So many years ago. This was my first fic here.

It was pouring outside. However the pound was well lit. That didn't make any difference to the mood of the animals behind bars. One white adolescent dog sat in a front corner, his mood quietly dark, though his face was unreadable. In fact, he was going through the truisms formed by his life experience before he got himself adopted.

The world never was, is not and never will be a fair place.

His mother did not have a home. He and his family had to live on the streets, and he had persevered, and got through thanks to his incredible intelligence and cunning, plus an ability to understand humans, their ideas, things, interaction and their speech. It was a boon to speak to them as well. Dogbert had been the one they relied on the most.

Nonetheless, they ended up dying. First his mother, then his siblings, leaving him all alone. For the next several months he had traveled, getting more understanding of the world and... humans.

Humanity is, in general, a ridiculous species.

It was obvious. From the dog catchers he tricked, to everything else about humans and their lives conceivable, ultimately drew towards that conclusion. In a way he was more like them, rather than his species. But he was smarter. Their many faults, mistakes, rules, made them- controllable.

Free your mind from unreasonable scruples, be able manipulate things as you please, and you'll always be ahead.

He could do it. He would not be an unfortunate. He would be in control, not anyone else. He would rule the world. The thought of making others suffer like him had made him wag his tail. He couldn't stop.

Suddenly, noticing the man coming in to adopt someone, Dogbert lifted his ears to make himself look cuter. After all, a future world master needed a safe dwelling.

Hmm, bad-looking man with no ring, odd hairdo, perfect. Some guy who can't get a girlfriend and needs companionship. Cubicle dweller. Fun.

Now all he needed was a special response. Something to show his utter contempt and mockery of others.

Bah Humbug? No, except, Bah? Yes. And a dismissive wave of the paw too.