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Prologue- The Plunge

"All of us failed to match our dreams

Of protection.

So I rate us on the basis

Of our splendid failure to do the impossible."

-William Faulkner

The wind whistled around my body. Gravity clawed at my very being, pulling me downwards with a force fall too power to overcome. My eyelids fluttered open as a jolt of realization electrocuted my mind.

A dark blue sky hung above me. The golden hue of the falling sun melted into the once azure blue sky. Silver diamonds glimmered in the distance. An expansive ocean lay below me. The dark dephs of the cold water was uninviting. Scanning the scenery further would allow me to see the small island that refused to sink into the abyss below.

The water was closing in. Recalling the situation, fear struck a cord deep within my heart, causing my screams to echo around me.

I feared for what would happen when I finally connected with the waves below. Silently, I prayed that this would not be the end of me.

It was not long before my body was devoured by the chilling liquid. Dark, navy blue water surrounded my body. It was like someone was rubbing blocks of ice against my flesh, chilling me down to my bones.

My body continued to sink deeper and deeper; faster and faster I continued to plunge into the starving darkness. After gasping for air for a few seconds, I realized that I could breathe the entire time. Strange.

Lowering into an upright stance, I could feel my feet connect with something solid. I frantically looked back and forth, but I could not make sense of my new surroundings. The dark grey mist blinded me. A single thought came to mind: where am I?

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