True Love Yet to be Found

Golden Lass

Criminal Minds

Chapter 1

Summary: The BAU faces an unsub of the likes they have never seen. Not only that a new Agent is starting to take a liking to little Spencer and Morgan and Hotch don't like it. There is some sort of slash in this you have been warn.

It was like any other day. Spencer Reid was heading towards the BAU. Hopefully they just had paper work to do but knowing Agent Todd they would have a case for them. It was hard for them to get away for a few days and be back on the trail of another serial killer. Spence still hadn't gotten much sleep since the last one. Spencer yawned as he pushed the door to the BAU. He was so tired. Hotch looked at him a smile of sympathy on his face.

"Hey, Spencer how's it going?" Hotch asked.

"It'll be better if I can get more coffee."

"Go ahead I need you and everyone else in the conference room in five minutes."

"What we have a case?" Reid asked

"Not exactly." Hotch said.

"Okay. I'll be there in five minutes."

"Everyone in the Conference room in five."

"Yes, sir." Morgan said as he and Emily got up from their desk heading to the conference room.

They all sat in the conference room Rossi and Jordan were talking to someone at the table laughing. Spencer looked at them smiling before sitting down. Rossi and Todd looked up and smiled at Reid. The guy next to them looked up and smiled at Spencer. Spencer smiled as well blushing. Morgan seeing this as he was sitting down furrowed his eye brows. The others seeing this as well shrugged their shoulders .

Hotch walked in. "Okay everyone as you can see we have a new agent with us today. This is Agent Alex Marks he is going to be on a couple of our cases as training before he himself is assigned to either us or someone else's unit. He will be with us for six weeks so let make him feel comfortable. Alex this Agents Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss, Todd, and Dr. Reid. Well that is all for now if a case comes up we will call you." Hotch said.

The agents all got up and headed out the conference room. Jordan and Emily were gossiping like crazy. Spencer was on his way out when Alex came up next to him. "Dr. Reid?" "Yes?" Spencer asked. "I've read some of your stuff. I was wondering if maybe we could get some lunch or some coffee sometime and talk about your theories and your opinions. Maybe." Alex asked shyly.

"Yeah, sure maybe later I don't know." Spencer said shyly as well and they left the room together. Morgan was ready to go when he went up to Hotch and Rossi. "I really don't like the way the guy is looking at our Spencer."

"Me either." Hotch said.

"Oh, come on boys this might be good for Spencer. He could use someone to make him smile more often."

"But don't we already do that Rossi." Hotch said.

"We have to let him go down his own path."

"Yeah." Morgan said .

"But who said we have to like it." Hotch said watching Reid interact with Alex.

Spencer looked at Alex smiling telling more about the others with Emily next to them. Then they hear Alex say something interesting.

"So who gave you those beautiful eyes of yours Spencer?" Alex asked as Emily laughed at Spencer who was blushing a deep crimson color.

Hotch left the conference room to go to his office not want to see what was going on anymore. He would have to keep a very close eye on Alex and Spencer.

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