Look Of The Innocent

The soft wind blew over the long abandoned junkyard. It had been three months since the horrible
battle between jellicles and strays. The night that showed that both sides were too powerful for
their own good, destroying both tribes all together. The leaders of the tribes, Munkustrap for
Jellicles and Macavity for the Strays, were the first to die, sending chaos throughout the
tribes. They both had their magical cats, their innocent cats, and their warrior cats. The strays
had more young cats than the jellicles, but the jellicles had more strength. Yet that didn't
matter in this war of the cats, for the strays were more witty than the jellicles, which lead to
the destruction of both tribes; all but one innocent cat.

The queen's auburn eyes looking over her once warm loving home. The smell of blood was still
strong, even once it was all cleaned up. So much for one little queen to do, barrie all the
bodies outside of town, no one to help her, no one at all. Trying so hard to hold back the tears
that endangered her eyes while she did the exhasting task. So many cats, so many friends, yet so
many foes. Yet, barring her friends was the toughest of all. The big auburn eyes shut tightly,
trying to remember the good, warm, happy moments; yet there was none to grasp. All her mind could
remember was heartache, suffering, and death..so much death. Watching her leader be the first to
die in the battle was to much for her. Everything was.

The small queen walked over to the big tire that was in the middle of the junkyard, the throne of
the leader. He was murdered the night before the attack, making Munkustrap the new leader of the
tribe. The small queen laid on the tire, trying to remember the scent of the former leaders, yet
all she smelt was the tire and dry blood. She sighed. Nothing to hold onto..nothing to remember
the past. Her auburn eyes were filled with sadness, and pain. She was alone in this world..she
was alone.

The small queen walked out onto a dock that overlooked a body of water. The little queen closed
her eyes and took a deep breath.
"There is nothing more in this world for little ol me...little Jemima.."she said softly. The
little queen sighed and held her breath. She jumped into the water. The freezing water struck her
body likes needles. She wanted to swim to the top, but couldn't, there was nothing more for her
up there..She closed her eyes, and sank some, taking a gasp, filling her lungs with water. She
soon blacked out. Never to open her eyes again, or breathe a breath of fresh air. She was
finally with her friends, family, and loved ones.

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