed on the horizon. He looked oddly determined.

"Aren't you gonna get cold?"

"I told you, I don't feel it."

Mark put it on, blushing mildly at the strange and sudden act of kindness. "But that's what the jacket's for, isn't it?"

Andy's eyes softened, and he glanced back at Mark. "That's what friends are for."

Mark watched his friend who'd resumed staring at the horizon. He should have felt happy that he and Andy had gone beyond the bullying stage to a kinder, caring stage. However, looking at the way Andy chewed on the filter, that strange look on his face, Mark felt sadness. Sadness for something he didn't understand, and wouldn't ask about.

Andy tensed as he felt a shift beside him. A pale hand reached through his arm and now rested on the rail, linking them. Unsure of what to do about this, he relaxed and continued to smoke.

In the silence they stared as far into the distance as they could, each preoccupied with their thoughts.

Altogether this day wasn't as boring as had been expected. In fact, the whole situation was surprisingly entertaining, if only for awhile.

Inwardly Saint Dane smiled.

That's what friends are for.