Honoured GlassSeer the current head of winding circle temple was sitting in a small office in the secret part of the hub going over the oldest text in the world, which spoke of how the god and goddesses Mila of the Grain, Green Man, Shurri Firesword and Oti Bookkeeper became gods.

The goddess Mila was not always who she is, once she was a noble – a mage, with power over the world and everything in it through some kind of force that bound things together.

The god Green Man was also a mage friends with the other three goddesses with power over anything derived of plants dead or alive.

Shurri Firesword was a mage. She had absolute power over weather and was known for a quick temper.

Oti Bookkeeper was a mage just as powerful as the first three. The goddess had power over manmade arts metal work, carpentry and glass work.

As dedicate GlassSeer placed the old parchment back in the sealed container she realized what made this so intriguing, it was written as fact with no, supposedly, thought as, said to be or believed as. It wasn't a prophecy at all it was a text.

"It bothers me somewhat, especially the hidden message."

When GlassSeer exited the hub a messenger came running, he handed her a note.

Written over the text in magic was 'it repeats itself'

The dedicate superior rode fast as she made her way to Duke's Citadel the Duke's sister was giving birth to a baby boy- Mattin fer Toren

Many years later Mattin fer Toren's wife , Amiliane fa Landreg watched her daughter – Sandrilene fa Toren – play with a piece of lavender coloured silk.

Capchen, Ninver

"Trisana, you aren't listening to me!" her cousin Uraelle was yelling again. Outside about five trees sat smouldering.

Sotat, Hajar

Dancer and Viper were gorging on the food they'd stolen. Roach was asleep leaning against a wall; moss was slowly growing towards him.

Hatar, Zakdin

"Daja, hurry up" Daja reluctantly turned around to go back to the ship 'It's like the metal is calling me'